Tooth filling in white! (Teeth, dentist, filling)

Tooth filling in white?!

Hello dear users, I wanted to ask if you can have a white tooth filling done! :) So you have to pay for it out of your own pocket or take over that, the health insurance (:? Which filling is better the black or the white? Thank you in advance _ :) mfg abrar

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Hello abrar, the white filling is of course better because it does not deviate so visibly. If you have to have front teeth filled, they will be filled in white without additional payment. Hanco writes that he also got a molar in white, free of charge. I have had the experience that my dentist does not fill the molars or the ones before that in white for free. I do not know now whether it is the dentist who wants to save his budget or the respective health insurance company that does not pay it. If you are lucky enough to have a dental clinic in your area that trains students, you can go there, because all teeth are sealed in white, i.e. the students practice on the patient, and that is without additional payment. VG Katzina

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Treat teeth - healthy white teeth

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Christina Cherry

White tooth filling without uv light: which one is it? (Dentist, health insurance, dentistry)

White tooth filling without UV light: which one is it?

Hello, I got a white tooth filling (cash benefit) from two dentists at my current dentist. This filling was filled into the tooth with a special large syringe without UV light, I was then allowed to bite on a finger-thick balloon with cotton wool inside. After about half a minute this came out and ready..

Who knows this type of tooth filling, which one is it? VG..

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cement. that’s what it is called. you use it to build teeth or to fill it up if you want a crown later. there is no need to remove any plastic or amalgam fillings. this is the same or similar cement with which you also glue crowns.

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White spots in the throat

White spots in the throat are usually a symptom of a sore throat.

White spots are not dangerous, but they can cause discomfort, especially if they occur simultaneously with:

White spots on the tonsils indicate a purulent tonsillitis.
In some cases, the whitish mouth coating is uncomfortable because it is caused by bacteria that cause bad breath.

Causes of white spots in the throat

Candidiasis or thrush
One of the most common reasons for white spots in the throat is oral thrush.
This is an infection in the oral cavity caused by yeast (fungus), especially on:

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Turmeric and white teeth are really possible?

White teeth are not only attractive, they are also good health. Unfortunately for many people it is not that easy, White teeth to have. Some brush their teeth with baking soda or use turmeric to get white teeth. Turmeric powder can e.g. available at

More and more people are also resorting to chemical bleaching without first knowing what is behind this procedure. White and bleached teeth can have invisible cavities. This is especially true for teeth that have been treated with conventional whiteners.

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Treat Agb @ teeth - healthy white teeth

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