Dental insurance for root canal treatment, test 01

Dental supplementary insurance for root canal treatment: Top 10 tariffs in comparison & test

Caries and invading bacteria can ignite the tooth pulp of a tooth. Then root canal treatment is often necessary. Otherwise there is a risk of severe pain and even loss of the tooth. It is a very complex and expensive dental treatment. However, the costs of a root canal treatment are only covered by the health insurance under certain circumstances. In difficult cases, the health insurance usually only pays when the root canal treatment is necessary to save a previously closed row of teeth or an intact denture. In addition, the full costs are not always borne by the health insurance. Since the cost of a root canal treatment can well amount to over 1000 euros, a private dental supplementary insurance is helpful for the financing.

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Teething complaints - causes, symptoms & treatment


From the age of six to nine months, a baby begins to teething when the first milk teeth come through the gums. All complaints that arise in connection with this development are called irrespective of their severity Zahnungsprobleme respectively. teething.

Table of Contents

What are teething problems in babies and toddlers?

All complaints related to tooth eruption are included in the term teething summarized and can be considered normal.

If teething does not occur in the normal time frame, beginning in the sixth to ninth months of life, the tooth eruption deviates from the usual pattern. After first breaking through the incisors, then the molars and later the canines, or if the milk dentition is not fully developed at the age of three, there is a not uncommon and at first not very worrying teething problem. One speaks of delayed or premature teething.

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Braces for adults

All the facts about braces for adults

Suitable for Adults / adolescents who suffer from misaligned teeth
indications Misaligned teeth and misalignments, wisdom teeth, premature tooth loss
methods Invisalign, incognito braces (lingual technique)
Duration of treatment depending on the malposition
costs depending on the scope of treatment

Braces for adults: corrections are possible at any age

Misaligned teeth are usually corrected at a young age. The treatment works relatively quickly and reliably in children and adolescents. If you missed this time for a tooth correction for various reasons, you can always have a correction done later with the help of braces. Since adult patients place different demands on orthodontic treatment, orthodontics offers various procedures, all of which promise very good success. The most important thing for most adults is that tooth correction is unobtrusive and remains hidden from others. In our practice, we focused, among other things, on the use of invisible braces. Fixed appliances can also be concealed on the inside of the teeth. This so-called lingual technique is particularly suitable for patients who need fixed braces due to pronounced misaligned teeth, but who do not want to wear them visibly on the outside of their teeth. Adults who have a loose brace to correct their teeth can use Invisalign. The teeth are gradually moved into the desired position using transparent plastic rails. As an orthodontic practice in Munich, we specialize in the treatment of bite correction and misaligned teeth. Thanks to our modern and adapted techniques, we can make successful corrections both for children and adolescents and for adults.

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Toothache? Cause, symptoms and treatment, dentist Lentrodt


Everything about toothache

There are different types of toothache?

He often comes suddenly: a bite on ice and pain suddenly runs through the cheek. Sometimes he creeps up slowly, falls silent, only to flare up more dramatically soon afterwards. Pain is not the same as pain. But in general, nerves are irritated. The tissue of the tooth nerve is normally safely protected from tooth enamel and gums in the interior of the teeth. However, if it is attacked by bacteria, injuries or chemicals, the fibers react extremely sensitively.

We dentists distinguish between two types of toothache: idiopathic and sympathetic toothache. The idiopathic has its center directly in the tooth, the sympathetic only radiates on the tooth nerve tissue and the origin lies somewhere else.

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Toothache - causes and treatment at a glance

Immediate help for toothache

What can I do about toothache and how can I alleviate it??

Toothache usually occurs when you need it the least: just before a vacation, at the weekend or during an exam. This is of course a coincidence. The symptoms do not always come from the teeth.

The roots of the teeth in the upper jaw have a connection to the maxillary sinuses, so that sensitive people can feel a feeling of pressure on their teeth even with a slight cold. If the cold, runny nose, ear infections and similar diseases that manifest in the head area are cured, the pain also disappears. For more information on how to counter toothache, read the menu item toothache treatment.

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For toothache is usually one damaged or sick tooth responsible. In rare cases, however, can also Diseases in the upper or lower jaw, in the neighboring area of ​​the head, the paranasal sinuses or the eyes can be the cause of toothache. Painful teeth can also very rarely Harbingers of a heart attack his. Therefore, toothache should not be taken lightly, but should be examined and treated professionally by a dentist.

Overview of this article

What are toothache?

Toothache can in many different forms and types occur. The most common is short, pulling and stinging pain when eating cold or warm food or beverages. The pain stimulus is uncomfortable at first, but evaporates as quickly as it came. 90% of Germans suffer from this type of toothache, which is often ignored lightly or even completely, since there is no recognizable disease or inflammation in the oral cavity for the naked eye.

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When does tooth position correction make sense??

Adults love aligners: there are many options for correcting tooth positions that go hand in hand with high aesthetic demands in the context of orthodontic treatment. Old childhood memories are a thing of the past: In the past, all brackets or braces were pink and also on "such a rack around your head" some adults have bad memories. These reservations are now unfounded. thanks aesthetic materials and low forces, it is possible to treat misaligned teeth today into adulthood – without aesthetic disadvantages.

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dental caries

Dental caries is one of the most common causes of toothache and jaw pain. If a small particle of food is deposited in the caries, it causes sharp pain.

The thick enamel and dentin form the two outer layers of a tooth.
An injury to these two layers is called "dental caries".

This lack of necessary minerals is called demineralization and occurs mainly due to the presence of acids on the teeth.

Caries occurs primarily on the molars and premolars, but is less common in the lateral incisors.
One should not forget that a sealed tooth can develop tooth decay as well as a healthy one.
A decrease in gums can expose the tooth root. Caries at this height is called root caries.

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Gum treatment? The dipura dental clinic in essen helps dipura dental clinic in essen

Gum treatment in Essen


How important the gums are for a beautiful smile can often only be seen when the first signs of gingivitis appear: redness, bleeding and finally a decrease in gums are the result. Too little gum is often a sign of illness. The culprits are bacteria that hide in the gum pockets. Gentle medical gum treatment combined with regular professional tooth cleaning (PZR) can help. The method is also considered the best preventive measure against periodontitis, often incorrectly referred to as periodontitis. It is the most important option for periodontitis treatment.

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Gum treatment (periodontology) - process & costs

Gum Treatment | Periodontitis | Periodontitis | Periodontology | Periodontitis Treatment Causes | Costs | procedure

Professional gum treatment (periodontology)

Every third person in Germany suffers from periodontitis. Anyone who suffers from this has to fight with an inflammation of the tooth-holding apparatus – also called periodontium. This spreads from the gumline to the tooth cement and the root skin and is a common cause of tooth loss, especially as we age.

What is periodontitis?

Periodontitis usually progresses slowly and initially does not cause pain. Periodontitis only becomes noticeable with the appearance of regular bleeding gums, reddening and swelling of the gum tissue and unpleasant bad breath. As a result, there are so-called gum pockets, which may secrete secretions. This can lead to loosening and ultimately loss of teeth, which can only be compensated for by dentures. These pockets go hand in hand with a decrease in gums and sensitive tooth necks, but a change in the tooth position can also be the result. Periodontitis can progress chronically (gradually) or aggressively (within a few weeks).

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