TangoSafari Poland – Castle Brody

Explore Tango – Discover Bodywork – over 100 workshops – Tango non stop – 9 days dancing, feasting, playing, sunbathing .

  • Milongas & balls in the evenings
  • Tangocafe / Tangoencuentro during the day
  • Daily approx. 20 workshops for Tango, Pilates, Yoga & other bodywork methods
  • 22-strong international team of teachers
  • Concerts & Shows by dancers, artists & acrobats
  • Cheap workshop flat rate
  • Individual registrations welcome
  • Childcare & children’s program, horse farm, climbing park, .
  • Participation is also possible on individual days of the safari.

The TangoSafaris are events that are also aimed at families and singles. Most of the participants register on their own, so you will easily find room and dance partners.

The workshop and framework programme

  • approx. 20 workshops to choose from every day
  • low-cost workshop total flat rate or alternatively bodywork flat rate.
  • You don’t want to attend workshops =>basic package without workshops
  • Tangocafé during the day & the Milongas at night with
  • varied shows, live music and theme evenings
  • two dance floors (1x indoor, 1x outdoor)
  • Enjoy the time on the festival grounds, the adjacent park or take a trip to one of the surrounding lakes.

This is a small selection of the specials from 2019 (update for 2020 comes from April)

  • Tangoball with concert & show: Saturday 13.7.2019 – Pablo Woiz Tango Trio
  • Half time ball with concert & show: Tuesday 16.7. – El Cachivache Quinteto
  • Tangoball with Concert & Show: Friday 19.7. – Bandonegro Tango Orquestra
  • Concert (at the Milonga and the afternoon café): Horacio Gomez
  • Theme milongas – Mottomilongas (click here for more info)
  • .

The detailed programme for Brody 2019 – Workshops and supporting programme (the detailed programme 2020 will be published approx. 3 months before the festival starts)

During the whole time you can dedicate yourself to the various offers on the festival area. Starting with a walk through the castle park, a ride, a tightrope walk or a trip to one of the surrounding lakes. We are looking forward to receiving additional suggestions, wishes and contributions from your ranks.

Prices & Participation Info 2020

You can individually arrange your participation in the festival.

  • You choose the base festival pass & the duration of your festival participation
  • You choose whether you want to attend workshops or not
  • You choose your form of accommodation

Examples of prizes for participation in the festival

Here we have put together two booking options as an example.

Comfort – full program – 9 days (program day & night & workshops & accommodation in double room)

Festivalpass: Package 1 = 9 days (milongas, daily program)230.00 €Workshops: Flatrate total for 9 days (Tango & Bodywork)220.00 €Accommodation: double room simple incl. board for 9 days279.00 €total per person729.00 €

Basic – 9 days (program day & night (without workshops) & tent accommodation)

Festivalpass: Package 1 = 9 days (Milongas, Tangocafe, daily program)230.00 €Accommodation: dormitory, tent or camper incl. board for 9 days162.00 €total per person392.00 €

Schloss Brühl – our base in Brody/Poland | Accommodation & Catering

Just two hours southeast of Berlin, directly behind the Polish border, lies the small town of Brody. An old castle complex with a huge park, ballroom & outdoor dance floor, horse farm offers overnight accommodations for all needs.

Location & Address & Facilities:

The address is: Plac Zamkowy 9, 68-343 Brody, Poland

  • Castle complex with large park and open courtyard
  • 300 sqm dance hall with wonderful parquet flooring
  • two open-air dance tents with wooden floors
  • Extrastudio for bodywork lessons
  • large Chilloutzone to relax in the open air
  • large meadow for campers and motorhomes
  • 40 double and multi-bed rooms (private bathroom with WC and shower)
  • a play area and of course plenty of room to let our creativity run wild
  • 3 km away is the nearest easily accessible swimming lake.

Accommodation options – dormitory, tent, motorhome, room or external

You have the choice between different accommodations.

  • The simplest option is in your own tent, motorhome or dormitory.
  • If you want a little more comfort, you can book a double or multi-bed room.
  • or you can find yourself an external place to stay.
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