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Sick children rely on our solidarity

Ensure age-appropriate and interdisciplinary care

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child guarantees this to children Right to an attainable maximum level of health and a best possible medical care (Art. 24, UN CRC). In addition, children have further protection, support and participation rights.

The current developments in the German healthcare system, that is increasingly based on economic principles of increasing efficiency and profitability endanger the respect of these rights and make comprehensive, age-appropriate treatment of sick children difficult.

Christina Cherry

My rights at the dentist

The dentist owes you first and foremost professional treatment. In addition, there are other patient rights in the dental practice, which we have put together for you at a glance.

You have the right to comprehensive, understandable oral advice from the doctor for every upcoming examination or treatment. Written information or information from the specialist staff cannot replace this advice.

The dentist has to inform you about all aspects of the treatment such as risks, alternatives and aftercare including the costs. He should give you enough time to think about it. Advice must be given at eye level and not already lying in the treatment chair.

Christina Cherry

Where to go with the child when the daycare goes on strike?

says: “Unfortunately, the daycare will be closed tomorrow due to strikes.” How can replacement care be organized quickly? We will inform you here about your rights, obligations and options if your child’s daycare center goes on strike.
Important: Inform your boss as soon as possible and never stay away from work without excuse. This could result in a warning. Mostly there is a solution that is practical for both sides. Perhaps you can do the most important tasks from home. Or take your child to work for a few hours. Or you take turns with your partner and everyone takes care of the children for a few hours.
Don’t forget: The other parents are no different in this situation: ask friends who are friends and the parents of friends of your child whether you can do emergency care together. Perhaps one parent can easily stay at home and take care of two or three other children. Or a mom takes over the morning – and is replaced by another parent in the afternoon. And often the simplest solution is the best: You take a day off – and do something nice with your child.
By the way: In some cities and municipalities, emergency care is sometimes organized. Inquiries cost nothing!

Christina Cherry

Child sick: what rights workers have

If the child is often ill, the number of days lost by the parents increases rapidly. Good to know what rights working mothers and fathers have

When their child is sick, working mothers or fathers often have to stay at home

Yesterday the little one was fine, romped around and was in kindergarten. And this morning it’s in bed with stomach cramps and diarrhea. Then parents not only worry, they also have to improvise. And if no grandma or grandpa lives nearby who can step in, mother or father must stay at home. But is it really that easy? Then what about the salary?

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Children’s rights: minimum standards for the well-being of children

  1. The children’s rights result mainly from the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  2. These are meant for all children adequate living conditions assure.
  3. Children’s rights are not in national laws anchored, it is not possible this sue.

What are children’s rights? The following guide provides a definition and important information.

Every child has rights. Among other things, you have a legal right to education, adequate living conditions and the Protection against violence, ill-treatment and neglect. The special ones find themselves in the stress of everyday life Needs of children and adolescents often in oblivion. The children’s rights state that this In principle, the best interests of the child Has.

What rights do children have?

Children’s rights: In primary school, most children learn what rights they have.

Christina Cherry

Women’s rights activist Seyran Ates: "Child’s headscarf is child abuse"

Underage girls who would have to wear a headscarf would later feel naked without a headscarf. A reflected, voluntary decision for or against the headscarf in adulthood is hardly possible – just as little as a healthy relationship with sexuality.

"When you put a headscarf on girls, you take away their childhood and sexualize them. You push them into the role of a sexual object and restrict their development, for me that’s child abuse", said German lawyer, author and women’s rights activist Seyran Ates during a panel discussion on Friday evening in the Klagenfurt concert hall on the subject of equality, Islam and patriarchal structures. The affected children would later feel naked without a headscarf, making a reflected, voluntary decision for or against the headscarf in adulthood hardly possible.

Christina Cherry