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Dr. med. dent. Martin Desmyttère M.Sc. M.Sc.
aesthetics specialist.
Master of Science in Oral
Implantology and regenerative and
plastic periodontology.
Specialist in plastic
Oral surgery.

You are looking for an experienced private dentist in Munich and would like a holistic professional dental treatment for healthy, beautiful teeth?

We are a private practice equipped with the latest technologies, which at the same time has a unique feel-good atmosphere and has been delivering top quality for over 25 years. We practice in the fields of aesthetic dentistry, implantology, oral surgery, periodontal therapy, biocompatible dentures, veneers, invisalign and orthodontics.

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Sleep&Smile – your dental clinic at Liesinger Platz in 1230 Vienna

Dental treatment for children and people with disabilities

We are here for you!

Our specialists are perfectly trained for every treatment!

Children dental treatment

Sick milk teeth endanger health and permanent teeth. Possible misalignments with early loss!


Different dental regulations and braces for all ages and all misalignments!

Dental treatment under anesthesia

An anesthetist looks after our dental treatments under anesthesia.

Dental treatment with nitrous oxide, sedation or hypnosis

Severely reduced sensation of pain and subjectively much shorter duration of treatment!

Children dental treatment

Baby teeth are very important for the development of the bit! They are essential for the development of a child into a young adult!

Christina Cherry