Your Stuttgart dentist: Welcome to AllDent!

The AllDent Dental Center stands for quality and innovation in dentistry. You will find us in the immediate vicinity of Stuttgart Central Station, next to the popular Milaneo shopping center.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Stuttgart, give AllDent a try. Our dentists work hand in hand in a team. A separate prophylaxis department carries out professional tooth cleaning. We guarantee the proven AllDent quality that you know from our locations: state-of-the-art dentistry, clearly explained, at fair prices. How does it work? Look over here.

Christina Cherry

Emergency Practice Stuttgart e.V..
at the Marienhospital

about us

Competent treatment by doctors from various specialties.

In the emergency practice Stuttgart e.V., approx. 1400 specialists from the Stuttgart medical profession or their specialist representatives provide your emergency service as prescribed by law. In the rooms of the Marienhospital we offer a central contact point that is always available when the doctor’s offices are closed. Supported by around 40 non-medical employees, the resident specialists in the following specialties alternate:

  • General practitioners / internists
  • Otolaryngologists (Sat, Sun, FT 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
  • Orthopedists / surgeons
  • Psychiatrist (on call)

Thanks to the direct connection to the Marienhospital, we have first-class technical equipment at our disposal. So you can be sure that we will treat you in an emergency just as competently as the doctor you usually trust – and who you should see for further treatment. There is also a home visit service that visits incapable patients at home.

Christina Cherry

Professional teeth cleaning Stuttgart city center

What is professional teeth cleaning?

The term professional tooth cleaning (PZR) stands for very intensive dental care. It is carried out in-house by a dental specialist with specialized training as a dental prophylactic assistant and is often referred to as dental prophylaxis. The PZR consists of several treatment steps. There are several reasons why professional teeth cleaning is so important.

The advantages of a PZR

Not only tooth decay and periodontitis can be prevented through clean teeth and perfect oral hygiene. Well-groomed teeth are also beneficial for the entire human organism. As part of home dental care, an average of only 70 percent of all areas can be reached. In the remaining 30 percent, plaque, tartar and bacteria also form. These in turn lead to chronic inflammation of the gums and tooth decay. As a result, the gums retreat more and more and bone loss begins. This leads to teeth shaking and subsequent tooth loss. Professional tooth cleaning counteracts many of the listed consequences of poor oral hygiene and reliably prevents the formation of new dental plaque. It is not only the gums that benefit from professional treatment.

Christina Cherry