Tennis world foundation, a mission born from the heart

When we first entered Africa, Federico Coppini hadn’t imagined how his life would change. Of course, South Africa is very different from Italy and Ferrara, but certain experiences have made him rethink his priorities.

It started accidentally when he started giving tennis lessons in the suburb of Kayamandi, not far from Cape Town. He realized that there was something important he could do for poor children who are far from the most basic civilization.

When he realized that tennis, combined with his position, could be something beautiful, he considered it. The answers sparked important feelings about the overwhelming desire to change the poverty situation that too many children are condemned to.

To achieve this goal, he founded the Tennis World Foundation, a non-profit foundation that uses tennis as a moral foundation for children to prevent them from falling into the negative temptations caused by poverty.

In this age need Children’s role models and protection. In certain social contexts, criminal gangs are the easiest way to meet certain needs. In contrast the Tennis World Foundation offers a safe route through a popular sport such as tennis.

Popular, yes, but not as common in certain areas. For this reason, Coppini’s challenge is even more complex and fascinating. Thanks to the collaboration with several schools (an interesting project was recently started in Tanzania), the Tennis World Foundation has started to pursue important goals.

In the background is the dream of building a tennis champion, but the specific goals that the project’s many children can strive for include peaceful life, important personal development, and possibly the opportunity to receive a scholarship.

With a team of trained and motivated teachers Coppini created a structure to achieve his goal. Obstacles have to be overcome as usual before a dream comes true. There is economic difficulty in a continent like Africa.

Although the Tennis World Foundation has funds to help around 600 children, it is not meant to be limited. To dream big you need more and more money. Since it is not easy to get it, you have to make an effort.

Coppini found a fantastic system, the best possible because it doesn’t require direct effort (after this Understanding that it is natural possible is to make traditional offers). So after a few weeks the Tab Tennis Foundation born.

A very simple system that requires the easy installation of an expansion tab on your computer and / or laptop. As soon as the process is complete, the Tennis World Foundation receives a little help from you every time a new tab is opened in your browser, and thus for the children involved in the project.

Progress is still a little slow: Many praise Coppini for the good initiative, but not all have actually taken measures. Nothing needs to be done since the system is automatic. At most, those who join the project can pass it on to friends and acquaintances.


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