When does a tooth have to be extracted?

Before working out a denture concept to replace existing teeth, it should be clarified whether a tooth needs to be removed at all. There is no clear distinction between when a tooth is pulled and when it is worth preserving.

A denture without "Wackelkandidaten", teeth with poor prognosis can be planned better. However, extraction is not always the best solution.

In some situations, a tooth simply cannot be saved.

In other cases, the therapy costs are too high. General medical reasons may require timely tooth removal.

Christina Cherry

How long does a telescopic prosthesis last??

You leave the dental practice with new self-confidence and are happy about your new “third party”. However, you had to dig deep into your pocket because you treated yourself to a new telescopic prosthesis. Now you also want to know how long you have had some of it! Find out more here.

The average lifespan of telescopic prostheses

Since telescopic prostheses belong to the "removable dentures" category, there is always an increased risk that something unpredictable can happen compared to "fixed dentures". The nice job can be done when cleaning e.g. fall into the sink. It doesn’t break completely, but the veneers on the telescopes could chip off. Apart from such difficult situations, the average life expectancy of a well-made telescopic prosthesis is around 5 to 20 years or longer.

Christina Cherry