Terms and Conditions for the purchase of the London Explorer Pass

London Pass Terms & Conditions – The London Sightseeing Pass

1.1 Leisure Pass Group Limited (“LPG” / “We” / “Us” / “Our (s)”) is registered in England under Company number 3497724. Our registered office is PO Box 2337, London W1A 5WE, United Kingdom. Our trading address is 75 Wells Street, London W1T 3QH, United Kingdom.

1.2 The London Explorer Pass is a pre-paid card purchased through our website http://www.londonexplorerpass.com. The Mobile Pass is an electronic virtual passport that runs on the London Explorer Pass App (“the App”) and is purchased through the App or through our website. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The London Explorer Pass and the Mobile Pass are collectively referred to as “the Pass” in these Terms and Conditions.

2.1 These Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) and the completed online application constitute an agreement with you for the purpose of purchasing and using the Passport and are considered acceptable by you in agreeing to purchase a Passport.

2.2 Your London Explorer Pass will be delivered to you upon receipt of your payment. Your Mobile Pass will be ready to use once your payment has been credited. The passport is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. You can determine the remaining value on your London Explorer Pass or your Mobile Pass by letting it pass through an attraction you visit or by calling LPG on +44 207-580-8060.

2.3 LPG acts as principal on its own account and does not act as a representative for you or for an attraction or a provider of special offers.

3.1 You may cancel your Passport Order online or in the App within 30 days of completing your order. Note: This does not affect your statutory rights.

3.2 E-mail LPG ([email protected]) within 30 days of ordering online. If you have already received the pass, please return it to The London Explorer Pass at Leisure Pass Returns, PO BOX 25, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1ZG, United Kingdom within 30 days. (“LPG” / “We” / “Us” / “Our (s)”) is registered in England under company number 3497724. Our registered office is PO Box 25, London LE13 1ZG, United Kingdom. You are responsible for the return costs of the London Explorer Pass. If you have not received your London Explorer Pass or are using a mobile ticket, it will be canceled without you having to return anything to us. LPG will refund your money as soon as possible under the circumstances as soon as the returned items have been received

3.3 Alternatively, you can inform us of your cancellation request using the cancellation form. The form is also to be sent within the 30 days:

To: Leisure Pass Returns, PO BOX 25, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1ZG, United Kingdom.
I hereby inform you that I wish to withdraw from the following contract: [Enter information about the London Explorer Pass or the App and Order Number]
Ordered on: [enter date]
Customer Name:
Customer Address:
E-mail address of the customer (optional):

3.4 You may not cancel your passport within the 30-day Money Back Guarantee if you have activated the London Explorer Pass or started using your Mobile Pass.

3.5 Our Extended Money Back Guarantee (available for a 2.5% fee) entitles you to cancel your order within 12 months of your online order. You will need to contact us by e-mail within 12 months ([email protected]). If you have already received the pass, please send it back to the address given above. This extended cancellation policy does not apply if you have activated your London Explorer Pass or started using your Mobile Pass. Of all refunds, the fee of 2.5% will be deducted.

4.1 The Pass entitles the Owner, upon presentation without further payment, to access to the listed attractions and services in London (“Attractions”) and, where applicable, to other offers and discounts (“Promotions” and / or “Passport Owner Offers”). Access to attractions is granted as long as the pass is valid and there is sufficient credit on the pass. All attractions must grant access without further payment, subject to their regular access criteria.

4.2 The London Explorer Pass remains the property of LPG and may only be used by the Buyer for personal, not commercial purposes. It is non-transferable and no substitute or refund for lost or stolen cards can be offered.

4.3 The pass can not be used for re-visits to an already visited attraction.

5.1 Although LPG makes reasonable efforts to maintain a consistent product offering, participating attractions and special offers and / or offers for pass holders may be withdrawn at any time and replaced with attractions or offers of equal value. LPG is not responsible for any loss, damage, expense or inconvenience arising from changes in the product offering.

5.2 Hours at attractions change occasionally, so we recommend that you visit the attraction before you visit to find out about the current situation. Similarly, entry fees included in the information are correct at the time of going to press but may change at any time.

5.3 LPB makes reasonable efforts to ensure that only properly managed and respected attractions and special offers, or offerers of pass name offerings, are offered in the passport, however, LPG is not liable for any deficiencies with regard to Service, quality or security issues associated with an attraction or special offer or offer for pass holders, as these matters are solely subject to the control of the particular attraction or offer. Your visit to attractions is voluntary and at your own risk.

5.4 LPG is not responsible if any attractions deny you entry or if special offers and / or offers for pass holders are not granted according to the terms and conditions of the pass. Any complaints or claims for compensation must be made directly to the attraction or offer concerned.

6.1 We are responsible to you for foreseeable losses and damages that may be foreseeable by us (not by a third party) if we breach these terms and conditions or fail to apply reasonable expertise and care.

6.2 We do not limit our liability to you in any way, if this is prohibited by law. This includes liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees or agents, or for fraud or fraud

6.3 LPG is in no way liable for the failure to perform any obligation under these Terms and Conditions if such omission is caused by an unexpected event beyond our control, including, but not limited to, internet or communications outages, fire, flood, Terrorism, war or force majeure.

6.4 Nothing in these Terms constitutes an exclusion or limitation of any statutory or general rights that you, as a consumer, have.

7.1 If LPG does not enforce any provision of these Terms, this shall not be deemed a waiver of any provision or right. If we delay the assertion of these conditions, we can still assert them later.

7.2 These Terms are governed by the laws of England. In the event of a claim for damages, the exclusive jurisdiction lies with the courts of England.

7.3 We may transfer our rights and obligations under these Terms to another organization. We will always inform you in writing, if so, and will ensure that the transfer does not affect your rights under these terms. You may not transfer, license, or trade the Pass without LPG’s prior written consent.

7.4 These Terms do not constitute a right of enforcement within the meaning of the Law on Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) dating from 1999 [Contracts Act].

Choose from these top attractions

  • Coca-Cola London EyeCost without Explorer Pass £ 30.00See more
  • Hop-on hop-off tourCost without Explorer Pass £ 38.00See more
  • Westminster AbbeyCost without Explorer Pass £ 23:00See more
  • St. Paul’s CathedralCost without Explorer Pass £ 20.00See more
  • Hampton Court PalaceCost without Explorer Pass £ 23.70See more
  • Madame TussaudsCost without Explorer Pass £ 35.00See more
  • The London DungeonCost without Explorer Pass £ 30.00See more
  • SEA LIFE London AquariumCost without Explorer Pass £ 30.00See more
  • Thames River CruiseCost without Explorer Pass £ 19:25See more
  • Kensington PalaceCost without Explorer Pass £ 19:50See more

Explorer Pass Benefits

  • SAVE over 40% compared to the payment at the gate.
  • Choose 3, 5 or 7 Attractions of 20 top choices.
  • TOP ATTRACTIONS Like the Coca-Cola London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Madame Tussauds & more.
  • TAKE YOUR TIME You have 30 days to use your passport.


Amazing 5 star

I’ve just come back from a weekend in London & purchased this a few months ago. It’s time to spend time on queuing for paying tickets. Would definitely buy again next time I go By Gaz from Nottingham

Great card

Great card no trouble using it By Paula from Dublin

It was great way of getting around London !

It was well worth it to buy and get in quicker too! Just loved the city pass! I always want to use it ! By Maz from Nottingham

Great buy Great perks

Great buy and price, lots of queues in restaurants and can get a meal with it. By vwmedic from Ireland


Best thing i have ever purchased, no messing around with it. By Hayleyb from Neath, UK

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