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What should a taxi ride cost??

If you do not own a car or prefer to travel by bus or train, the use of a taxi is very convenient. However, you will quickly notice that the taxi costs fluctuate regionally. In an interview with the cost check expert we clarify what a taxi ride is allowed to cost, how it is calculated and what rights and obligations you have as a customer.

How are the taxi costs calculated??

Check cost: The price for a taxi ride is based on the distance and the associated time required. Taxis are considered public transport and are tied to a fixed rate.

The basis for the fare to be paid is the taxi fare. This is determined in Germany by the competent authority. Taxi companies may therefore not calculate the fare freely, but must adhere to the specified tariff.

There are also regionally different surcharges, for example, if you want to take an animal in a taxi or carry bulky goods. In the following table we have listed the taxi prices for some cities and towns, which illustrate the different pricing:

City or district base Price Kilometer price day Kilometer price night baggage Surcharge for transported animals
augsburg 3,10 EUR
less than 1 km 2,50 EUR, 4 km 1,50 EUR less than 1 km 2,50 EUR, 4 km 1,60 EUR Surcharge for bulky goods 3.00 EUR
Berlin 3,90 EUR 7 km 1.50 EUR Surcharge for bulky goods 1.00 EUR
eat 4,00 EUR 2,00 EUR 2,10 EUR
Munich 3,50 EUR less than 5 km 1,90 EUR, 10 km 1,60 EUR per piece of luggage 0.60 EUR each 0.60 EUR per cage / animal
Speyer 2,90 EUR 3 km 1.80 EUR
Zwickau district 6 – 22 clock 3,50, 22 – 6 clock and on Sundays and public holidays 4.00 2 km 1,70 EUR 2 km 1.90 EUR

The above table is not binding, as the tariffs are adjusted continuously.

How can I calculate the cost of the trip myself?

Check cost: The taxi costs can, if you have the taxi fare for the respective region present, quite simply calculate. Illustrated in a daytime ride in Hamburg, the bill might look like this:

base Price 3,50 EUR
Kilometers 1 – 4 2,45 EUR
Kilometers 4 to 9 2,20 EUR
Every kilometer driven beyond 1,50 EUR
Waiting money from 60 seconds downtime, for the part that goes beyond 60 seconds per 12 seconds 0.10 EUR (this corresponds to 30 EUR per hour)
Surcharge for a large capacity taxi 6 EUR
Tunnel fees for the Elbtunnel 2 EUR

The driver must always take the shortest route?

Taxi drivers are required to choose the cheapest route Check cost: Especially in urban areas, the shortest route is not always the fastest. The taxi driver is obliged in this case to choose a cheaper route for the customer, even if this means taking a little detour. If detours are unavoidable, for example to avoid a traffic jam, and if this results in higher costs, you must expressly agree with them.

On the other hand, the guest has the right to ask the driver for a deviation from the shortest route. You may also get off earlier and walk the last few meters.

Important: If you notice an unwanted and for you more expensive extra tour, you should report on presentation of the ordinal number and the ticket receipt on which start and finish are noted. If the fare paid differs significantly from the regular rate, you may receive your money back.

The taxi driver would like to be reimbursed the cost of the journey. Is this right?

Check cost: If the start and destination are outside the operating seat of the taxi company, the driver can charge the travel costs from the local border. However, you must be informed in advance of these additional costs.

I have to pay in advance?

Check cost: As a customer you are only obliged to pay the fare. In exceptional cases, however, the taxi driver can ask for an advance even before driving. This is regulated in the taxi regulations, which must be presented to you on request.

May I arrange a fixed price with the taxi driver?

Fixed prices are not common with German taxis Check cost: Fixed prices within the mandatory driving areas are usually not allowed. However, there are exceptions such as special short-distance prices or airport city rates. Other fixed price offers the driver may neither accept nor do, this would be aid to fraud.

The Fixed price ban only applies within the mandatory driving area. For example, if you want to travel by taxi from Stuttgart to Munich, you can arrange a fixed price with the driver. There are price recommendations that drivers and passengers can use as guidelines.

Of course, in this case too, you could be promoted for the price shown on the taximeter. Almost always it is cheaper for longer distances to negotiate a fixed price.

Do I have to get into the taxi in the front row??

Check cost: Although this is customary, you are not obligated to do so. Even if you are referred to the first taxi by a driver behind you, you do not need to comply with this request. You have the right to choose your taxi and seat freely.

May the taxi driver refuse to take my dog?

Check cost: The obligation to travel is also valid for pets. The driver may only refuse to drive if he sees a threat to himself or other passengers. In many cities, however, is for the Carriage of animals according to taxitarian regulations one additional fee to pay.

May I smoke in the taxi?

Check cost: Since 2007, smoking is prohibited in the taxi. Both drivers and passengers alike must comply with this requirement.

Does the taxi driver have to transport me??

Check cost: In principle yes. However, if a customer is badly drunk or even aggressive, the driver may refuse carriage.

The taxi driver can not surrender. How should I behave.

Check cost: If the fare is just a few euros and you want to pay with a large bill, this can be difficult. Some taxi regulations therefore provide that the driver can issue at least 50 Euro bills.

If you want to pay with a larger mark, you should clarify this in advance with the driver. If he has too little change and has to drive to a gas station or bank, he may charge you for the extra tour.

Important: Even if you want to pay with a taxi in a taxi, you should clarify this before driving. In the meantime, the card payment is almost always possible, but the rule is not yet.

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