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Holidays with children during the summer holidays in Germany

Why wander far when the good is so close? It doesn’t always have to be Mallorca or Gran Canaria if there is still so much to discover in our home!

Germany has been our most popular holiday destination for many years – a trend that is continuing. And for good reason – we live in a beautiful, diverse country. In Germany there is everything your heart desires – open sea, inland sea, low mountain range, high mountain range, beautiful river landscapes and historic cities.

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Summer vacation for families in Val di Fassa

The mountains offer more than snow and ski slopes! Also in summer you and your family can expect unique experiences in the lush green nature pleasant temperatures, without having to do without the sun.

What to do in summer?

At the Family Hotel Gran Baita we have everything covered, all you have to do is choose and enjoy your vacation time with your family.

Cheerful table delights

You can have dinner with your family. Our waiters serve first the little guests and then the adults. This way your children can be with their new friends play, while you finish your meal in peace. An attentive service for young and old – that’s the right ingredient for one perfect dinner at the Family Hotel Gran Baita.

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Pictures Photos Hamburg

* Pictures from Hamburg, photos from Hamburg

Hamburg summer holidays children’s holiday program offer 2018

Summer is just around the corner. And like every year, in 2018 many families in Hamburg will pack their bags, get on the plane and fly for the long-awaited, well-deserved annual vacation for several weeks at the beginning of the summer vacation. Then you will again enjoy the best time of the year in summer, sun, beach and sea in Spain, Portugal, Italy or Greece.

And as in all the years before, in 2018 many Hamburg families with children will have to spend the summer holidays at home again because their empty household and travel budgets do not allow large financial jumps and because they simply do not have the money to make an expensive one To be able to afford vacation.

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Camp activities

Summer language course where the students learn the foreign language in class and when sharing with friends. Learn more!

Typical camp activities and sports opportunities for everyone. There is no boredom in our summer camp! Learn more!

free time activities

More and more schools are now offering Spanish courses. But to continue training their children’s Spanish, many parents register their children in summer camps in Spain. Here various leisure activities for the children are offered which are organized by the camp staff. More information about the summer camps in Spain and how to book them can be found on our Enforex website.

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Adventure adventure vacation in Germany

Child-friendly adventure adventure holiday for families and singles with children in Germany during the summer holidays.

Adventure trips to Germany? – But clearly, because when traveling with children, the EXPERIENCE is in the foreground and not the TRAVEL or the distance!
FP offers families with children exciting and well-supervised adventure and adventure holidays without a long journey. Try it out, we guarantee you a unique outdoor adventure vacation almost on your doorstep.

And don’t forget: Not only families but also single parents or singles with children are welcome!

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101 ideas for summer activities with children

No chance for boredom

Summer offers countless opportunities for fun and exciting activities with children! Can’t think of one? No problem, because here are 101 suggestions on what parents and babysitters can do with children in summer.

Bring variety to your summer vacation

If you want to make your child unforgettable this summer as a parent or babysitter, you need a few good ideas for summer activities – especially if your child is too young to go to a holiday camp alone.

Make the most of the warm summer days and balmy nights! Different summer activities every week provide variety and create memories that your child will live on throughout his life.

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