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Going to the dentist is rarely pleasant. If it is about inserting implants or if there are fears associated with a visit to the dental practice, then it must be technically and humanly right between doctor and patient.

But especially in a big city like Berlin, the density of dentists is very high. This does not always make it easy for the patient to find the right practice. Then a dentist’s recommendation can help you find the right dentist in your city.

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Why is the right dentist so important??

Looking into your mouth is a very intimate thing. You can only relax in the dental chair if the chemistry between dentist and patient is right. Not only should a visit to the practice be as pleasant as possible, there must also be a certain amount of trust in the specialist skills of the medical professional.

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How is a dental estimate binding? (Right, teeth, dentist)

How to commit to a dental quote?

With a signed dental estimate, are you obliged to have all the teeth listed treated by him? Or you can stop halfway and have your teeth treated by another dentist?

Thanks in advance :-)

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The estimate is non-binding, I also believe that it will not be signed by the patient? Or did you sign something? ?

After the cost estimate, the healing and cost plan is written, this is sent to the health insurance company and then either to you or your dentist and even then you can go to another dentist for treatment with the healing and cost plan as long as you do not sign it have.

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Christmas poems ► find the right Christmas poem here!

Christmas poems

The Christmas season is considered a time of calm and contemplation. The family spends the Advent evenings together in the decorated parlor and looks forward to Christmas Eve, when the children are given presents and a delicious feast is served on the table. Many people love to celebrate the important Christian festival in the traditional way and find that beautiful Christmas poems on Christmas Eve should not be missing under any circumstances. Nice Poems have been performed under the Christmas tree for many decades, which perfectly underline the peaceful and quiet time of the year. Poems are usually written in rhymes and thus create a certain sense of well-being in the listener. Classic poems are more of a biblical character, but can now Christmas Verse also sound very modern, funny and cool. With them you not only want to illustrate the positive mood at Christmas time, but also to convey a few beautiful and expressive words to other loved ones and thus express your love and solidarity. Poems can also be found in Christmas Cards, are brought across wonderfully in electronic messages or in a personal address.

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Right to deal with children

How is the right of access regulated??

The best deal that children can have is with parents. Parents shape their children and show them the way to life. If the parents divorce, it often only becomes clear with the right of access that the personal dealings with the child really matter. It is therefore not surprising that children and access rights are key issues when the divorce is pending. If “children and access rights” is an issue for you, you should be familiar with the legal framework that is used to assess which rights and obligations are associated with this. Then if you can avoid quarrels, do the best you can for your child. So avoid the discussion in the "legal space".

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Reading time: 2 minutes Babies and toddlers easily get infections and quickly get an elevated body temperature. Measuring fever is not always easy for children, especially the exact measurement method in the buttocks often feel uncomfortable. Do not torture your sick child, but choose the fever measurement method that you and your child find comfortable.

Measuring the right fever in children

When does a child have a fever

The body temperature is usually between 36.5 and 37.5 degrees. A body temperature of 38 degrees is a slightly elevated temperature and only from 38.5 degrees does the doctor speak of a fever. With a high fever of 40 degrees, it is advisable to see the pediatrician.

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Measure fever correctly

Does the child have a fever? There are several ways to measure the temperature: in the buttocks, in the ear, in the mouth, on the forehead or under the armpit, there are various thermometers for this. Not everyone is equally good

Hot forehead: Parents should pay attention to the right method when measuring fever

Fever – when to the doctor?

  • That is fever: from 37.5 degrees Celsius one speaks of an elevated temperature, fever starts at 38.1 degrees Celsius, a child has a high fever from 40 degrees Celsius.
  • To the doctor: "The younger the child, the earlier they should see a pediatrician", recommends Julia Bark, pharmacist from Kaiserslautern. And whenever the child is visibly bad, tired and indifferent, drinks nothing or not enough, has pain, skin changes or if the fever has not decreased after two days.
  • Well prepared: "Document the measured values ​​during fever measurement over a few hours. This provides the doctor with important information", advises the pharmacist.

Measurement in the buttocks, in the mouth or in the armpit with the contact thermometer

Application: For infants and toddlers, pediatricians recommend that the temperature be determined rectally, i.e. in the anus. "You measure close to the core of the body, the error rate is very low", says pharmacist Julia Bark. Cream the tip lightly and gently insert the thermometer 2 cm deep into the bottom. Leave there until the value stops increasing or until the beep. After the measurement, rinse with warm water and a little soap, disinfect in case of gastrointestinal infections.

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Do you have a right to child benefit??

Krissy wrote to us on the subject: "I heard from a few friends that you also have rights to child benefit. "

Who wouldn’t like to have over 200 euros in pocket money a month? Everyone!

It is like this: The parents receive child benefit for their children: € 204 each for the first two children, € 210 for the third and € 235 for each additional child. But why is it like that? There is a reason for this: Child benefit is intended to support parents.

Your parents’ duties

Your parents are not required to pay child benefit as long as you are a minor and still live at home. However, they are obliged to support you as long as you are in your first apprenticeship or degree and cannot take care of yourself and have no income yourself. Child benefit will then count towards maintenance. According to the law, parents owe the child only one (!) Education. With the completion of the first apprenticeship, the child has the opportunity to earn a living. The parents have done their duty.

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The right dental care for children

baby‘s mouth is free of bacteria after breastfeeding or bottles. The palate and gums can be cleaned with a cotton swab, special cloths (e.g. Oral Care Rabbit from MAM) or a finger toothbrush made from silicone (e.g. from reer). From the first tooth, parents should start brushing their teeth.

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The right toothbrush - dentist willow opf dental practice

How to choose the right toothbrush

First of all: you should never a hard toothbrush buy and use. This can damage your gums and teeth. Whether you have one "medium hard" or take a soft toothbrush depends on the individual case. The ideal toothbrush has

  • a short brush head so that you can easily reach all places in the mouth – including the back of the molars
  • medium-soft rounded bristles so that your gums are not injured
  • a handle that fits comfortably in your hand

For sensitive teeth that are sensitive to cold, warm, sweet or sour, you need one soft Choose a toothbrush.

Whether the toothbrush has a flat bristle field or a corrugated one, whether the bristles are slanted or straight, whether it has different types of bristles or whether the handle is sprung is of secondary importance! A simple brush with a flat bristle field is sufficient. It is important that you use them correctly. More on that below!

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