That, dear parents is free! In test: woom impeller


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That, dear parents, is freedom! In the test: woom impeller

The Hamburg Deern now drives impeller. She is mobile. Why I enjoy the new speed rush. Plus woom impeller in the fact check.

A good thing about growing up children is that they are becoming increasingly mobile. In the first months, the infants are just rum. Sure, they look adorable, they smell, their feet, etc. But they’re lying around. And if the O-Ball lures 45 centimeters to their left and they can not get to them, they are rightly frustrated. They cry. And Mama does not understand what’s going on again. What a joy for parents and child (at least that’s how it was with us), when the baby finally crawled. Next important step: Baby can sit. Namely means: Baby can ride on the child seat with mom and dad. It’s just a huge difference whether you push the buggy to Pekip, Pediatrician and Co. – or ride a bike in a fraction of the time. That, my dear parents, is freedom. Speed. Yeah. And then of course: the first steps. No parent who could not pinpoint where and when the toddler first walked upright.

Baby carriage driving is something for babies!

And now the Hamburger Deern wheels are running. This next development step is just in time, because baby buggy is something for babies, she finds. And 2-year-olds who want to walk alone are a challenge for my meditative practice, I think.

So I am pleased that the Deern is now faster and further on the road and I know: the wheel is an ideal preparation for cycling. At least some of our boys have effortlessly switched to cycling on their own. Balance and motor skills were by the impeller by the way and sufficiently developed. Bicycle learning in my childhood was even more difficult.

A new impeller must come from!

There is even the pacifier purple &# 128521; With a wheel even small children are already very mobile

Since our wooden wheel of the big brothers only fits slightly larger children and we could not find one this time, who lends us a smaller model for the transitional period, the Deern had luck and got their own wheel: A woom 1 – even in girl’s purple with the matching helmet.

Our tips on buying a wheel

Above all, three things were important to us when choosing an impeller

  • It should be easy! After all, a small person must be able to push and turn with it! And according to experience, parents also have to wear it more often &# 128521;
  • The entry should be as deep as possible, so that the children can get on and off well. Otherwise, the vehicle is not appealing to them and they do not like to get on – or – worse – they crash when they dismount.
  • High quality. A fancy bike makes my heart beat faster than a fancy car. Because my family sees it that way, we all have rather high-quality bikes, including the kids. That may still be a matter of opinion, but quite pragmatic: nothing is worse than when it jingles and rattles on the wheel, that is also a security risk! And: An impeller, which is stiff and drag here and there is not running around, just not fun. And fun, the little ones should have while driving!

One more word Ringing and braking: I think you do not need them! (Even though we now have both on the woom bike) The bell is a nice toy, but also a risk of injury. The brake may be meant nicely, but our daughter brakes exclusively with her feet, I think everything else would overtax her motor in her age.

For those who are still searching, we introduce the impeller from woom bike:

woombike 1

+ with 3.3 kilograms one of the lightest wheels on the market!

+ Pneumatic tire for good cushioning, super rolling behavior!

+ High quality. Super lightweight aluminum

+ A real athlete’s saddle, not too small, but ergonomically adapted to large diaper toe for sufficient stability – and even with a side protection for leaning against the house walls.

+ low entry, very low seating position possible, so that even very small children can drive with it (from 1.5 years). Height-adjustable saddle (up to 3.5 years)

+ ergonomic handles, already suitable for small children‘s hands!

+ There are great accessories from woom. I always liked the color-matching helmet for the bike. And the bag, with which the wheel for parents shoulder easily (unfortunately only in the standard colors red and white available), I think mega practical.

+ last but not least: The woom impeller looks great &# 128578;

Sustainable: buy the next bike size and get 40 percent of the purchase price refunded

A great plus to woom bike is also the possibility of one Upcycling membership. Pay 47 euros once, return the wheel that has become too small (maximum 2 years old and roadworthy) for free, get a new Woom Bike and get 40 percent of the purchase price of the smaller bike reimbursed.

So I can speak for my daughter and me: The woom 1 is a successful wheel for maximum driving pleasure and the ideal start into the world of two-wheeled cyclists!

This article was written in cooperation with woom bikes. That does not change our opinion.

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