Team wandelstern

Team wandelstern

Hrabal, T./Ofner, A. 2016
Team Wandelstern. Record hunting in the solar system

Thomas Hrabal, Agnes Ofner: Team Wandelstern. Record hunting in the solar system. Innsbruck: Tyrolia 2016, 26 pages, EUR 14,95 – order directly by clicking

Exceptional authors have succeeded in creating an extraordinary book!

STEM is a big topic in the educational world. Children are confronted with specialist knowledge, mathematical exercises, scientific experiments, computers and other technical equipment as early as the preschool age. Whether toddlers really interested?

Now there is a unique picture book in front of me, which makes children curious, awakens their urge to research. It docks on "Info scraps" who have preschoolers. They often ask questions about what they already know, but they only want very brief, simple, factual answers. What they absolutely do not want is a lecture or monologue of an adult. They are not looking for a perfect answer to their question. Children want impulses to continue their imaginative thinking.

This book is suitable from the age of five to primary school age. It is not a picture book, which is read out in one piece or which is suitable for the classical, often still presented frontal picture book viewing. The handling of the book requires some preparation.

Sun, moon and stars know the children. Perhaps they were already amazed by a representation of the planetary system. Surely they have heard of space travel. Children find alone to the stars, to the Milky Way. They may have the tide of empathetic parents on a starry night "points of light" studied in the sky. Maybe they also discovered the big car or. Unfortunately, there are hardly any real dark areas around our residential areas and even fewer parents who take the time to study the stars together with their children. But it can also be a visit to a planetarium or an observatory to a common experience

And then this wonderful book is used. The children learn the story of the solar system championships. The illustrator "transformed" the planets in animals, always matching the particular astronomical peculiarities. Planets and stars are personified, and an adventurous story develops – but always along the facts about our celestial bodies. The children learn more and more about our solar system, our moons, the planets, the stars. Some of their questions are answered almost by themselves with this book, and even the adult companion of the children learns much more. An educational partnership is developing.

This book needs adults who have time for children and can listen – so do not know and explain. The topic must also interest them, and they must be willing to immerse themselves in the thinking structures of the children. So it’s not an employment book, but rather a "Education Travel Guide" for people from 5 to 100 years. The best way to do that "travel" together. Take your time for the many details on the colorful pictures! Curious about the solar system championships? Then get this book.

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