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Tooth Myths – Ten Things You Should Know About Dental Care

One thing is for sure, if you want to have healthy teeth, you should clean your teeth thoroughly with a toothbrush and toothpaste at least twice a day. In addition, dentists recommend the daily use of dental floss, because only so can the interdental spaces thoroughly rid of food particles. Of course, besides these basics, there are many more tips to keep your teeth healthy. But beware: some of what is said about the care of the teeth, is not true. In the following, we take a close look at ten dental hygiene myths from the Center Dentistry.

1. The more scrubbed, the cleaner the teeth become

This widespread thesis is not correct. Of course it is essential to thoroughly clean the teeth every day, but it is not necessary to “scrub” firmly. Rather, the following applies: If the toothbrush is pressed too tightly, gums and teeth will be strained. In the worst case, the gums will retract due to too much pressure, exposing the necks of the teeth. In addition, damage to the enamel is possible by firmly scrubbing the teeth. Instead, brushing should always be done with light pressure.

2. Bad teeth are inherited

This thesis is also incorrect, because bad teeth are not inherited. Although some factors – such as the tooth position or the thickness of the enamel – are genetically determined, this does not mean that children get bad teeth just because the parents had problems with their teeth. Basically, a properly cleansed tooth is hardly caries-prone and for the care of the teeth, each person is responsible.

3. The consumption of apples prevents caries infestation

This thesis is also wrong! Namely, despite the fact that the rumor of who consume foods of hard consistency such as apples or carrots, thereby preventing the development of tooth decay, persists. In fact, by consuming such foods, the upper plaque is abraded, but it is not possible to remove the stuck plaque and clean the interdental spaces in this way. Therefore, it is essential to clean the teeth daily with a toothbrush and at best with dental floss.

Of course, nothing is in the way of eating apples or carrots. It should be noted, however, that apples contain a lot of fructose and can be attacked by the acid contained in the enamel.

4. Black tea damages the teeth

Again, this statement is wrong. There is no doubt that certain types of tea, such as black tea, discolour the teeth, but such discolorations can easily be polished off again. The enamel is not damaged by black tea. On the other hand, black tea may even have positive effects because it contains fluoride, which is supposed to harden the enamel. Extremely sour fruit teas, on the other hand, attack the enamel when consumed too frequently.

5. It is important to clean your teeth immediately after meals

Again, this thesis is not correct. Of course, it makes sense to clean your teeth soon after meals, but not immediately after eating. If you eat fruit for dessert, you should not even brush the teeth directly after the meal, because the acid contained in fruits and juices softens the enamel and could be attacked during cleaning. Tooth enamel softening also affects drinks such as coke and wine. After eating such foods and drinks, wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. Because this is the period during which the acid in the mouth is neutralized by the saliva.

6. By smoking, only the tooth surfaces are discolored

This is not right. As a rule, the teeth of smokers discolor over time. Although it is possible to polish away superficial discolorations, this is not the case with deep-seated discolorations. In addition, smoking reduces the blood and oxygen supply to the gums. The result may be inflammation of the gums associated with pain or, at worst, periodontitis and tooth loss. If that is the case you have to pay a lot of money for dentures.

7. Chewing chewing gum replaces toothbrushing

This statement is also incorrect, because chewing gum does not replace proper dental care. Alldings chewing gum can be considered as an additional measure for the care of the teeth. This, of course, only if it is a sugar-free chewing gum. Recommended so-called Zahnpflegekaugummis containing substances such as xylitol. Such chewing gums stimulate the production of the saliva, so that neutralization of harmful acids and hardening of the enamel takes place. The removal of stuck plaque, however, can only be secured by the careful cleaning of the teeth with toothbrush and floss.

8. The care of the milk teeth is not necessary

Although the hypothesis that baby teeth can be quietly affected by tooth decay – as they will fail again anyway – is still widespread, it does not make them any better. Rather, it is essential to care for the deciduous teeth carefully, as it can come by a caries infestation of the deciduous teeth to damage the permanent teeth. If deciduous teeth fail prematurely, for example as a result of tooth decay, it is also possible for the regrowing tooth to break through in an unfavorable position, so that later orthodontic treatment may become necessary.

9. Whitening toothpastes are basically harmful

De facto whitening products always depend on the particular toothpaste, whether it is harmful or not. Some of the tooth creams contain abrasive substances that are aggressive and damage the tooth enamel, which can also attack the tooth. Such products are not recommended. Other toothpastes, on the other hand, are quite mild and contain only a few emollients. If you are not sure whether the teeth can be damaged by the respective whitening product, you should ask your dentist for advice. Another option to get whiter teeth is bleaching. Also in this regard, it is necessary to consult with the dentist.

10. Brushing your teeth for a minute is absolutely sufficient

Even this statement is not correct, because the teeth in the morning and in the evening only for a minute to clean, is not enough. Rather, the teeth should be cleaned for at least three minutes. As a rule, so much time is needed to remove the plaque from the surfaces of the teeth. In addition, the substances contained in toothpastes such as fluoride should be able to act on the tooth surfaces for a certain period of time. Especially in the evening, the teeth should be cleaned properly, because they can regenerate at night best.

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