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A bright white smile, who wouldn’t want that? However, it is normal for our teeth to change color with age. The whole thing is reinforced by the enjoyment of coffee, tea, red wine and nicotine or by taking special medication. These discolorations can no longer be removed by brushing your teeth or professional tooth cleaning. Many people let in because of that tooth whitening carry out. In this process, discoloration is removed by chemical agents that are caused to oxidize.
There are several ways to have your teeth whitened. Not all of them make sense.

In so-called office bleaching by the professional, a special bleaching agent is applied to the teeth in one session, which brightens them. The process can be carried out, for example, at the dentist or in a whitening studio.
Before teeth whitening, it is advisable to have your teeth cleaned professionally, because bleaching only makes sense on toothless and smooth teeth.

What exactly is done with a tooth plate?

First the current tooth shade is recorded. In the next step, a cheek holder is used. This has the advantage that you can bite comfortably on it and so you don’t have to keep your mouth open all the time.
To protect against the bleach, a special rubber paste is applied to the gums and hardened. Then the teeth are treated with the whitening agent. This has to work for about 15 – 30 minutes under the influence of special light. After the appropriate exposure time, the bleaching agent and gum protection are removed and a mineral gel is applied. This hardens the enamel and seals the tooth surface.

How many treatments need to be done?

At the tooth whitening up to four sessions may be required. Then the teeth appear up to eight shades lighter and the result can last for several years. Of course, this also depends on personal dental care and nutrition.

What does the fun cost??

The whole thing is not cheap. Because teeth whitening is a purely aesthetic matter, health insurance does not pay for it, starting at around 200 euros. If you only want to have individual teeth bleached, you should expect costs starting at 20 euros per tooth.
Laser bleaching is recommended for discoloration in deeper areas. Here, costs of at least 500 euros must be expected.
The prices vary and vary from dentist to dentist. This depends on the one hand on the materials used and the time required and on the other hand how high the competition in the area is. Thus, a higher price is usually to be expected in smaller cities because there are not many other providers on site.

What needs to be considered when the teeth are treated in a tin studio?

If you have your teeth bleached in a whitening studio, you should be aware that there is usually no dentist performing the treatment there and therefore may not draw attention to caries or other problems.
It is important to note that nobody can do teeth whitening without dental knowledge.

What other tooth bleaching options are there??

There is also the variant of so-called "home bleaching". Here, the dentist creates an individually adapted plastic splint. A carbamide peroxide gel is filled in. This splint is then worn either overnight or for several hours a day. This whole process can take up to two weeks to achieve the desired effect.
There is also the possibility to whiten your teeth at home with products from the drugstore, pharmacy or the Internet. Of course, the result does not come close to that of the dentist, because the concentrations of the agents are not so high, but there are significantly lower costs.
Stick-on strips, as well as special varnishes and gels are available from 15 euros. Express teeth whitening strips should be used with absolute caution. They do not adapt to the individual shape of the teeth, so the gums also come into contact with the bleach. This can cause serious damage and even gum death. Just like the over-the-counter gels. Here it is expressly described that the gel does not come into contact with the gums let and thus spreading your lips while applying, but this is difficult to do.
Whitening toothpastes are available for less than 3 euros. There is a risk of tooth enamel abrasion if the toothpaste is too coarse. It is extremely important to find out well beforehand which products promise success.

What are the risks?

From a medical point of view, professional tooth whitening at the dentist is completely harmless, since nothing is ground off or scratched off the tartar. Most patients hardly feel anything. A brief cold stimulus may be felt. The feeling is like a bite on ice. Sometimes the teeth after this Teeth whitening a little sensitive to irritation. This usually subsides after a few days.

What should be observed in general?

In general, the most promising option is to have your teeth whitened at the dentist. This will namely examine your teeth thoroughly beforehand and possibly determine the cause of the tooth discoloration. If you still want to bleach your teeth at home, you should get good information and advice. This could prevent a wrong purchase, because there are products on the market whose concentrations are already unsuccessful. Anyone who has already bought a remedy should show it to their dentist in order to get a professional opinion about it.

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