Thailand with children: vacation in paradise

Thailand is a popular travel destination all year round. Families with small children are also drawn to the idyllic islands and dream beaches. Our author Neda traveled to Thailand with her husband, five-year-old son and 15-month-old daughter. Here she shares some of her favorite tips with us.

Our author Neda with her five-year-old son Amon (photo: private)

My husband and I have long considered where we should go on our first long trip together with our son Amon (almost five years old) and our little Malou (15 months). In fact, it was something of a little "test" for us as a family. Our two children have a very different “travel stress potential”. While the big one actually isn’t Has problem, Malou is also a real whirlwind who always wants to be entertained. In the end we chose Thailand. In Thailand we were often on the road before the children. So we knew roughly what to expect and were able to plan better.

Preparation is everything

Looking forward to the trip: Amon and Malou at the airport (Photo: private)

The best thing about long air travel with young children is to book a night flight. This enormously reduces the time it takes to have fun with the children. If you are not flying business class, it is worth buying a Jetkids bed box. This is a suitcase that you open and extend the aircraft seat by almost twice. Then the children can lie on it. Otherwise, load radio plays, card games and cartoons onto the iPad. Don’t forget headphones! A tip I got from a friend: Just fill a small metal box with different colored magnets and offer it to play. The magnets cannot fall off while playing, which saves you having to search for small parts on the plane.

Speaking of luggage: We always take a mosquito net with us. The fewer stitches, the quieter the nights. Mosquito repellent, earplugs and something against the bites, like Soventol, also belong in the bag.

Main goal: relaxation

Relax on the beach: The children love the swing on the beach (Photo: private)

Our main goal during this vacation was to relax and recover from everyday stress. I would also like to be a little lazy – if that is possible with children. So we spent the first five weeks relaxing on the beaches of Khao Lak. Only last week we ventured a city trip through Bangkok. A lot of traveling back and forth is not possible with the amount of luggage that you have with two children. But it was still unusual for us to stay in one place for so long on vacation. We used to travel from one place to another every day, diving and snorkeling and diving into nightlife. So much excitement was new to us.

Hotel support around the clock

You can also relax by the pool (Photo: Pixabay)

In Khao Lak we stayed in a hotel that offered childcare all day. So Amon was busy all day and romped around with the other kids from the hotel on paper chases. My husband and I, however, were able to relax. We often just lay with the children at the pool or on the beach and let our minds wander. Unfortunately we were unable to take advantage of many excursion tours that were offered in the hotel and in the surrounding area, since they mostly took place on boats. Malou was still too small for that. If you want to do something like this, you should definitely clarify the age at which the boat tours are suitable.

In the land of smiles

Child-friendly and polite: This is how Neda and her family experienced Thailand (Photo: private)

So we preferred to discover Thailand a little bit for ourselves. Especially we have been traveling a lot in the last week in Bangkok. Thailand is a really beautiful country, not only because of the nature and the beaches. Also because the Thais are incredibly friendly. Especially to children. Nobody is annoyed here – at most other tourists. So rides on the MRT (Bangkok’s Metro) were always a party for our kids. Malou always had people around in the stroller, vying for her attention until she laughed squeakily. And Amon was very excited about the interest in his keychain collection. All Thais wanted to be photographed with him. Some parents may have trouble with that, but it didn’t bother us as long as Amon thought it was okay. And the questions were asked every time.

Delicious food wherever you look

Nobody has to stay hungry: there are delicious, fresh dishes typical of the country on every corner (Photo: Pixabay)

A huge plus in Thailand is definitely the food. If you like Asian cuisine, it’s almost impossible to eat badly. Incidentally, this also applies to children. In almost every restaurant that we visited with the children, we were immediately offered pasta with tomato sauce or mashed potatoes for the little ones. Even if that wasn’t on the menu at all. It may sound clichéd, but Thailand really is the land of smiles. You feel particularly at home here with children.

Neda’s restaurant tips for Bangkok:

French Mango Tree: We discovered the French Mango Tree by chance and is a real gem. It is a beautifully designed restaurant under the shady green of many trees. The menu is simple and Mediterranean, which was only right after several weeks in Thailand. But the best part was the incredibly nice waitresses. The girls simply grabbed our children and played with them so that we had time for ourselves and could study the map in peace.

Charoen Krung Rd | 4,6 3102-3202 room O.P. Garden, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Painter’s café: Just a few houses from the French Mango Tree is the Malers Café, where you can have wonderful ice cream.

44 Charoen Krung Rd. | Wang Burapha Phirom, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

The Moon & The Fox Café in the Bang Rak District: Also beautifully decorated and perfect for a little refreshment.

Soi Charoen Krung 30 | Bang Rak, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

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