Testicular pain – causes, symptoms and treatment

Testicular pain - causes, symptoms and treatment

testicular pain

Testicular pain should be taken seriously because it could be a sign of illness. Often pain in the testes is accompanied by other symptoms, such as skin discoloration or swelling.


There are several causes of testicular pain. As a rule, they are more of a harmless nature when they occur after sexual intercourse. This can be done, inter alia, by a longer-lasting erection.

Other possible causes of testicular pain include:

    Orchitis (scrotum) Epididymitis Herniated disc Inguinal hernia Varicocele Testicular eruption Testicular torsion Testicular hypertrophy Testicular tumor Kidney stones Bladder stones

Epididymitis and orchitis are rare. Here, bacteria or viruses are the cause. More often testicular infections occur due to infections such as chickenpox, mumps or Pfeiffer’s glandular fever.

In case of degenerative spinal column changes or a herniated disc, pain can occur at other parts of the body and thus lead to testicular pain.

Back pain in the area of ​​the lumbar vertebrae can also be the cause of the pain in the testicles: The testicular holding apparatus is responsible for a number of muscles, which are controlled by a nerve called the ilioinguinal nerve. The exit of this nerve is located in the lower part of the back. If it comes to tension in this back area, this can lead to testicular pain.

In some sports, the risk of testicular pain is higher. For example, pelvic floor and testicles are mechanically stressed during riding or cycling, which can cause pain in the testes. Strength training or weight lifting increases the pressure in the lower abdomen and this can also lead to testicular pain. In martial arts, it can cause injuries that are associated with testicular pain.


The symptoms of testicular pain vary depending on the cause. For example, an epididymitis causes burning pain when urinating and the affected testis is swollen, touch sensitive, reddened and hot. In a testicular inflammation, the symptoms are similar, except that both testicles are affected. In a testicular tumor, no pain is usually noticeable.

In a testicular torsion, the testicles are twisted in the scrotum and the blood flow is reduced. This is an emergency that needs immediate attention, as it can cause permanent damage. Especially in young men, especially in teenage years, testicular torsion often occurs suddenly and with severe pain. Otherwise, signs such as very soft scrotum and testicles, nausea, vomiting, red and swollen testicles, fever, horizontally oriented testicles, or abdominal pain may indicate testicular torsion.


Testicular pain is diagnosed by the general practitioner and urologist. First, a detailed medical history is performed. This is followed by a thorough physical examination. For this, procedures such as blood testing, urine analysis, sonography, urethral swab, kidney and bladder X-ray or computed tomography are used. Sometimes a testicular biopsy is performed.

treatment options

The treatment depends on the cause of the testicular pain. For pain after intercourse, no treatment is usually necessary, as this testicular pain subsides by itself. However, if this pain lasts longer, a doctor’s appointment should be made.

If the cause is an infection, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics are prescribed. Surgery is necessary in case of testicular torsion, because the blood supply is interrupted by the twisted testicles. Even with a testicular tumor is an operation that is combined with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Testicular pains caused by kicks, blows or injuries should be treated immediately with refrigeration. Any testicular pain can be alleviated with analgesics. However, it is recommended to clarify the cause of the pain.


The course of testicular pain varies according to the cause. As a rule, the pain subsides quickly when the cause is found in time and treated accordingly.

When the testicular pain is caused by trauma, the soft tissue in the surrounding area also suffered injuries. In this case, the testicular pain can persist for a longer period of time.

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