Teething: bad mood and limitless chewing rank

Teething in the baby: symptoms and misconceptions

Many babies have problems when the teeth push through the gums: the gums tense, press, itch and hurt. These signs could indicate that your baby is teething:

Your baby bites and chews on everything it gets its fingers on.

The saliva flows freely and runs from the corners of the mouth.

Reddened cheeks, especially on the side, where a new tooth is announced.

The gums are red and swollen, and the baby rubs them frequently.

In connection with these symptoms, increased body temperature and loose stools are also possible.

The baby is sometimes very tearful and dissatisfied, which unfortunately also the brings some restless night.

Contrary to popular belief, there are more serious symptoms such as fever in the baby and diarrhea no normal side effects of teeth. Dr. Hermann Josef Kahl, Federal Press Officer of the Professional Association of Pediatricians explains: “Babies can become tearful and get warmer when teething, they drool more and rub against their irritated gums. But blisters in the mouth, loss of appetite and diarrhea are not among the consequences of the tooth eruption. “An infection is more likely to be suspected as the cause, which only coincidentally coincides with the eruption of the teeth. Dr. As a precaution, Kahl therefore recommends one Visit to the pediatrician, should your baby experience more serious and persistent symptoms of illness.

By the way: Not all babies have teething problems. Sometimes parents discover the first or another tooth by chance, without their baby noticeably suffering from the breakthrough. If your little one is not one of these lucky guys, we have some tips for you on how to make your baby teething easier.

Let it bite

Chewing on harder objects also works like a soothing massage for the oppressive and itchy gums. Best for this are pollution-free teethers or damp washcloths. Slightly chilled, they reduce blood circulation, relieve pain and inhibit possible inflammation. A piece of bread crust or chilled pieces of fennel and carrot can also serve as teething aids. let your But this does not leave the baby unattended, it could choke.

teethers for babies and other teething aids

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