Toothache: causes, home remedies and sos tips

Toothache: causes, home remedies and SOS tips

Toothache is extremely uncomfortable and tooth sensitivity is the main reason why many people are reluctant to go to the dentist.

Toothache: main causes

Not every toothache is the same. The cause can already be narrowed down by describing the pain. Basically, anyone suffering from a toothache should see a dentist immediately to get professional treatment. The causes of toothache vary widely from case to case but are always serious.

Toothache can be divided into certain categories with typical therapeutic approaches:

Toothache from tooth decay

Root cause: Inadequate oral hygiene and improper nutrition promote the disease. In particular, neglecting the interdental spaces provides the bacteria with a target. Sugar as an energy source promotes its spread.

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Brushing and caring for teeth properly with braces – important tips

How do I properly brush teeth with braces??

This question probably arises for everyone who has a fixed tooth regulation. Cleaning and cleaning braces can often be tricky. Here you will find all tips and tricks on how you can clean your teeth despite braces.

If you wear fixed braces, it is important to clean and care for your teeth extremely thoroughly and regularly. Otherwise there is a great risk of tooth decay or periodontitis. Furthermore, deposits can quickly form, which are a breeding ground for many bacteria. Braces wearers should therefore not only brush their teeth every day, but also the braces themselves. Especially through eating, food residues or even plague can quickly get caught in the braces. Proper care to prevent damage such as tartar is very important.

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Family vacation wherever

Family vacation where? – Our tips for a vacation with children

Family vacation spring? Family vacation autumn?
If you are not yet dependent on school holidays, it is worth going on a family vacation outside of these core times. On the one hand, there is much less going on in family hotels and holiday apartments outside of school holidays and the holiday resorts are less crowded. On the other hand, the price is also lower. So you can go on holiday longer with the same holiday budget or book a better hotel. The sun and the beautiful weather do not stick to vacation times! It is often nice and warm in spring, while there are some rainy days in August.

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Weekend trip with children

A trip is generally referred to as a short-term trip, trip or excursion. The weekend trip with children is often decided from one minute to the next, i.e. without time-consuming preparation. This is the special attraction of a short vacation. In many cases, when you get up in the morning, you don’t even think about going on a short family vacation a few hours later. The parents coordinate with each other briefly, and the few preparations for the weekend trip with children and dog are quickly done. Accommodation with a holiday home, apartment or family-friendly hotel can be found quickly. Now everything is going very quickly, without it happening too quickly. The prospect of a two or three day weekend trip with the kids is so tempting that after a quick breakfast, the "quick breakfast" the journey into the short family vacation with children and dog begins. Everyone is in a good mood.

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How children learn to ski: the 6 best tips for the children's ski course

How children learn to ski: the 6 best tips

Those who like to ski and have small children will sooner or later ask themselves how their own children can learn to ski.

It is the wish of almost all ski-enthusiastic parents to share the great experiences on the slopes and the wonderful moments on a ski holiday with the youngsters.

It takes time before the children skilfully put their own turns on the slopes or even leave their tracks in deep snow. At the very beginning you ask yourself how, where and when Children should learn to ski.

In this article, the Check Yeti team is dedicated to most important questions on the subject and gives helpful Practical tips, so that the children have a lot of fun in the snow and the parents have the most relaxed ski trip possible.

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What to do with children, Shanghai travel tips for children

What to do with children, Shanghai travel tips for children

Shanghai has a lot of attractions for children to discover. So you can see the entire skyline from the top of the Shanghai World Financial Center and also spot where the many theme parks with entertainment facilities are. So if you are traveling with children, please remember to plan a few activities just for children. You may then be much more relaxed on your own excursions. In Shanghai there are more than enough places where the little ones can have fun.

1. The Disneyland Park in Shanghai 上海 迪士尼 乐园

Opening on June 16, 2016
As the first park of its kind in China, Disneyland Park in Shanghai attracts numerous tourists. This park has Chinese cultural elements, the garden of fantasy is designed according to Chinese tradition. The wall with a Chinese horoscope is one of the highlights. If you want to spend more than a day there you have the following

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Holidays with children by the sea – the best tips and tricks

Holidays with children by the sea: there is nothing better than spending a relaxing time by the sea with your loved ones.

If you are planning your vacation with children by the sea soon, you have just clicked on the right article.

We have not only selected the most beautiful seaside resorts for you, but also created a guide that will make your next beach holiday with children unforgettable.

Most popular early bird travel destinations

Top hotels for vacation with children

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Holidays in Germany: affordable relaxation at your fingertips

Vacation destinations from Alzenau to Werder – our 10 insider tips

Alzenau (Lower Franconia)

The Bavarian State Garden Show took place in 2015 in the small town of Alzenau in Lower Franconia. For this purpose, the town was really brought into shape, so that it still blooms everywhere in the most beautiful colors. The wonderful surroundings – the famous and picturesque wine-growing region of Franconia – invite you to take long walks and explore the vineyards. The nearby Spessart attracts with scenic hiking trails. We also recommend a bike tour along the Main that will delight young and old. “Alzenau is particularly beautiful for those who appreciate solid active holidays in nature with good food and wine. You can have it all here very well, ”enthuses the committed Bavarian Klara.

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Holidays on Lake Garda – 5 tips for families with children

It has long been clear to those in the know that Lake Garda is ideal for a relaxing and varied holiday. But which goals are particularly interesting for children and what should parents consider when choosing accommodation?

Basically, the largest lake in Italy, Lago di Garda, is predestined for traveling with children because the journey from Germany is relatively short. The multifaceted holiday paradise offers entertainment, leisure fun and relaxation in an appropriate ratio. The natural landscape is so diverse that the excursion options are sufficient for several stays. From spacious amusement parks to dinosaur tracks to alternatives for rainy weather, there is something suitable for every taste and need.

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Activities with children in wismar: tips and ideas

Things to do with children in Wismar

If you want to spend your next family vacation on the Baltic Sea, you should pay a visit to Wismar and the beautiful old town of Wismar. This visit is definitely worthwhile even with children. We briefly present sights in Wismar and focus on events in Wismar that are great for the whole family. We did a bit of research and asked around.

Things to do with children in Wismar

Where is Wismar actually?

The Hanseatic city of Wismar is located on the Baltic Sea coast in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The Wismar Bay with the Poel Island. Wismar is a popular destination for day tourists, which of course also includes families. But it is also worthwhile to explore the surrounding area as a longer place to stay.

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