Th – wrestling: 6 secret tips for the best excursions with children – 24th

Th - wrestling: 6 secret tips for the best excursions with children - 24th

Thuringia: 6 insider tips for the best trips with children

Thuringia: 6 insider tips for the best trips with children

holidays in Thuringia, but where is the best place to go with children? Instead of acidifying at home, we have collected six goals in Thuringia for families with children.

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Thuringia: Sandstone and fairy tale cave Walldorf

For example the sandstone cave in Walldorf. The mysterious cave is man-made. The underground mining of white, fine-grained sand, which was created as scattered and sheared sand and from which the cave was built, now serves as a place of excursion for families with children.

For many, the fairytale cave is still an insider tip.

The sandstone was created 200 million years ago, and this mystical atmosphere appeals to parents and children alike. Because the age of the caves can be seen from the old walls.

The underground labyrinth of 65,000 square meters is an exciting day trip with 2500 columns. Children in particular are enthusiastic about the caves and colorful figures. For families who arrive from the surrounding cities and for whom a return trip is too tiring, there are overnight accommodations nearby. More information here.

  • Opening times: In June, July and August the fairytale cave is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m..
  • Admission and prices: Adults 6 euros, children from 3 to 14 years: 3 euros

Dwarf Park Trusetal

The Dwarf Park in Trusetal is also a paradise for human dwarfs and their parents! Pointed hats as far as the eye can see. The dwarfs are at home near Gräfenroda and families can marvel at the artfully crafted figures on 5,000 square meters.

  • Opening times: From April 19 to October 28, daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Admission and prices: Children: 5 euros and adults: 6 euros Family: 19 euros (2 children + 2 adults or 3 children + 1 adult)

Trusetal waterfall

If you have enough of the dwarfs, you can take a train through the park and continue to look around. If the dwarf park and the train journey are not enough for you, you can see the imposing Trusetal waterfall not far from the dwarf park Trusetal.

Who needs to go to Iceland if they have this waterfall right on their doorstep? Costs? No.

German Toy Museum Sonneberg

As it looks now, this summer could also bring some rainy days. Ideal weather for a museum visit!

In the German Toy Museum, 5,000 toys are waiting to be explored by visitors large and small. The exhibition with rare and worth seeing exhibits in the historic museum building is the highlight of the museum visit for many guests. Because the exhibition shows an exciting journey through the cultural history of toys.

Children can have a lot of fun in the museum, because there is also a museum area for playing and trying out the toys. More information here.

  • Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • Prices: normal price 6 euros and reduced 4 euros

Friederikenschlösschen in Bad Langensalza

An excursion destination for parents and children outdoors! Families can see the Friederikenschlösschen in Bad Langensalza from afar. The park and the promenade is ideal for a leisurely stroll. Families can extensively stretch their legs in the garden with orangery. There is also a café nearby for refreshment.

The castle and park were built for Friederike von Sachsen-Weißenfels between 1749 and 1751. The noble lived in the beautiful Rococo castle until she was 60. More information here.

  • Opening times: Open all year round, freely accessible and suitable for all ages.
  • Prices: Free of charge

Gotha Zoo

In Gotha Zoo, parents and children can admire animals and spend an entire day outdoors. The zoo is located in the untouched nature reserve "Kleiner Seeberg."

On a large area of ​​almost 6 hectares, families can see many animals and native bird species up close. The leopards are among the most sought-after animal species in Gotha Zoo. Getting a glimpse of the wildcats is the primary goal of many visitors.

There is also a playground for children to let off steam in addition to the exciting animals. More information here.

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