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Gum treatment what can you do?

Seal your gums from the inside. They close the gateway for viruses, germs and bacteria.

A Gum treatment is carried out when the first signs of gingivitis or periodontitis are already present. The aim of the treatment is tooth preservation and the Decimation of the bacteria, which are responsible for the gum inflammation. For those affected, the announcement of an upcoming gum treatment is often sheer horror. The reason for this is the horror stories that others tell. Nobody claims that periodontal treatment is comfortable, but you shouldn’t let it stop you because of the scary stories if you are concerned. It is in your own interest. That being said, thanks to the latest technologies, it is nowhere near as uncomfortable as it was a few years ago.

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Fact check: How should children learn to read and write?

A heated debate is raging in elementary school to learn the right method of reading and writing. In some states, the "writing by ear" approach was even banned. In a fact check, the Mercator Institute for Language Promotion and German as a Second Language at the University of Cologne is now providing scientifically sound answers to the question of how children should best learn to read and write in primary school.

According to the IQB education trend, the skills of students in the field of spelling have deteriorated in many federal states over the past few years. There are divided opinions about the reasons for this development. Parents and teachers often blame the “writing by ear” method. Several federal states have focused on spelling and decided not to use the controversial method. Most recently, a study by the University of Bonn heated the mind. The researchers compared various methods used in German classrooms and came to the conclusion that primary school children learn best using the classic so-called primer method of reading and writing.

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Read to children: Come on, we open up the world

The earlier you read to your children, the better. Reading aloud promotes thinking and concentration, stimulates the imagination and welds families together.

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Why is reading so important?

The reading studies carried out annually by the Reading Foundation since 2007 show that parents who read to their children every day are investing sustainably in their children’s educational opportunities. Because: Reading aloud is the basis for good reading skills – one of the central key qualifications of our time and a prerequisite for everything that comes during and especially after school.

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