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The 10 best films about pregnancy and birth

We have already come across a number of films that deal with being pregnant. Whether humorous or tragic, authentic or absurd, action-packed or dignified – in any case, all variations that we present here in a list of ten films are entertaining. For some, we agree, for others, the ghosts, whether you should mention them at all … but that’s just the personal taste &# 128578;

Look, who’s talking

A classic! It all begins in the womb, which looks like a cave of pink cotton wool, with a pretty talkative embryo, who thinks about the world first, and then in the hectic everyday life between Mama Mollie (Kirsten Alley) and New-flame James (John Travolta) to bring the viewer a bit closer to what a baby thinks so.

Where your heart beats

17-year-old Novalee (Natalie Portman) is left pregnant by the child’s father in the bathroom at Wal-Mart. Since she has no one else, she just stays there for the first time and tries out what many dream about: living in a supermarket. Then the story becomes even wilder: Exile in the Supermarket, a heroic savior who falls in love with him, sudden fame, a wild tornado and a great career as a popular photographer with a crazy wedding to the happy ending.

16-year-old Juno is pregnant by her best friend Paulie. Because she knows she will release the baby for adoption, she goes in search of the right adoptive parent. It will find what you are looking for and the situation gets more complicated – disputes, emotional ups and downs and a lot of TicTacs &# 128578; A highlight in the film: The relationship with father Mac and stepmother Bren – and of course Juno himself! Absolutely look!

At the first time

Ben still hangs out on the sofa with his buddies on canned beer without a job, while Alison is just starting out on a career. Except for their shared one-night stand, the two connects nothing … until Alison finds out she’s pregnant. Will they have the baby? Will Ben finally grow up and what will become of Alison’s career? The usual questions and disasters come up – and make the audience laugh!


Eternally one hears the women say: “Why can not men also have children?”. In this movie it becomes true: After Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito steal the egg cell from a colleague, to look for a few weeks, how it all develops in Arnis body. At this time he builds up such an intense relationship with the child that he wants to complete it completely. On top of that, of course, are hormone fluctuations, a love story and in the deepest part of the audience again and again the question of how everything could actually work in reality &# 128521;

Nine Months

In the movie from the 90s, Hugh Grant once again plays a guy who does not really want any children. But when his girlfriend becomes pregnant, he has no other choice. This is followed by nine months full of little tragedies, quarrels and even divisions. Light & shallow!

Children of Men

The scenario is pretty bleak: a broken world in 2027 without children, because for unexplainable reasons, no one was born for 18 years. In the midst of the chaos emerges Kee, who after all this time is the first pregnant woman and is therefore hunted by various camps. In the science fiction thriller, the escape begins to save the baby. Pretty exciting!

What happens when it has happened

With four different couples (including Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez), the time has come: the children are on the march and everyone has to struggle with different challenges on the way to parenting: hormone fluctuations, in-laws, self-help groups and the job … you know that perhaps. The award with two golden raspberries (the anti-Oscar) does not necessarily speak for the film, but maybe you can find something about it with hormone fluctuations &# 128521;

Dr. T and the women

For that we have to say for a moment: Yes, this movie is really not very good, but in the end you see more detailed than usual where a birth (if you want that). Otherwise, Richard Gere acts as a gynecologist, the women trust (Kate Hudson, Farah Fawcett, Helen Hunt, Tara Reid, Liv Tyler – not bad!). At some point everything gets too much for him and he flees …


Yes, yes, because the gentlemen of the round still wanted to have this movie in it, which is actually the whole time for a pregnant woman, but which is actually barely visible, because the audience is with the father who tries punctually to the birthday at home his. It would be fine for me, five days thick … but not in this movie: Crazy companions, beating, arrests and wrong turns make the movie a crazy road-to-birth movie.

And? Which one is your favorite? Do you still have one we forgot here? Then you are welcome! We are always happy about tips &# 128578;

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