Tampa in the central west of sunny Florida


One of the largest cities in Florida is Tampa

Tampa in Florida

The metropolis of Tampa is located about 133 miles north of Cape Coral and it takes about two hours to get there by rental car. For a day trip almost a bit too far away. It is best to stay in this area for a few days if you want to see everything there. Tampa is a very big city with 330,000 inhabitants in the Downtown and in Greater space is home to 2.7 million people.

A very big city

Due to its size, Tampa is also the third largest city in Florida. Only Jacksonville and Miami are even bigger than this city. There is also a major international airport where you can travel to Tampa International Airport. The airlines British Airways and Edelweiss fly there directly. In the meantime, Lufthansa is flying directly from Frankfurt to Tampa. Furthermore, of course, many American Airlines and thus you can fly from Tampa back home if you want. But those who spend their holidays in Cape Coral usually use the Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers which is very convenient.

Tampa Bay

Tampa is right on the bay Tampa Bay which is very nice where there are other cities such as St. Petersburg or Clearwater. The city belongs to the Hillsborough County and to Orlando there are only 84 miles where the many amusement parks are located. But if you do not want to go that far, there are some leisure and water parks in Tampa like Busch Gardens or Adventure Island that are good too. It is also interesting to visit the Florida Aquarium in Tampa who like to look after families with children. Other attractions that you can see are the Ybor City where you as a visitor as in Cuba can feel. There you can also buy the cigars that are a popular holiday souvenirs. There are also good shopping with promenade where you can still stroll.

Certainly, the metropolis is also very interesting for cruises and there is a cruise port where the shipping companies Royal Caribbean and Carnival offer cruises to the Caribbean. The weather and climate is also subtropical and the sun shines there all year long. The summers are hot with high humidity. The winter months are mild and there are no more hurricanes that can occur there.

How can you move there?

It is best if you have a rental car because otherwise you can not look at everything. There is hardly any public transport in Florida and the car is the best means of transportation. As a tourist, you can also rent holiday homes in this region and there are also many beautiful hotels. Especially many retirees live in this area of ​​Florida who want to spend the winter there. So Tampa is a beautiful and interesting city to visit and Cape Coral is very easy to reach.

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