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Technology - entertaining

September 9, 2015

of Colorful Times · Published 9 September 2015 · Last modified 29 October 2019

Do you know Google?

That should be a joke, who does not know Google? “Googling” is even in the dictionary, because it is now synonymous with us a common expression for the search on the Internet. And who in front of you.

by Colorful Times · Published 9 July 2015 · Last modified 9 July 2017


Knotenkunde For everything that should be fastened or secured in any form by lines you need seaman knots. Especially in shipping, the compounds should be easy to prepare and easily solvable. Even in wet.

by Bunte Zeiten · Published 25. June 2015 · Last modified 25. June 2017

Tips to buy a DSLR

Mirror, Mirror: Many Tips for Buying a DSLR Camera For journalists like Blogger, a SLR camera is one of the indispensable work tools today. Sometimes smart phone snapshots are not enough, which are filtered by Instagram.

by Bunte Zeiten · Published 25. June 2015 · Last modified 25. June 2017

With 10 tips for (almost) empty e-mail inbox

Do you know the sight of an overflowing inbox? Then you are one of those people who just can not handle their mailbox anymore. Overwhelming, right? And not in a good way … Every now and then.

by Bunte Zeiten · Published 25. June 2015 · Last modified 25. June 2017

Hotel Tonight – The app in the test

Life happens when you’re busy making other plans. Already knew John Lennon. And so, despite all planning, we found ourselves one night earlier in El Paso, Texas, the nearest city to our US odyssey.

of Colorful Times · Published 7 April 2015 · Last modified Aug 4, 2018

QR code

The Quick Response Code (QR code) is the hallmark of a type of matrix bar code (or two-dimensional bar code) first developed in 1994 for the automotive industry in Japan. A barcode is a machine readable.

of Colorful Times · Published April 4, 2015 · Last modified Aug 4, 2018


A bar code (also bar code, bar code or bar code) is an optical, machine-readable representation of data. These usually convey information about the object that carries the barcode. Conventional barcodes systematically represent data by:.

February 12, 2015

by Colorful Times · Published 12 February 2015 · Last modified 2 May 2017


Capturing and preserving sounds In 1777, the poet Gottfried August Bürger invented the story of the frozen Posthorn in his “Wonderful Travels of the Freiherr von Münchhausen”, which released the sounds when released into the warm room.

October 20, 2014

by Colorful Times · Published October 20, 2014 · Last modified May 8, 2017


When talking about Hanomag, the usual reaction is “Sure, I know; they have built tugs! “Apart from the fact that I do not know the term tugboat, I am clearly also a part of it.

October 17, 2014

by Colorful Times · Published 17 October 2014 · Last modified 8 May 2017

Airships – Zeppelins

The development of the airships goes back to the invention of Count Zeppelin, who started in 1900 on Lake Constance the first rigid airship. Airships are aircraft that are lighter than air.

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