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Tongue breakers and rhymes for children

At around 5 years of age, many children develop a preference for tongue twisters and rhyming. At this age, children can express themselves well and feel safe in their main language, so they start to actively play with the language themselves. Even the much younger ones like rhymes. Just think of the numerous children’s books, songs and knee riders that we, as parents, grandmas, grandpas, aunts or babysitters, read from the beginning or sing and play with children. In contrast to the younger children, preschool children try to rhyme themselves or to invent funny sayings. They also discover the world of jokes and begin to recount or invent them themselves.

Christina Cherry

Christmas rhymes – the winners are…

Finally the time has come! Christmas Eve is not far anymore and therefore not the presents! Some of you will sing a song or recite a poem before the gift giving! If you still lack the right poem, you will find a few masterpieces here!

You sent us many beautiful Christmas rhymes in our competition. Thank you for the great rhymes! Here are the three winning poems!

Poem 1

Christmas, Christmas, what does it smell so fine here,
Children, all children, come into the rooms,
Lights and candles, gifts and cookies, that’s how it should be,
Family and friends, happy hearts and cozy togetherness.

Christina Cherry

Advent poems - verses, rhymes and poems during Advent

Contemplative Advent poems to enjoy and dream

We offer the perfect Advent poem for children and adults: Get hold of poems and verses for the whole family for Advent – to get in the mood for Christmas, to read and enjoy, to memorize for the little ones or to write Christmas cards. In short: You will find the most beautiful and popular Advent poems in one collection!

Just like baking cookies and decorating the Christmas tree, Advent poems are an indispensable part of the contemplative Christmas celebration. The children memorize beautiful poems and then proudly present them in front of the decorated tree. We adults like to write poems so that we can send them to our loved ones in combination with a loving Christmas greeting. Poems have to be simple and perfectly round off the contemplative days before and on Christmas Eve. There are numerous well-known Christmas poems that we know from childhood and that we hear every year. So how about giving you new verses and making your relatives, friends and acquaintances happy? No well-known phrases and partly hackneyed verses, but really modern and very profound poems that go to the heart and maybe even move to tears. We offer you at a variety of beautiful contemplative Advent poems to enjoy and dream, with which you can really bring Christmas magic into the decorated room. Take a look at our many heavenly Advent poems, which are perfect for solemn lectures as well as for speeches and Christmas cards.

Christina Cherry