Pension insurance: what children bring to the pension

Guide to the Week Pension Insurance: What Children Bring for Retirement

  • A job break until the child’s third birthday usually does little damage to the pension. Because the first three years of life are fully recognized as an insurance period for the parent (for children born from 1992).

The child-rearing period in terms of pension insurance ends when a child turns three. The time after that until a child’s tenth birthday is called "Children consideration time" counted.

Many young mothers only have a mini job. It is important for them: The upgrading of the employment time for the later pension also applies to mini jobs – but only as long as they are subject to pension insurance.

The child allowance periods can also secure entitlement to an early pension. So they count fully when it comes to the discount-free early pension for particularly long-term insured.
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Many mothers, in particular, have a shorter career path in favor of their children. This will also reduce their future pension. But when it comes to job planning, it’s worth it "children services" to keep an eye on pension insurance. The best known benefit is the so-called child-rearing period, through which a parent acquires pension rights in the first three years of life. This is what Part 1 of this dossier is about.

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Private accident pension makes sense

Private accident pension makes sense, is important or is necessary?

According to the insurance industry, more than every second contract for private accident insurance is concluded with an additional accident pension.

To evaluate whether insurance is one private accident pension for one personally sensible, important or necessary , you have to keep several aspects in mind and take into account your own existing (private as well as statutory) insurance cover.

First of all, the Purpose of a private accident pension to understand and when and in what amount. The insurer pays in the defined insurance case, depending on the insurance conditions, but usually a permanent disability of at least 50% (with worldwide validity in the private as well as professional area!) monthly rent in the amount agreed in the insurance contract, either until they reach a certain age (e.g. until retirement) or for life. The money can be used to cover emerging running costs, such as one Housekeeping, child or nursing help! In addition, a financial loss can be compensated for, which has occurred due to the necessary reduction in working hours or a change of job due to the accident. There is one for that private accident pension makes sense.

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Child rearing and pension insurance, pension tips

Child rearing and pension insurance

Times of child rearing are taken into account in the statutory pension insurance as

  • Child-rearing
  • Consideration times due to child rearing
  • Surcharges for raising children with widow’s or widower’s pensions.

If at least 25 years of retirement law have been completed, the times of child rearing may also be upgraded.


Child-rearing periods are the times of raising a child

  • in the first three years of life of a child with births from 01.01.1992 or.
  • the first year of a child’s birth if born before 01/01/1992.

Child-rearing periods are contribution periods for which contributions are considered paid. The period of upbringing is taken into account by the parent who raised the child. It is only credited to one parent. If the parents brought up the child together, they can use a corresponding declaration to determine who the child-rearing period should count towards.

Christina Cherry