Tax return: you should pay attention to this, to get the most out of it

Tax return: You should keep this in mind to get the most out of yourself

August 1, 2016 – 5:27 p.m.

How to get your money back!

The deadline for the tax return ends at the end of May. Although employees don’t usually have to file a tax return, it can be worth it. On average, the Germans get back around 800 euros from the tax office through a tax return. If you do it skillfully, you will get even more back. We’ll tell you what expenses you can get money back for.

Advertising costs:

Advertising costs are all expenses that serve to acquire, secure and receive income. A flat rate of 1,000 euros is deductible here. If you want to sell more, you have to prove the corresponding costs (invoices, bank statements). Advertising costs include the following items:

– Travel expenses to work: For the pure journey from home to work, 30 cents per kilometer can be claimed, regardless of whether you go to work by car or by bus, train, bike. The basic rule is: take the shortest route. A longer route only applies if it is significantly more convenient and saves a lot of time. The tax office expects around 220 working days per employee per year and generally recognizes travel expenses of up to 4,500 euros without any problems. If your travel expenses exceed this amount, you may be asked to move. However, occupational relocation costs can also be deducted. Double housekeeping for a second apartment at the place of work can also be deducted.

– Work clothes and work equipment: specialist books, language courses, costs for further training in the previous profession including travel expenses can also be deducted. But be careful: things that are also used privately can possibly only be sold 50 percent.

– Application costs: Even supposed "small things" in the form of application costs can be deducted. So it is worth keeping every invoice. Photos, postage, copies, specialist books on applications, internet fees for online job searches or applications by email and fees for telephone calls fall into the category of application costs. Anyone who has misplaced their receipts can claim a flat rate of 2.50 euros for electronic applications and 8.50 euros for postal applications. Make copies of the application letters and replies!

– Contributions for unions and professional associations can also be deducted – regardless of the amount.

– Study room up to 1250 euros a year if you have no office space in the job and more than half of the working time in that room spend (for example, teachers or representatives). Also interesting for employees who work from their home office. But be careful: offices that are also used privately cannot always be sold.

– Parents can sell EUR 7,248 per child per year. This is the so-called child allowance, which is used to provide children with food, an apartment, as well as childcare and training. In addition, parents also receive child benefit. Only child benefit OR child allowance can be deducted from tax. Depending on the case, the tax office independently checks which variant is more favorable for you. The child allowance is granted until the child is 18 and can be extended until the child is 25 if they are still in training. Attention: If the child in foreign countries If you study outside Europe, you should keep your primary residence with your parents so that you are still entitled to child benefit / child allowance.

– Court costs: Professionally related lawyer or court costs are also tax free.

– Travel expenses: Business trips, some of which are also financed privately, must still be billed proportionately as advertising costs.

– Telephone costs: Telephone and internet connections, which are partly used for professional purposes at home, can be reduced by 20 percent (maximum 20 euros per month). With proof of individual connection going even more!


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