Telekom child protection software: this is how internet control works

Safe through the net

The "Child protection software" Deutsche Telekom is one of two software solutions that is recognized by the Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media and which complies with the legal requirements for the protection of minors. In this guide, we show you what the free tool can do.

The "Child protection software" Telekom ensures that your children are only presented with suitable content on the Internet, depending on their age. In this guide, we show you how to set up the program and with which Filter your children in practice to protect them

Features of the child protection software

With the child protection software you get an extensive suite to protect your child from the dangers of the Internet and at the same time your computer. Taking into account the age classification of websites ensures that you use the software for children use in preschool age as well as for young people. With individual adjustments, you ensure that dangerous pages are blocked and unclassified, but safe pages are accessible for your children. You can use these functions with the freeware:

  • Website filter for ages (up to twelve years, twelve to 15 years, over 15 years)
  • Time management for every day of the week
  • Time budget for internet use
  • Block downloads by file format
  • Blocking exchange exchanges / file sharing services
  • Blocking HTTPS sites
  • Selective blocking of the execution of individual programs
  • Blocking e-mail use using software

The child protection software is recognized by the commission for youth media protection and contains the legal youth protection requirements.

Please note that the software can help protect your children from the dangers of the Internet. However, you should never rely on the software alone. In spite of everything, keep an eye on your child, because the duty of supervision does not replace the tool.

Software installation

The child protection software from Deutsche Telekom can be installed quickly. Additional advertising software is not installed on your computer as part of the freeware installation.

  • Download the free child protection software here at netzwelt and start the downloaded EXE file. Immediately afterwards, you must confirm that the Windows User Account Control is running by clicking "Continue" respectively "Yes" click.
  • In the first window of the installation wizard you will receive some general information about the software that you can click on "Further >" to confirm.

Setting up child protection software

After the first start, the youth protection software must be set up once and adapted to your needs. We will show you the most important settings below so that child protection works on your computer. Before setting up, you should have created a separate user account for your children on the computer. If this is not yet the case, find out in this article on netzwelt, as create a user account for your children under Windows.

  • When the installation is finished, the Telekom software starts automatically. Be patient as the first start may take a few seconds. Confirm the welcome screen by clicking "Further".


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