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Despite the legal right to a childcare place for their child, most parents are happy when they actually get a place in kindergarten. Nevertheless, the kindergarten can sometimes be terminated in the room. There can be many different reasons for this, but there are always a few things to consider.

As a rule, it is important to meet deadlines. In addition, mothers and fathers regularly ask themselves how they can quit their child’s kindergarten. Since most parents are laypersons and are unlikely to consult a lawyer on this matter, they are looking for templates and patterns for the termination of kindergarten.

It should also be noted that the termination of kindergarten does not necessarily have to come from the parents, but is sometimes also sought by the institution. As a result, there is a risk of losing kindergarten space, which can lead to difficult situations, particularly for working parents.

Quitting kindergarten is therefore a sensitive issue that can become relevant. At first, of course, you are happy to have a place, but a variety of reasons can spoil your happiness. Then it is good to know the modalities of a kindergarten termination. Below you will find comprehensive information on this topic, which at least gives a first impression.

Termination kindergarten – what to consider?

If you want to quit kindergarten, you have to consider a few things and should first know that there are no statutory notice periods in this regard. Accordingly, the contract concluded between the parents and the institution concerned is authoritative.

It not only contains information on care, but also the notice periods. These can sometimes be very different, so studying the small print in the contract is essential. Typically, the kindergarten can be terminated at the end of the month or the kindergarten year.

However, the contractually agreed deadlines, for example between four and can be eight weeks. It is therefore fundamentally not possible to take your own offspring out of kindergarten overnight and to quit the relevant place. This must be done on time.

Apart from the notice period, it should be noted that the kindergarten should be canceled in writing. You can hand in the written notice in kindergarten or send it by post. Anyone who decides to send them should use a registered letter with a return receipt to be able to prove access in case of doubt.

Exceptional reasons for quitting kindergarten

However, there is no clear case law in this connection. At least in the case of a professional move, parents have good cards for extraordinary termination of kindergarten. Moving is not the only situation in which there is an extraordinary reason for dismissing kindergarten.

Various reasons can lead to parents finding it unreasonable to continue sending their child to the relevant kindergarten. Before a termination occurs, you should, however, seek a conversation with the responsible parties. If nothing changes even after a warning, you can terminate extraordinarily by giving the reasons.

As lay lawyers, mothers and fathers often find it difficult to formulate the termination of kindergarten. Especially in the case of extraordinary reasons, it can be a great challenge to put the termination of kindergarten on paper. Nevertheless, parents should always choose the written form. There are, for example, numerous templates and samples for the termination of kindergarten online. You can use this as a guide when formulating the form and have a handbook at hand. In principle, the kindergarten termination should always include the following information:

  • child’s name
  • Name and address of the parents
  • Name and address of the kindergarten
  • termination date
  • if necessary, extraordinary reasons for termination

Basically, that should Write clearly state that it is a termination of the kindergarten place. Accordingly, the following sentence is the essence of the letter of termination and is generally perfectly sufficient:

I hereby terminate the kindergarten place of my child NAME on time DATE or at the next possible time.


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