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Akdent Marmaris Clinic

Akdent mouth and dental health clinic were found by dentist Zekeriya İlkhan in 1997. The location of the clinic is in Marmaris. In all branches of dentistry, it continues to provide services with the staff that are expert on their expertise.

Implant type dental clinic

The Implant Art Dental Clinic in Warsaw is one of the most advanced dentistry facilities in Poland. The clinic specializes in oral surgery, dental implants, dental aesthetics, dental prosthetics and pediatric dentistry.

Turism dental clinic

The Turism Dental Clinic in Bucharest, Romania offers international patients professional dental services. The clinic specializes in dental aesthetics, dental cosmetics, implantology and oral surgery. Patients can also enjoy free online medical advice.

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Dentist Hungary

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Dentists in Hungary

It is no longer a secret that Hungarian dentists are among the most in demand in Europe. The dentists in Hungary have developed a successful, well-thought-out and up-to-date concept in various aspects. There are some Hungarian cities that host countless dentists. In the geographically well located city of Sopron but also in the nearby city of Mosonmagyaróvár, in the city of Hévíz on Lake Balaton and in Budapest, there is a comprehensive selection of dentists.

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