Ten reasons for a trip to france: family trip france

Ten reasons for a trip to France

You will find something of everything on a trip in diverse France: mountains, sea, nature, small villages, big cities. The neighboring location makes France particularly attractive for family vacations for Germans. In the north you have pleasant temperatures of around 23 ° C in summer, while in the south it can be really warm at temperatures above 30 ° C.

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1. Versatile family vacation landscape in France

France is one of the most varied landscapes among the European travel countries. In your Family vacation in France meet high, sometimes steeply rising mountains (Mont Blanc is one of the highest mountains in Europe at 4810 m), lush green low mountain ranges, steep or flat coastal landscapes, river valleys with pronounced vegetation, vines and grain fields, dense forest areas and modern ones towns and original villages. In France you will definitely be able to visit the most beautiful landscape for everyone on your family holiday.

2. The French travel season

Outside of the main French travel season, prices for holiday apartments and attractions are cheaper in many places. The French travel season takes place during the block holidays of the French schools, traditional in July and August. So whoever is at Easter or in the autumn vacations Vacation with children in France want to spend has the chance of a cheaper vacation.

3. Markets and junk markets on holiday in France with children

Weekly markets are still an integral part of French eating and living culture. You should get one Market visit during your family vacation in France not to be missed: it is a festival for all senses. Here you can buy crisp, fresh, high-quality regional food. Round off your market visit with a bite into a freshly picked nectarine or with a crepe or ice cream on hand. Your children will also like it!
If you are in Provence for Easter, you should definitely visit the antique and junk market in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. It is one of the best flea markets in Europe, where both professional and hobby dealers offer wonderful, unusual items. You may find the best souvenir from your family vacation in France here.

4. Experience a different Easter on holiday with children in France

A very special silence spreads over Easter in France. From Maundy Thursday to Easter night the church bells are not rung and the air is filled with the joyful anticipation of the children. The French children are told that church bells fly to Rome to Holy Father’s Day to be blessed there. The bells start their flight home laden with sweets. On their return trip they lose their cargo all over France. So it happens that sweets are also sought for Easter here, but are not hidden by the Easter bunny.

5. A wide range of family vacation activities in France

If your family consists of adventurers, the mountains offer you on family vacation in France many opportunities. You can go climbing with your children, donkey hiking, white water rafting and much more.
The long coast of France also offers a lot of variety. Here you can practice water sports as well as small lonely bays.
Inland you can explore old villages, exciting forests or large cities on foot or by bike during your holiday with children in France.

6. Kindness on your vacation in France

France doesn’t have the best reputation for hospitality. But it doesn’t feel too bad on site. Children are always given a smile and the French also take care of their guests. There have even been voluntary city tours since 2007. The Greeter are residents who want to show guests the beauty of their city in an original and intimate way. They usually leave out the well-known tourist attractions and show visitors the city as they experience it themselves. in this connection get to know the French way of life on your family holiday in France.

7. Lots of culture in France

In France you will find well-preserved cultural assets of all kinds that you can visit with your children on vacation. In Paris there are numerous small and large theaters, museums and not least the Eiffel Tower, in Provence you will find amphitheaters, city walls, a variety of museums and old churches and monasteries, in the Alps you can take the Télécabine Panoramic Mont-Blanc cable car or visit the Bastille of Grenoble.

8. Family holiday dining in France

In France the whole family will experience culinary delights, it is not for nothing that the land of the gourmet. High quality food is grown and processed regionally. Old traditions are kept alive and the preparation is done with great knowledge of what is best for the food. For every meal there is for the parents the right wine for family holidays in France. In France you can also taste more than 300 different types of cheese and numerous fine pastries. You take a lot more time to eat in France, so let yourself go and enjoy your meal in peace!

9. Discover animals and plants in France

During your family vacation in France you can discover a lot in nature that does not exist in Germany. Flamingos know yours children probably only from the zoo, in the Camargue you can experience them together in the wild. It is impressive when a whole flock of pink flamingos takes off. In the Alps you can see griffon vultures, ptarmigan and numerous other bird species. You can also meet snakes and chamois in their natural habitat.
In the flora you will see some trees during your vacation with children in France, the harvest of which promises you pleasure, e.g. Peaches, lemons, walnuts and chestnuts. A treat for the eyes Lavender fields, violets, mimosa and palm trees.

10. Communicate with your children on your vacation in France

The cliché that the French only speak their language and are difficult to communicate in English is true. A study in 2012 found that French students have a much poorer level of English than their peers in the other EU countries. The simple communication also works in English, of course, but in order to get closer to the people and really get to know them, you should speak French. On Vacation with children in France is ideal for his Develop language skills!

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