Telematics: Federal Dental Chamber – Arbeitsgemeinschaft der deutschen Zahnärztekammern e

Telematics: Federal Dental Chamber - Arbeitsgemeinschaft der deutschen Zahnärztekammern e


Positions on telematics

The leading organizations of healthcare providers have prepared a position paper on telematics. The common goal is to create a safe, workable and future-oriented information highway in the healthcare sector with added value for patients and service providers. The position paper was sent to members of the Health and Care Coalition Working Group.

Electronic dentist badge

The electronic dentist card (e-dentist card) is the electronic health professional card (HBA) for dentists. The first applications of ezahnarztausweises are online applications of chambers and KZVen seen, this may include:

  • Authentication on portals of the chambers
  • Authentication at portals of the KZVen (eg in the context of online billing)
  • Use of the qualified electronic signature (also here, for example, in the context of online or paperless billing)

As competent authorities for the publication of the ezahnarztausweises, the Dentistry Chambers were determined in the health care laws of the federal states. The Federal Dental Association coordinates the project on its behalf and has created a nationwide uniform distribution infrastructure.

The ezahnarztausweis is currently available for members of the Dentistry Chambers of Berlin, Bremen, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, North Rhine, Saarland, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Thuringia and Westphalia-Lippe.

The issuance of e-dentist IDs is based on a concept that defines the basic design of the e-dentist’s card itself, the processes and regulations necessary for the issue and the associated requirements for the parties involved. The ezahnarztausweises is produced with the help of service providers, who are admitted after the market-open admission model. Currently, the production of e-dentist ID cards is carried out by the company medisign, the only service provider to date that has received approval.

Interested service providers can obtain the documents for the approval of the issue of e-dentist ID cards from the Federal Dental Association on request.

telematics infrastructure

Electronic Health Card (eGK)

The introduction of the electronic health card (eGK) was approved by the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) in order to improve medical care, reduce bureaucracy and strengthen the responsibility of patients. In the meantime, the eGK is the only proof of insurance to obtain medical services and is therefore required by doctors and dentists for billing.

In practice, it is also the key to the applications of the telematics infrastructure.

  • In the first phase, insured person master data management (VSDM), the eGK is reconciled online, can be updated and – under certain conditions – can also be blocked (and thus invalidated).
  • From the second Pfase, medical data can also be stored on the eGK later, so that only health professionals with a corresponding ID card can access it.
  • In June 2017, the so-called online productive operation was released by the shareholders of gematik, the equipment of the practices with the necessary technology (including connectors and card terminals) began in December 2017. The introduction of the telematics infrastructure begins with the implementation of the VSDM, including a secure Internet service (SIS) and access to existing online applications.

Practice equipment and refinancing

Dentists do not have to pay for connecting their practices to the TI themselves. The costs for the equipment (including connector, card terminal (s), practice card and – half – the e-dentist card) take over the health insurance in the context of the regulations of the basic financing and flat-rate agreement with the KZBV.


In cooperation with gematik, BZÄK provides detailed information on online productive operation for dental practices.

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