That was 2017 incl

This was 2017 including a questionnaire and a preview of 2018

Annual review 2017 and a look ahead to 2018

Almost exactly a year ago, I mean mine Annual review for the year 2016 wrote and thought about that upcoming year 2017 made. Today I’ll go back to this crazy and fast-paced year, tell you what I could delete from my list and what was on the list for 2018. Have fun while reading! &# 128578;

What I had planned for 2017:

Let’s start with what I had planned earlier this year. I wanted:

  • Again regularly Sports do.
  • My Smartphone time restrict.
  • My Better structure chaos.
  • Fewer have, more read and the Show children the world.

What I have implemented:

The good news: Thanks to mine -> Minimalism project (which I have not quite finished yet) and thanks to the bookMagic Cleaning” (see below) actually much less chaos and more structure. I never thought that this external order would do my chaotic mind so well. (Had I known, I would definitely have started cleaning up systematically and systematically much earlier!) Apart from that, in 2017 I actually traveled very (very!) A lot – both with the children and for the first time all alone.

One of the many highlights: The overnight stay in the Igloo Village on the Zugspitze!

What I did not do:

Honestly? I do not have regular Sports made even more read or even mine Smartphone-time limited. Well, that’s just the list for 2018! &# 128521;

What I experienced in 2017:

This year I (or we) could really delete many points from my / our Bucketlist. Here are a few examples:

  • I have with my daughter in oneIgloo slept.
  • We have one in one tree house spent the night.
  • Goods at one Home game of Bayern Munich.
  • I was in Hamburg and got the elbphilharmonie watched and a cocktail in the rooftop bar of the Empire Rivers >Quad driven through the Egyptian desert
  • We stayed in a beach house on the North Sea – with a fantastic view!
  • We have the little Mermaid visited in Copenhagen
  • Goods in Berlin and in the Tropical Islands
  • I’ve been in New York for 5 days, and I’m u.a. skated in front of the Rockefeller Center
  • Then we were still Tobogganing in the Sauerland and New Year’s Eve will also be spent this year in a special place …

There it is: The famous Marina Bay Sands!

In addition, I have deleted several “minor” points from my personal list. Some may sound rather unspectacular, but everyone has their personal “bosses”: again this year on various Blogger Events (in Hamburg, Berlin, Nuremberg, Cologne Hannover) and for the first time on the ITB in Berlin. I’m alone for the first time bar set, was eating alone and am with one Pedicab drove through Berlin. I traveled alone to New York and stayed in an airbnb accommodation with people I did not know – all things that used to have the hackles on my back. &# 128521;

Finally: skating in front of the Rockefeller Center! &# 128578;

Then I started another fundraiser for a family whose fate touched me a lot. Yeah – that was pretty much a program! But it felt good, so alive and free!

Pretty cool: the night in the airplane suite!

What else was going on:

About my privacy Yes, I report here on the blog only very rarely and really private remains private in the future. On Instagram But there are occasional insights into my (or our) everyday life and ours home life. If that interests you, have a look -> over here. In my account, I also take you on trips or show you, for example. in the “stories” above under the hashtag # mehrrealtitätaufinstagram, what our breakfast table looks like.

In short, I would say: 2017 was very emotional and many things have turned out quite differently than I initially thought – but in the end everything should obviously be just like that! &# 128578;

REALLY need or that make me happy!

Besides, I have a concrete list with me again 10 points I want to check off next year:

  1. Enjoy the view from Burj Khalifa
  2. See northern lights
  3. Drive with a dog sled
  4. Stay overnight on a lighthouse
  5. Learn handlettering
  6. Drink a cappuccino in Rome
  7. Live vegetarian for a month
  8. See the sunset on Lake Lucerne
  9. Stay in a beach chair
  10. Complete my minimalism project.

You can download and print the template for this list here for free! ��

A dream: our trip to Sydney!

Year-end questionnaire

So, now follows the year-end questionnaire. I have “stolen” this from my blogger colleague Bärbel from the blog uefuffzich, because he liked me so much. Take a look at her – I think it’s worth it!

Hair longer or shorter?

Myopic or far-sighted?
night blind

More spent or less?
For travel: much more! Otherwise: much less.

The craziest plan?
Travel spontaneously with the children during a stopover in Singapore to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel – at 3 o’clock in the morning of our time, by train, without a map including 3 x transfers.

More moving or less?
At first a little more, then less and less … finally not more. That must be changed urgently.

The most dangerous venture?
Alone at night to stroll through New York!

The most expensive purchase?
Various air tickets.

The tastiest food?
Roulades and dumplings – cooked by my dad. This is followed by the banana pudding from the Magnolia Bakery and the Mexican food at Tacombis in New York.

The most impressive book?
The big lot of Meike Winnemuth. Meanwhile, I’m also a big fan of her column.

The most touching film?
Mhm … nobody remembers that. Most likely still “Vaiana”, I saw the beginning of the year with the children in the cinema.

The best song?
Feel It Still (Portugal.The Man), Welcome to New York (Taylor Swift), Anyway (Mark Foster)

The best concert?
Robbie Wiliams in Dusseldorf – the first concert of the children! One of the best moments of the year!

Most of the time spent with?
My iPhone.

The best time spent with?
My kids.

Predominant feeling 2017?
Wanderlust & Freedom!

2017 done for the first time?
Stayed in an igloo, rode a quad through the desert, sailed, skated in front of the Rockefeller Center, watched an NBA game, and much more … see above!

2017 done again after a long time?
Ridden on a camel.

Three things that I would have liked to do without?

  • Canceled ticket through Airberlin bankruptcy
  • Picnic on the motorway (4 hours full closure on the way back from Austria)
  • “Pharaoh’s revenge” after my trip to Egypt

The most beautiful gift someone gave me in 2017?
Children’s self-painted Christmas pictures.

The most beautiful sentence someone has said to me?
“Mama I love you!”

To whom is still a little extra love?
My friends for their support, clear words and loyalty.

The most important thing I wanted to convince someone about?
learn vocabulary!

2017 was in one word?

So that was our year 2017 in the summary. Do you also feel like answering this questionnaire on your blog? Or do you have a bucket list for 2017 or 2018 that you would like to share with me? Then make it easy and linked your contribution in the comments! I would be glad!

Now I wish you a happy new year!


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