Where to go on vacation: theme parks and zoos

Where to go on vacation: amusement parks and zoos

Where to go on vacation – amusement parks and zoos: During the summer holidays, many amusement parks offer events for holiday children. Animal parks and zoos can be visited all year round. Some parks also have special summer vacation deals for children. Who has opened where and when, FamilienkulTour helps with ideas.

You will find amusement parks, game reserves, animal parks and zoos on a family culture tour

An alternative to traveling is perhaps that Family trip to the wildlife park around the corner or a side trip to an exciting one zoo. Then there may be a few kilometers more. Or how about a trip towards amusement park? There are many parks all over Germany, small and large, that offer a wide range. As a surprise, there may also be an overnight stay if the budget allows. An exciting experience for children.

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Family vacation wherever

Family vacation where? – Our tips for a vacation with children

Family vacation spring? Family vacation autumn?
If you are not yet dependent on school holidays, it is worth going on a family vacation outside of these core times. On the one hand, there is much less going on in family hotels and holiday apartments outside of school holidays and the holiday resorts are less crowded. On the other hand, the price is also lower. So you can go on holiday longer with the same holiday budget or book a better hotel. The sun and the beautiful weather do not stick to vacation times! It is often nice and warm in spring, while there are some rainy days in August.

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Weekend vacation with a child – maximum relaxation in a short time

Relax with your child for a weekend vacation and switch off together

Do you just want to relax with your child over the weekend? Enjoy a short rest to escape everyday life? Carinthia offers you exactly the right offer to relax in peace for a few days. There is also a lot for adventure lovers.

From the slopes to the wellness temple

Your weekend vacation with a child will be an experience. The variety will convince you in the sunny south of Austria. In the cold season you will find dreamy winter wonderland. Ski fun and hiking fun are guaranteed. In summer you can explore the untouched nature or cool off in the beautiful lakes of Carinthia. At any time of the year you can relax in one of the numerous thermal baths and enjoy a little time out with your child.

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Vacation ideas: Our best short vacation offers

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Precise Resort Marina Wolfsbruch

Last minute to the lake district including 2 x dinner

2 nights
2 x rich breakfast from the buffet
2 x half board dinner
1 x bottle water & Welcome chocolate present
daily entry to the water world cascades
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Precise Resort Rügen & Splash world of experience

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Welcome to the hosts with heart

Vacation in the Allgäu – private and warm

Enjoy your vacation in a privately run family business,
where you are greeted personally by the owner.

Unadulterated Allgäu atmosphere and cozy hospitality
are the hallmarks of the Allgäu "hosts with heart".
Quaint country houses are framed by lovingly tended gardens.
It smells of regional specialties from the kitchen
and a lot of original nature spreads all around.

The local is proud of his home
and will be happy to show you the most beautiful spots in the Allgäu

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Book vacation with toddler

158 travel buddies online


Vacation with toddler

When parents go on vacation with their toddler for the first time, it can seem like an extreme challenge to them. However, the right planning will make it a wonderful and, above all, stress-free experience. Parents don’t have to wait until the child is older, but can start their well-deserved vacation with a little preparation.

For most parents of young children, the thought of getting on a fully occupied plane is the nightmare par excellence.
To make this thought a little friendlier, here are some tips and hints to start your family vacation with joy.

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Happy vacation days with young children

Encounter with Carinthia

Carinthia – all year round! Swimming fun and winter fun, excursion destinations and wonderful nature: just perfect for your vacation with small children!

A vacation with young children needs to be well planned. After all, the happiness of the parents also depends on the satisfaction of the kids. Anyone who has children knows what is meant! The young and youngest of us love to discover the world together with mom and dad. A world that is full of big and small adventures and simply doesn’t happen in boredom.

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Holiday Telegram

Discover the world at Urlaubsstelegramm.de

Holidays with children during the summer holidays in Germany

Why wander far when the good is so close? It doesn’t always have to be Mallorca or Gran Canaria if there is still so much to discover in our home!

Germany has been our most popular holiday destination for many years – a trend that is continuing. And for good reason – we live in a beautiful, diverse country. In Germany there is everything your heart desires – open sea, inland sea, low mountain range, high mountain range, beautiful river landscapes and historic cities.

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Vacation with children on the Baltic Sea

Would you like to have a relaxing holiday with children? Nowhere is this better than on the Baltic Sea. Gently sloping beaches, numerous excursions and varied offers await you.

Holidays with children in what is probably Germany’s largest sandpit

On the Baltic Sea you will find everything you appreciate as a parent: fine sand, white beaches, cozy beach chairs and individuality far from mass tourism. Enjoy relaxing days with your family on the beach with building sand castles, collecting shells and watching the passing ships. Find THE dream beach for your vacation with children at over 384 kilometers of beach – and all this at affordable prices that are fun.

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Vacation with the family – revive together

Holiday destination Austria

Give feedback and gain special holiday experiences!

Editor’s tips

Austrian cosiness – knowing how to live together

Understanding how to live together: to be with the family, to be relaxed, to be enthusiastic on vacation. And share a feeling with those who live here.

Holidays in patchwork: togetherness from which everyone benefits

Travel? Best with those people who mean a lot to you: together from everyday life into adventure!

Out into the world – into the shared joy of life

The world demands a lot. Maybe that’s why we sometimes just have to leave them behind to feel again, to see again, to rediscover what really matters.

Family time in nature: being together in Austria

Take a deep breath, be together. What is the secret of “alpine lifestyle”? And what is behind the proverbial "Austrian cosiness"?

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