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Catched a technical term you don’t understand? Our encyclopedia brings clarity:


An abscess is a purulent tissue fusion. Usually it starts from a deeply destroyed and dead tooth. A dental process is connected with a swelling of the cheek and strong pain. It must be urgently treated by a dentist.

Amelogenesis imperfecta

Amelogenesis imperfecta is a genetically caused enamel development disorder. The enamel is not fully developed in this disease and appears yellowish, rough and deformed.


The ankylosis of a tooth is the ossification of the periodontium. The affected tooth no longer grows with it and stands further down in the jawbone than the neighbouring teeth.


Aphten are whitish mucous membrane changes with a red border. They are very painful, non-infectious and occur frequently in families. The aphthae recede after a few days on their own. more info

Apical periodontitis

An apical periodontitis is an inflammation of the periodontium that originates from the root apex of the affected tooth.

approximal caries

Approximal caries is caries in the spaces between the teeth. It occurs when the teeth are close together and are not cleaned regularly with dental floss. This caries is often only visible on x-rays at the beginning.

Aesthetic Gap Holder

An aesthetic gap holder replaces the missing anterior maxillary teeth. There is no medical necessity as a placeholder. An esthetic gap holder can be fixed or removable.

dentitio difficilis

Dentitio difficilis means “teeth problems” in children or when wisdom teeth break through.


In our practice, desensitisation means the slow, child-friendly approach to dental treatment.

ECC “early childhood caries” is the term used to describe early childhood caries, which is usually caused by the continuous sucking on teats.

Distal shoe

A distal shoe is a fixed placeholder that allows the permanent tooth, which has not yet broken through, to grow to its correct position through a guide bar.


Dormicum (Midazolam) is a drug used in paediatric dentistry for sedation. It is administered by the anaesthetist.


Erosion is the loss of tooth hard tissue due to acids. Acid-containing drinks such as iced tea, cola and fruit juice drinks can cause these depressions in the tooth enamel.


Means “hollow out.” Excavation is the removal of carious tooth substance.


Excision means “excision.” For deep-seated lip frenulum, for example, an excision can be useful.


Extraction means “pulling out” e.g. of a tooth.


Fissures are the crevices and grooves in


A fistula is the tubular connecting duct between an inflamed tooth and the surface of the gums.

gingivostomatitis herpetica

Gingivostomatitis herpetica is often referred to as “oral rot”. This is the first infection with the herpes simplex virus. Painful blisters form in the oral cavity. The disease often occurs together with a high fever. Sometimes food intake is hardly possible. The paediatrician should then be consulted at all costs.


Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums mostly caused by plaque.

herpes labialis

Herpes labialis is a mucosal disease that frequently occurs in children. It is a recurrence of the herpes simplex virus. Bubbles appear on the lips, at the entrance to the nose or at the corners of the mouth. Their development is often linked to stressful situations such as colds or stress.


Hypoplasia means “underdevelopment,” “imperfect formation.” If the enamel is affected by a hypoplasia, this can have various causes. The tooth enamel is often yellowish-brown and has a rough structure.


Injection means “injection” e.g. of the anaesthetic.


If a tooth is forced into the bone by force (accident), it is called an intrusion.

nitrous oxide

Laughing gas (N2O) is an inorganic, colourless gas with a slightly sweet smell. It has a soothing (sedative) and slightly analgesic (analgesic) effect.

local anesthesia

A local anaesthetic is the anaesthesia of the area to be treated with a syringe.


A matrix is used for the placement of an interdental filling. Usually it is a thin metal band.

Nu-smile crowns

Nu-smile crowns are ready-made steel crowns with a white plastic veneer.

An orthopantomogram (OPT) is an overview image of the jaw and teeth.


Plaque is the term used to describe microbial plaque on the teeth that has grown locally and cannot be rinsed away. Plaque is the cause of tooth decay and gum disease.


In the case of a fixed spacer, a metal band is glued around the remaining adjacent tooth, to which a metal loop is attached. This supports the other adjacent tooth and thus keeps the gap free for the remaining tooth. If the permanent tooth breaks through, the band is simply removed.


Prophylaxis means “prevention of diseases”, or also “prevention”. In dentistry this means professional tooth cleaning, motivation training and regular check-ups.


The pulp is the cavity in the tooth filled with nerve and blood vessels.


Means “restrained.” A retained tooth has not broken through and is still in the jawbone.


Sedation is the process of calming patients down with medication.

stomatitis simplex

Stomatitis simplex is a non-specific inflammation that manifests itself through redness and swelling of the oral mucosa. It often accompanies febrile infectious diseases or changes in the immune system.

total luxation

If a tooth is knocked out completely, this is called total luxation or avulsion.

vital amputation

Vital amputation or pulpotomy is mostly used in milk dentition. The inflamed part of the nerve tissue in the tooth is removed. After a vital amputation, the tooth should be fitted with a crown.


Xylitol is a sugar substitute that has an anti-caries effect. Xylitol is found in many tooth-friendly sweets and chewing gums.

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