Vitamin D supplements comparison 2020

The 11 best supplements for vitamin D deficiency at a glance.

Fatigue, aching bones and mood swings are among the first Signs of a vitamin D deficiency. Normally, people produce enough vitamin D in the summer months, but they should stored reserves in the winter months used up prematurely you can be on Dietary supplements with vitamin D To fall back on. Decide between Tablets, capsules or particularly economical drops and cover your daily vitamin D needs before breakfast.

Plant-based preparations are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Check our table to see which product is suitable for you.

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Test child power safetyfix child car seat with isofix 9-36 kg group 1 2 3 black, test car seats

Test Kinderkraft Safetyfix child car seat with Isofix 9-36 kg group 1 2 3 black

Test Kinderkraft Safetyfix child car seat with Isofix 9-36 kg group 1 2 3 black

Product description

KinderKraft SafetyFix child car seat with ISOFIX system

The KinderKraft child seats were created with your child in mind. Thanks to thorough technical tests, they have received the ECE 44/04 safety certificate. Their function, construction and materials used have been tested in specialized laboratories. They offer your child maximum safety, comfort and protection when traveling.

The car seat KinderKraft SAFETY-FIX is designed for children weighing 9 kg to 36 kg (weight groups I, II, III), in the age range from 1 to 12 years. SAFETY-FIX child seat has been subjected to detailed technical tests and has received the ECE R 44/04 safety certificate in Germany and the European Union, which is compulsory.

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Test clamaro - guardian 2017 - child car seat 9-36 kg adjustable and growing, car child seat for children from 1-12 years, group 1

Test Clamaro ‘Guardian 2017’ child car seat 9-36 kg adjustable and growing, car child seat for children from 1-12 years, group 1/2/3, ECE R44 / 04, color: black

Test Clamaro ‘Guardian 2017’ child car seat 9-36 kg adjustable and growing, car child seat for children from 1-12 years, group 1/2/3, ECE R44 / 04, color: black

Product description

The new growing universal child car seat "Guardian 2017" by Clamaro for the groups 1/2/3 (9-36 kg)

Universal child car seat Guardian model 2016/17 of groups I, II and III for children with one
Body weight from 9 to 36 kg (approx. 1-12 years). The successful model with SPS Side Protection System
in the new fall-winter 2016/17 styles.

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Test: The best supplementary health insurance in comparison

Supplementary health insurance Statutory insurance, private treatment

Treatment by a chief doctor costs extra, some supplementary insurance covers the costs.

Only about one in ten Germans has full private health insurance. The vast majority are legally insured – and must therefore participate in certain benefits provided by their health insurers through additional payments. However, many German citizens want to protect themselves from high costs and have therefore taken out additional health insurance. Demand is increasing: there were more than 25 million such extra policies at the end of last year, more than ever before.

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Sportswear test & comparison 2020 • find product now!

Sportswear – All tests and comparisons

You miss a product group?

Can’t find the product you’re looking for or are a manufacturer and want us to test your products? Contact us and we will look at the topic!

The best products from the category Sportswear compared

Sport is important to keep the body healthy and fit. Regardless of whether jogging in the park or tennis in a club, for many Germans, sporting activity is primarily the perfect balance to everyday life: This was the result of a survey conducted in August 2016 on the reasons for practicing sporting activities.

The most important thing in sportswear: functionality

Before you can sweat, you need the right equipment for many sports. In addition to rackets, balls and other equipment, the right clothing also plays an important role. Our editors therefore took a closer look at various types of sports and fitness clothing. You will find in our comparisons the best tracksuits, breathable socks and sports bras and the right accessories for the most common outdoor sports. You will also learn what you should pay particular attention to when buying.

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Sunglasses comparison 2020

The 8 best sunglasses (men and women) at a glance.

Whether on the beach, in a café or while mountaineering, sunglasses are your loyal companion in all situations. The accessory combines aesthetics and comfort with various protective functions. There are differences among other things in the material. High-quality sunglasses consist of a metal or plastic frame with robust plastic lenses.

Particularly practical: If your sunglasses have a so-called polarization filter, this makes it possible a clear view even with wet glasses. The reflections of the sun’s rays from water drops are intercepted by the filter. Find the best model in our test or comparison table and enjoy the sun.

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Ski socks comparison 2020

The 6 best functional socks at a glance.

Skiwear is constantly being improved as sportswear and equipped with new technologies. Decide on specially padded ski socks instead of pure wool winter socks and experience the additional comfort on the next ski vacation.

Padded ski socks prevent blisters and dampen cracks. They can even be used as ski compression socks Prevent signs of fatigue in the legs.
We will give you purchase advice and help you answer the question: What are the best ski socks?

The quality management for our test and comparison process is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

Shoe size 35-42

Shoe size 39-42

Shoe size 35-38

Ski socks comparison
Illustration Compare winner

Price-performance winner

model CEP Merino ski socks FALKE SK2 ski socks Under Pressure Sox ski socks FALKE SK2 children’s ski socks X-Socks Trek X comfort socks Limuwa ski socks
on Amazon
2 reviews 93 ratings 13 reviews 45 reviews 195 reviews
heat preservation
Cushions jumps
Compression socks
Promote blood circulation
Heated socks
Heated with batteries
No No No No No No
foot size
or calf circumference
  • Calf circumference: 25 – 31 cm
  • Calf circumference: 32 – 38 cm
  • Calf circumference: 39 – 44 cm
  • 39-41
  • 42-43
  • 44-45
  • other sizes
  • 38-40
  • 41-43
  • 44-46
  • 23-26
  • 27-30
  • 31-34
  • 35-38
  • 35-38
  • 39-41
  • 42-44
  • 45-47
  • 35-38
  • 39-42
For ladies
For men
For children
available colours
  • Black Turquoise Orange
  • Black-Gray-Green
  • Black-Gray
  • Yellow-blue-black
  • Red-Black-Gray
  • Black green
  • Black pink
  • Black-Blue
  • Colorful
  • Black-Gray
  • no
  • Black-Gray
material composition
  • 67% polyamide
  • 23% merino wool
  • 10% elastane
  • 45% polypropylene
  • 25% polyacrylic
  • 20% merino wool
  • 10% polyamide
  • 53% new wool
  • 26% polyamide
  • 17% Coolmax
  • 4% elastane
  • 45% polypropylene
  • 20% polyacrylic
  • 20% merino wool
  • 15% polyamide
  • 60% polyester
  • 21% polyacrylic
  • 18% polyamide
  • 1% elastane
  • 50% polyacrylic
  • 30% cotton
  • 18% polyamide
  • 3% elastane
  • particularly secure fit
  • has a combined cooling and heating function
  • particularly good moisture regulation
  • medium to strong support function available
  • special toe box prevents pressure points
  • Ankle area is extra stabilized
  • particularly soft
  • especially thin socks that keep you warm
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about CEP Merino ski socks Questions and answers about FALKE SK2 ski socks Questions and answers about Under Pressure Sox ski socks Questions and answers about FALKE SK2 children’s ski socks Questions and answers about X-Socks Trek X comfort socks Questions and answers about Limuwa ski socks
to offer To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer "
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  • approx. 40 € to the offer »
  • 45 € To the offer »

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  • Ski socks are available in different padding thicknesses. You need good padding for optimal shock absorption, especially on steep descents. Padded socks can also be specially adapted to children’s, women’s and men’s feet.
  • Ski compression stockings are a mixture of ski socks and compression stockings. They offer a particularly good grip and support quickly tiring legs.
  • Unisex models can be worn by everyone, ski socks especially for women and men are recommended by manufacturers and hardly differ from each other. You can easily buy both types of ski socks.

In our ski socks comparison 2019/2020 you will find the best ski socks for you and your next skiing holiday.

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Ski pants comparison 2020

The 3 best ski pants (women and men) at a glance.

A skier is only as good as his ski pants. The best models protect against freezing temperatures, wind and wet equally.

Choose from our test or comparison table a particularly breathable ski pants with an MVTR value of at least 10,000 g / m² / 24h so that you don’t sweat during strenuous skiing. The waterproofness of the pants is also important: pants with a A water column of at least 5,000 mm keeps you dry even when falling into the wet snow.

The quality management for our test and comparison process is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

Illustration Compare winner

Price-performance winner

model Bergson LIVE CMP ski pants women ICEPEAK Josie
on Amazon
16 reviews 44 reviews 17 reviews
sizes 34-44 34-50 34-46
material polyester Polyester, spandex polyester
water column The water column is a unit of measurement that Tightness of fabric indicates. To determine the water column, the material sample is clamped under a measuring cylinder, which is then poured with water from above. It is observed how high the column rises before the first drop of water penetrates through the coating.

The higher the value, the denser the ski pants.

12,000 mm 10,000 mm 10,000 mm
MVTR The MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate) indicates the amount of water vapor that can pass through a square meter of membrane surface in 24 hours (g / m² / 24 h).

The higher the MVTR, the better the breathability. From a value of 10,000 g / m² / 24 h pants are considered very breathable.

12,000 g / m² / 24h 10,000 g / m² / 24h 5,000 g / m² / 24h
Furnishing & characteristics
Number of pockets 2 pockets 2 pockets 3 pockets
Sealed seams
Elastic / adjustable waistband
Incl. Snow guard as snow guard is an additional layer at the end of the leg that prevents snow or moisture from entering – for example in the event of a fall.
Incl. braces
Washable Most ski pants can be with up to 30 ° C wash in the washing machine.

Attention: Avoid fabric softener and bleach – these can damage the membrane of the functional clothing.

  • very good workmanship
  • very good fit
  • robust
  • high wearing comfort
  • available in many different colors
  • good fit
  • good workmanship
  • slim cut
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Bergson LIVE Questions and answers about CMP ski pants women Questions and answers about ICEPEAK Josie
to offer To offer " To offer " To offer "
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  • Ski pants are multifunctional pants: They protect against cold, wind and moisture and also have high breathability.
  • The water resistance of ski pants is given as a "water column" (in mm). Make sure that the value of your pants is not less than 5,000 mm.
  • Ski pants have to fit properly: they shouldn’t be too tight or too wide and should give you enough freedom of movement. When buying, you should first pay attention to how comfortable the pants are – fashion aspects are neglected.

The Germans love winter sports – at least that’s what the numbers in the 2016 International Report on Snow & Mountain tourism were published. According to the report, there were around 14.6 million German skiers and snowboarders in the 2015/2016 ski season. The most popular winter sports destinations include – in addition to the local slopes – Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

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Quiz games comparison 2020

The 7 best knowledge games at a glance.

Quiz games are not only fun, they also keep your brain cells fresh. At first there are differences the value of the parts included in the scope of delivery and the level of difficulty. If you want to play the games with your children or give them away to them, you should definitely take into account the age recommendation of the manufacturers.

The products available also vary in the duration of the game. This fluctuates between 20 and 60 minutes. Particularly compact games are also suitable for on the go. Find the right quiz game in our test or comparison table and take on the challenge.

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Probiotics comparison 2020

The 11 best probiotics products at a glance.

Stomach upset? Indigestion? Persistent problems in the stomach and intestines not only affect the mind, but can significantly reduce the quality of life. A cure with Probiotics for colon cleansing can remedy the situation.

Probiotics are dietary supplements that use probiotic bacterial strains to boost your digestion and have a balancing effect on your intestinal flora can. When choosing, pay attention to the composition: the higher the number of different bacterial cultures, the better the preparation can work. Our test or comparison table shows you which probiotic suits you.

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