Teutonia be you! V2 strollers in comparison

Updated on: November 22nd, 2019

The Teutonia Be You V2 stroller is very comfortable and is suitable for high demands. The combi stroller has maximum comfort and with the very compact design no wishes are left open. It has a very easy handling and makes every walk very pleasant.

By the removable hood part there is optimal ventilation for the little ones even in warm temperatures. Because you can set 4 different and comfortable sitting and sleeping positions, is the Strollers can be used from birth up to the age of 3 years.

Because this combi stroller is compactly foldable, it easily fits in any trunk and can be transported without problems. The swiveling front wheels also make the city tour through narrow passages a relaxed walk. The child’s line of sight can also be determined by the reversible seat and the swivel slide can be changed at any time.

Through practical details, such as the automatic transport lock, the Teutonia BeYou convinces! V2 also in everyday life. The push handle can be easily adjusted to the size of the parents. All fabrics used are water and dirt repellent and removable, so you can wash them at 30 ° C. They also offer one very high UV protection. The height of the footrest can be adjusted so that the child has a comfortable sitting position.

Colors and variations of the Teutonia Be You!

With this stroller you can choose between 21 different colors, among others colors are like Blue Marine, Spring green or Berry Pink.

Numerous accessories that can be easily connected to the pushchair are also available. There is one especially for infants Seat extension, Bed linen and a cold foam mattress.

You can also choose between two extra care bags to have everything you need for care. Various footmuffs are also available, and you can choose between one summer footmuff, one Winterfußsack or one Lambskin footmuff choose. Of course, you should also be prepared for any weather. It works best with the Parasol, the mosquito net, a windbreak or general weather protection .

More stroller models from the manufacturer

Next to the Teutonia Be You the manufacturer also offers other models of strollers, such as that Model Cosmo. This station wagon consists of a trendy aluminum frame and is very slim. Thanks to its agile navigation, it is ideal for narrow aisles. This stroller is very light and still comfortable.

The Model Mistral S the manufacturer is a flexible companion due to its swivel slide. The existing air wheels ensure a smooth driving experience. The Mistral P is very robust and therefore absolutely reliable off-road. He also has large air wheels that make driving off-road a smooth experience.

It has optimal seat upholstery and has four different sitting and sleeping positions. The Elegance model is a charming classic. It has a chrome-plated frame and large spoke wheels, so it has the classic retro look. Its elegant design makes it an absolute eye-catcher.

Its spacious interior and a belt system ensure good comfort. The car Team Cosmo is a practical companion for twins. Like the Cosmo, this combi stroller consists of an aluminum frame and offers great comfort for twins or siblings. The two seats can be removed and turned around without any problems.

Compatible Teutonia child car seats

This company also offers a seat for the car: the Teutonia Tario. This seat is very reliable and offers great comfort when traveling. Thanks to the padded interior, the newborns feel very well cared for. He also achieved good accident safety test results. He owns one padded 5-point harness and an extra large hood.

If you want to offer your child a high level of comfort and safety and also want to have comfort when navigating, these strollers are on the safe side. In the models, the child and the parents are one higher Comfort and full functionality offered. Different designs and selection options make it an absolute eye-catcher. The numerous accessories that are available for expansion speak very well for this brand.

About the Teutonia brand

The Teutonia brand was founded over 65 years ago and owes its name to the place where the company’s headquarters are located. The company has stood for safety, comfort and quality since its foundation. The frames, fabrics and the service offered are of a very high quality.

The The focus is on comfort, the goal is to offer a cozy nest for sleeping babies and at the same time to offer parents an effortless transport. Great importance is also attached to the design, so all fabric parts are linked to the frame in a sophisticated design and provide a tasteful look and very good functionality .

You can put together any combination stroller yourself and thus put together according to your own taste. This gives the Teutonia Be You its own personal touch.


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