Dentures Hungary

Dentures in Hungary

If you have a tooth gap and it is replaced or one or more teeth have to be replaced with a tooth crown or dental bridge due to tooth decay or other defects, these are called dentures.

There are removable and fixed dentures in Hungary. We count dental crowns, dental bridges and dental implants as fixed dentures.

These can consist of different materials such as metal, titanium, ceramic or even plastics. In the case of a tooth crown in Hungary, the defective part is ground away from the tooth and a tooth crown is made and glued to it.

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What does dentures cost and what are the options?

Dentures that look deceptively similar to your own teeth and can hardly be distinguished from them are available in different versions. How much you have to spend on this care depends on various factors and the subsidy granted by the health insurance company. In an interview with the cost check expert, we will inform you in detail about the different options for dentures and the expenses you will incur as a result.

How much does the supply of dentures cost in comparison?

Check cost: The costs differ greatly, because individual factors play a major role in every denture. Therefore the price range of this dental care is very high.

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Dentist comparison prices dentist cost comparison

Optimal dental treatment

Dentist price comparison

Comparing dentist prices is worthwhile by comparing offers

At the Dental Price Comparison it is about comparing dental treatment costs, which is not always easy, because you should be able to compare the same with the same.

Since the dentists in Germany and Switzerland have a leeway in the price of the dentist when it comes to pricing, there are big differences in the costs of dental treatment as well as in dental restoration with dentures because of the material costs and laboratory costs. It is not always easy to compare dentist costs and prices for dentures with the different terms, but you can save money by comparing dentist prices. The neutral dentist specialist advice can help you with the dentist price comparison and explain the technical terms. For dental treatments and dental restorations with dentures, we recommend that you first carry out a preliminary examination with a dentist, so that more detailed information can also be provided on the price comparison or dentist’s cost comparison using a healing and cost plan.

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Dentist prices Austria

Article Index

Dentist prices Vienna

The Dental tariff consists of many individual services, not all of which can be listed.

exact dental expenses can only after one Preliminary examination at the dentist be numbered, because each dental treatment is individual.

Dental tariff Austria

The basis for calculating the CHF amounts is the exchange rate of CHF 1.30.

Service dental treatment in Vienna Euro CHF
Panoramic X-ray, initial consultation, medical cost plan free free
Bleaching in the ordination, per tooth 30 39
Periodontal prophylaxis / 50 min. 100 130
Implants (Neoss, Camlog) 800 1040
Follow-up treatment per implant 20 26
Exposing an implant 30 39
Implant technology parts 190 247
Internal sinus lift including bone replacement material 600 780
External sinus lift including bone replacement material 800 1040
Small bone structure including bone replacement material 350 455
Large bone structure including bone replacement material 800 1040
membrane 245 319
Ceramic crown CAD / CAM on implant, screwed 642 835
CAD / CAM plastic crown on implant, screwed 450 585
* ♣ Ceramic crown, made in the master laboratory in Hungary 450 585
* ♣ Ceramic crown, made in the master laboratory in Vienna 585 761
Zircon ceramic crown, made in the master laboratory in Hungary 450 585
Zircon ceramic crown, made in the master laboratory in Vienna 695 904
glass fiber post 150 195
Veneer (facing shell) 585 761
Art glass inlay (glass reinforced plastic) – area 1 310 403
Art glass inlay (glass reinforced plastic) – area 2 395 214
Art glass inlay (glass reinforced plastic) – area 3-5 410 533
** Gold inlay – area 1 450 585
** Gold inlay – area 2 490 637
** Gold inlay – area 3-5 545 709
Ceramic inlay – area 1 420 546
Ceramic inlay – surface 2 490 637
Ceramic inlay – area 3-5 560 728
Tooth-colored composite fillings acid etching technique – area 1 62 81
Tooth-colored composite fillings acid etching technique – area 2 83 108
Tooth-colored composite fillings acid etching technique – area 3-5 115 150
Root canal treatment – 1 canal 240 312
Root canal treatment – 2 canals 440 572
Root canal treatment – 3 canals 640 832
Root canal treatment – 4 or more canals 840 1092
Revision of old root filling, per root canal 50 65
dental X-ray free free
Easy tooth removal 45 59
Surgical tooth removal 145 189
Surgical wisdom tooth removal 195 254

* When choosing a gold alloy plus 40, – Euro / gram, otherwise framework alloy made of titanium
** Plus the cost of the gold alloy, 40 euros / gram

Crown type number ♣ 1 to 3 4 to 8 from 9
unit price in € in € in €
VMK standard: Simple metal ceramic crown, fully veneered 450 430 410
VMK Quality: Individually designed metal ceramic crown, fully veneered 585 555 525
Ceramic crown: For the highest aesthetic demands 695 655 615

Through the price overview in the Dental tariff get one cost estimate for the dental treatment.

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Dentists prices Hungary

Detailed price list

If you would like a detailed price list, please register with us with your name and email address. After registering, you will receive a detailed price list from us by e-mail.

If you have dental treatment in front of you, you can see the prices straight away. Dental treatments in Western Europe such as Germany, Switzerland or Austria are almost priceless these days. Of course, you also have to pay attention to quality, you want a denture made of high-quality materials, but you can’t always pay for dental treatment that costs several thousand euros, or in some cases as much as a new small car. As a dental patient, you are looking for inexpensive dental treatment in Hungary that you can also afford. It is easiest for Austrians to see a dentist in Sopron, Dr. Czíner visits Istvan. He is expecting you in his dental practice in Sopron and will be happy to take the time to give you competent and professional advice.

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Compare dentist costs and prices

Dental treatment costs in Switzerland

Would you like to receive a personal dentist offer free of charge?

  • 1. Select tax point value.
  • 2. View price statistics.
  • 3. Request a personal offer.

In cities, the tax point value is usually between 1 and 1.2.

The prices are understood as benchmarks. Our partner practices always calculate the effective costs according to the dental tariff. Effective costs may vary.

Dental treatment costs in Switzerland

Would you like to receive a personal dentist offer free of charge?

questions and answers

No. The prices given serve as an indication of how much a dental treatment in Switzerland approximately costs.

The new dental tariff and the new tax point value include the new treatments, methods and the current state of the art. Since the old tariff was introduced more than 20 years ago, the maintenance costs of medical practices have increased. The revised tariff and tax point value should provide a compensation for the rising costs. However, it only needs to be used in the treatment of UV, MV or IV patients. Dental practices can choose whether to switch to the new tariff for private patients or to stay with the old one. The new dental tariff was used in the present cost overview.

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Prices & Subscriptions

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