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Updated on: September 11, 2019

Calcium is important – not just for bones and teeth. Many people therefore use calcium supplements to meet their daily needs. But this is usually unnecessary: ​​there are many animal and plant food sources that contain a lot of calcium. The following 25 foods make it easy to get enough calcium every day.

Why are calcium-rich foods important?

Calcium is an important one mineral of the human body. About 1.1 pounds of a person’s body weight adults accounts for calcium. The mineral is particularly important for the healthy Building bones and teeth. But also with the Enzyme and hormone activation, at the Metabolites el and at Building muscle and nerves calcium matters.

Not only important in childhood

Especially with growing up the body needs a lot of calcium. This ensures that bones and teeth can develop optimally. But you cannot do without the mineral beyond that

Because if the body receives too little calcium, the body tries to meet its needs in another way: it then accesses the natural reserves of the body. Because calcium is particularly present in the Bones and teeth stored, they are attacked and become more sensitive. Bones and teeth dwindle, it can be too osteoporosis come.

Take care of a sufficient dose every day

To prevent this, one should make sure you get enough calcium every day . Nutritionists assume that an adult at least 1000 milligrams of calcium every day needs so that the body does not have to use its own reserves.

Especially Children, the elderly and pregnant women have a high calcium requirement, here it is even recommended to consume more than 1000 milligrams, namely about 1200 to 1300 milligrams.

However, there is also one maximum dose. As a rule, one should no more than 2500 milligrams of calcium a day ingest. In the event of an overdose, the body cannot process the entire amount absorbed, it can lead to nausea and occasional muscle wasting.

To meet the daily calcium requirement, many take upcalcium supplements back which she then called Dietary supplements ingest. In many cases, this is unfounded, because calcium is already ingested with a normal diet. An additional recording can quickly become one Overdose to lead.

It is therefore better to eat a balanced diet and pay attention to it, naturally ingesting a lot of calcium. But how do you do that? To give you an orientation, we present 25 foods that contain a lot of calcium.

25 calcium-rich foods

Calcium can be found in many foods in comparatively high doses. In addition to milk products and others There are also many plant-based food sources such as fruits, vegetables, salads, grains, nuts and seeds that make animal foods easy to take in enough calcium every day so that bones and teeth do not have to suffer from malnutrition.

Dairy products

Dairy products are probably the best known sources of calcium, which is why many parents give their children a lot of milk. The following dairy products are particularly good sources of calcium

  1. whole milk is probably the classic par excellence when it comes to calcium-rich nutrition. Contains 100 milliliters with a fat content of 3.5 percent about 120 milligrams, so that you can easily cover your daily needs with just a few glasses of milk every day.
  2. Also yogurt is a good source of calcium: 100 grams of natural yogurt contains about 140 milligrams.
  3. Also soft cheese is a great way to get calcium, about 100 grams of soft cheese contain 300 milligrams.
  4. Sliced ​​cheese like Gouda (ca. 800 milligrams each 100 grams) or Emmentaler (ca. 1000 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams) are also reliable calcium suppliers.
  5. hard cheese contains a lot of calcium, depending on the variety between 1000 and 1500 milligrams per 100 grams.

With dairy products you can quickly meet your calcium needs. However, they also have disadvantages: on the one hand, they are comparative high-fat. On the other hand, they can especially affect people with lactose intolerance cause allergic reactions. They are also dairy products not suitable for vegans. But no worry, there are also herbal alternatives. In many cases, these contain even more calcium than milk.

Fruit, vegetables and lettuce

There are also many fruit and vegetable products that contain a lot of calcium. Salad can also be a good source:

  1. spinach contains approximately per 100 grams 120 milligrams. Boiled spinach is particularly recommended for a calcium-rich diet.
  2. Also broccoli is with about 100 milligrams a good source per 100 grams of green cabbage (about 150mg)
  3. 100 gram dried figs contain about 240 milligrams.
  4. Dried raisins also contain a comparatively large amount of calcium, approx. 50 milligrams.
  5. Dried apricots are also a great way to get calcium, about 100 grams are around 50 milligrams. With dried fruit, however, it should also be noted that it contains a comparatively high amount of sugar.
  6. oranges contain approx. 40 milligrams .
  7. Kiwis also contain approximately per 100 grams 40 milligrams .
  8. Spirulina algae are particularly valued as an ingredient in green smoothies and contain a relatively high amount of calcium, namely 120 milligrams per 100 grams.
  9. Are even higher in calcium brown algae, because 100 grams contain about 1000 milligrams .
  10. salad is also a great way to get calcium, Arugula salad leaves contain per 100 grams e.g. ca. 150 milligrams.

However, these are not the only vegan options for consuming a lot of calcium, cereals, nuts and seeds can also help.

Cereals, nuts and seeds

Because many cereals, nuts and seeds contain a lot of calcium:

  1. 100 gram Poppy contains for example approx. 2500 milligrams.
  2. Also sesame can help to increase calcium levels, about 100 grams of sesame seeds contain 800 milligrams.
  3. almonds are another good source of calcium, 100 grams contain approx. 250 milligrams.
  4. Almost as much calcium contains 100 grams hazelnuts, namely 200 milligrams.
  5. But also Whole grain bread contains a lot of calcium and is easy to take. 100 grams of whole grain bread contain about 80 milligrams.

Do you want to consume a lot of calcium, but don’t want to do without animal food? Don’t worry, there are good sources of calcium here too.


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