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For which test drives with different camping buses?

The goal is to get real insights from everyday life and to uncover weaknesses by experienced campers in order to give you the best possible impression of the different types of camping buses and types. This way, you know which type of bus you really like and what suits you best.

The test rides will be attended by 2-4 experienced campers, who own a camper van. In addition, the test drive must include at least one overnight stay. Target and activities are not specified. During the exit, different topics will be addressed and captured in a test report. If you have any questions or ideas, we are happy to include them in our tests. Please comment briefly.

Camping stove test: gas, spirit or gas stove

Choosing the right camping stove A camping holiday without coffee or pasta with pesto away from civilization is unthinkable for us. But would I like to prepare the coffee in the van or would I prefer to go outside? What if it rains or is it really cold outside? How much time do I have to start the camping stove? …

Thermo Mug Test: How to find your perfect mug

My thermo mug for all events Started late in the morning for the birthday of the mother in law, of course, because of the children;)! I can do without much in the morning, but not on the coffee. When traveling on vacation due to predicted traffic jams at night or early in the morning, it will not work without my thermo mug. The thermo mug …

The calibox in the family test at the Soca

Those who love wild water and mountains will come again On Pentecost, the Soca usually has enough water to experience one-of-a-kind whitewater adventures on one of Europe’s most beautiful rivers. The Soca is located in the middle of the Triglav National Park of Slovenia and offers the right entry for everyone. From simple passages like the Hausfrauenstrecke to the …

VW T6 Multivan in the test

Destination Monte Tamaro Ticino Ticino is located on the southern side of the Alps, so that even here in November extended MTB tours at pleasant temperatures are possible. We wanted to take advantage of that again before the first snow falls. This time we started with two buses. Christof and Tilmann are already on Friday evening with the VW T6 Multivan …

VW T5 California Comfortline in the test

Destination Epic Trail Davos Sven, Sören and I love mountain biking and especially enjoy long trails with breathtaking panoramic views. There was only one destination for us, the Epic Trail in Davos, which is one of the world’s most select MTB trails, with more than 80% of the single trail and more than 20 km in length. We were full of anticipation. Loaded against 20: 00 …

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