Tat – tata – the fire brigade is here! In the

When the fire bell rings high from the tower
and races and shouts echoed through the anxious city
Then who storms, like a whirlwind
This is the brave fire department

(from a folk song)

Instead of bells, sirens are ringing all over the country today. Three tones in a row announce the deployment of the fire brigade. If the siren sounds continuously for three minutes, this means: "Warning, danger! Switch on the radio or television! "

This also applies to the rising and falling sound, which should warn us of an immediate danger. Then it also means: off to the basement or another protected room!

With emergency call 112, you alert the fire brigade in the event of an accident, fire or danger. The call arrives at the fire department’s control center. The control center reports the operation immediately to the nearest fire station. There the firefighters then move to the scene of the fire or the scene of the accident with their emergency vehicles.

Firefighters save livesFirefighters extinguish fires, save people and animals from fire, floods or other disasters. They rescue accident victims and secure the environment. Whether it’s a storm, a traffic accident or a natural disaster, the fire department’s men and women are quickly on site, and the fire department’s job is to prevent fires and accidents. In some cities and municipalities there is a fire protection mobile in kindergartens and schools. The employees of the mobile show the right one handling with fire and how you emergency have to behave.

Caution! Forest fire hazard
The risk of forest fires increases in summer. However, most fires are caused by forest visitors. From the beginning of May to the end of October, smoking and lighting fires are prohibited in the forest! That is why it is important on a summer expedition into the forest to follow a few important rules:

  1. Cigarette butts and matches do not belong in the forest!
  2. Barbecuing or lighting a fire is strictly prohibited!
  3. All things, such as broken glass, bottles or the like, which can act like a burning glass, must not be left behind.
  4. Even a car’s hot catalytic converter can start a forest fire if the vehicle is parked on a dry grass surface.

On the website of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and under the search term "forest fire" you will find a leaflet with the most important information on this topic.

Hot story

Historians suspect that there were extinguishing troops in ancient Egypt, but they lack the evidence.
Therefore, the apply Roman as the inventor of the fire department. The residents Rome had around 30 BC BC constantly fighting with fires in the city, which was getting bigger and bigger. A roman Politician for this reason founded a private fire brigade consisting of his own slaves. In 23 BC Chr. Emperor Augustus first built a state fire brigade with 600 slaves. When parts of Rome were on fire again in AD 6, the number of firefighters was increased to 7,000. This time it was freed slaves who were supposed to protect Rome and its citizens from the fire.

The first fire extinguishing regulation comes from the middle age. To this day, fire-fighting regulations contain all the rules that the fire-fighters have to observe in their training and work.

For smart weavers
The Saint Florian is the patron saint of firefighters.

It burns, saint Florian,
today all places and ends:
But you are the right man
to avert such misfortune.

When training to become a firefighter
Fitness, brains, reliability and teamwork are required. In the event of an emergency, every move must be correct. In a matter of seconds, the firefighters have to make decisions to meet. The team must be able to rely on each other in the truest sense of the word “blindly” if there is a fire in a building and the view is smoke strongly is restricted.

A distinction is made between the professional fire brigade and the voluntary fire brigade. The training lasts at least 2 years for both.
Firefighters or firefighters of the volunteer fire brigade have another job in addition to this responsibility, with which they earn a living. Bosses undertake to immediately free the volunteer rescuers from work in an emergency.

The firefighters practice to be well prepared for the emergency
regularly delete, recover, secure, help and protect.
Many fire departments have the opportunity to join the youth fire brigade from the age of 8. A real firefighter tells you what you learn there.

Text: Nicole Potthoff

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