The 11 best child seats in the comparison – comfortable and above all safe seat of your children – 2022 test and councellor

Child seats must be one thing above all: safe. Of course, comfort also plays a decisive role. This is especially true if you want to travel longer distances by car with your offspring. From a reliable side impact protection from the design of the car seat to its 3-point harness, there are many factors that conscientious parents should keep in mind when looking for the right child car seat.

In doing so, the large child seat comparison under the arms. Here you will learn in january 2022, which quality criteria make a high-quality and reliable child seat. You can also find out in detail what the different child seat groups are all about. Why a reboarder might make sense for your child, you will also find out below.

The best 4 child seats in a detailed comparison

More interesting product comparisons around your child

1. Britax romer EVOLVA 123 car seat for children from 9 to 36 kilograms

The britax romer EVOLVA 123 car seat is a long-term companion for your child. finally, this car seat belongs to the child seat group 1/2/3 so you can use it from a weight of 9 kilograms up to a maximum weight of 36 kilograms. Whether in blue, black, red or gray, the visually appealing design and the variety of colors also speak for themselves.

If you use the seat from the age of 9 months if you want to use it up to an age of about 12 years, the adjustable seat width is equally advantageous. Thanks to SICT and isofix, the seat can also be integrated safely into your car. Depending on the body weight of your child, you can use the seat either with the 5-point belt or a practical 3-point belt.

Of course, this seat, which is designed for a high-quality quality made in britain flexible integration into most vehicle models. the net weight of the seat is 7.7 kilograms, while the seat dimensions are as follows: 48 by 48 by 86 centimeters.

The high backrest and the special shoulder pads help to ensure that your child is as well protected as possible. It goes without saying that the manufacturer uses its own crash test facility to guarantee the highest possible level of safety. Of course, the seat height can be easily adjusted to the body size of your child.

There are also two holders so that drinks and snacks can be carried find a comfortable place in the seat. The well padded sides are also an advantage. However, this is not a reboarder, but a forward-facing seat that grows with the child if desired.

2. Cybex silver pallas-fix car seat group 1/2/3

Cybex Silver Pallas-fix car seat

Just like the first seat from the large child seat comparison, the cybex silver pallas-fix car seat can also accompany your child for a very long time. After all, it is the child seat group 1/2/3 to be assigned. The seat is available in six different colors optionally with or without isofix available.

The quality "engineered in germany"speaks for itself. The car seat from cybex has also been rated as "very good" by the trade magazine auto bild in the past, which should give you as parents a good feeling. The seat weighs 7 kilograms and can be used from a body weight of 9 kilograms and up to a weight of 36 kilograms.

The fact that the 43.5 by 47 by 71.5 centimeter seat is made of polyester makes it so easy to clean. Also the depth-adjustable catch bodies can contribute to a high level of safety. The same applies to the following features with which this child car seat can score points in the eyes of many parents:

  • 3-position adjustable head restraint
  • Special side impact protection
  • Reclining position adjustable with one hand
  • Easy to convert to a group 2/3 child seat for children aged 3 and over
  • backrest, which can also be adjusted in the inclination
  • Easy to attach in the car – even without isofix via the vehicle safety belt
  • Removable cover that can be put in the washing machine

For those who wish, there is the option of buy a summer cover for this car seat. This ensures even more comfort for your offspring in view of the great heat that usually prevails in summer.

3. Cybex silver solution X-fix car seat for children from 3 years of age

Cybex Silver Solution X-fix car seat

The high-quality processed, stable cybex silver solution X-fix car seat provides you with a long period of use in prospect. After all, you can use this car seat, which is offered in no less than six different color variants, use from an age of 3 to 12 years. However, your child should weigh a maximum of 36 and a minimum of 15 kilograms if you want to use this seat.

Of course, the cybex silver solution X-fix car seat is also suitable for vehicles with and without an isofix device. When buying, just make sure that you choose the right seat model for your vehicle. The following awards clearly prove that many parents trust this seat for good reason:

  1. Reddot design award – winner in 2009
  2. Rating "very good" by auto bild in 09/2008
  3. Rated "recommendable" by auto, motor und sport (03/2010)

For a high degree of safety, this seat not only has a safety lock, but also a safety lock 3-position tilt and 11-position adjustable comfort headrest. In addition, a special side impact protection has already been integrated into the seat. The backrest can also be adjusted in its inclination if necessary. The comfortable seat cushion is sure to please your offspring.

If you want to install the child car seat in your vehicle without isofix, it can be easily attached via the vehicle safety belt. The cover can of course be removed and machine washable at 30 degrees maximum. Also with this seat you have the possibility to purchase an optional summer seat cover. You should also know the following key data about this child seat:

  • Weight: 7 kilograms
  • Cover material: 100 percent polyester
  • Dimensions: 41 by 47 by 64 centimeters

If desired, you can in addition to this seat also buy the right bottle holder. This has proven itself especially on long car rides, where your children will certainly get thirsty at some point. This car seat is not only very easy to handle, but it also fits comfortably in many small cars.

4. Kinderkraft comfort UP child car seat in 5 different color options

Kinderkraft Comfort UP child car seat

The kinderkraft comfort UP group 1/2/3 child car seat accompanies your children from a weight of 9 kilograms. you have the choice between five different color variants. A comfortable and above all safe car ride is also possible thanks to the headrest, which can be comfortably adjusted in height. The side supports protect not only the head, but also the shoulders of your child.

In addition padding reinforced in the area of the lumbar spine, to offer you even better protection. The shock-absorbing shoulder belts are an advantage at the latest when you are forced to make a full stop. the child seat made of plastic and polyester can be used up to a weight of 36 kg. Its dimensions are 38 by 42 by 62 centimeters with a weight of only 3.22 kilograms.

If you want to use the seat for children aged 10 to 12 years, you can decide for yourself whether you want to remove the backrest for this purpose or not. This is possible from a weight of 22 kilograms. Of course the easy to install the seat and can also be taken apart if necessary. You can also remove the covers and wash them gently in the machine.

The 5-point-safety belt was developed by the italian brand sabelt manufactured. The fact that this company is one of the main producers of safety belts in the motor sport sector is certainly also an advantage for you when buying this child seat. The two-sided inserts for toddlers make this seat particularly easy to clean.

an isofix device is not required to use this seat in your car. Even in your small car should be this brand child seat conceivably easy to integrate.

5. Maxi-cosi tobi child car seat for children from 9 to 18 kilograms

Maxi-Cosi Tobi infant car seat

The maxi-cosi tobi child car seat can be used for your child from a weight of 9 kilograms in connection with the baby car seat. This seat is approved for a body weight of 9 to 18 kilograms and therefore belongs to the group of children child seat group 1 to. Eight different color options ensure that this seat is also visually appealing to you. The following details you should know about the child seat of the renowned brand maxi-cosi:

  • weight: 8,8 kilogram
  • Dimensions: 57.5 by 44.5 by 72 centimeters
  • Material: 48 percent polyester and 52 percent cotton (cover) and 100 percent polyester (filling)
  • 3-point harness installation is child’s play

This child seat is suitable from about 9 months to 4 years of age. However, it is important to bear in mind the weight limits and to use the seat only as long as your child weighs between 9 and 18 kilograms. the special base ensures that your offspring can benefit from a higher seating position. So nothing escapes him.

Of course, this car seat can also be equipped with a particularly comfortable resting position for your child set. A glance at the practical color indicator confirms that you have installed the seat correctly in your car. So you can know you are on the safe side.

The protection concept of this seat has also been optimized. This means that your child is even better protected in the event of a frontal or side impact. The easy-out harness system can also contribute to the high user comfort when using this car seat. You have the choice which of the five comfortable resting or sitting positions you want to set for your offspring.

The headrest and the straps of your seat can be adjusted from the front at the same time. This also makes handling much easier. That the seat made in europe, also speaks for its quality. If you wish, you can also opt for these separately available accessories:

  • Summer cover
  • Sunshade
  • Pocket cup holder

6. Safety 1st road safe child seat group 2/3

Safety 1st Road Safe child seat

The softly padded safety 1st road safe child seat is available in black, black-blue or red for your offspring. For a particularly high level of user comfort, the backrest can be adjusted in two different positions headrest of this child seat can be adjusted sixfold in height. With your standard 3-point car seat belt, the seat is also very easy to integrate into your car.

In addition, the backrest can be adjusted in two different positions. If necessary, the cover can of course be removed and replaced machine washed at 30 degrees become. With a weight of only 2.85 kilograms, the seat is comparatively lightweight. Its dimensions are 65 by 41 by 39 centimeters.

The soft padding and comfortable armrests ensure that your children will be very comfortable even on long journeys. Thereby the outer cover is made of 100 percent polyester, while the filling is composed of 82 percent polyurethane and 18 percent polyester. Of course, this seat also complies with the ECE R44/04 safety standard, which is mandatory for child seats in the EU.

Please keep in mind that the usage of this seat is only in the direction of travel is possible. The height of the seat can of course be adjusted to suit your needs. Unfortunately, the seat cannot be used with an isofix base.

7. KIDUKU car seat for children from 1 to 12 years old

KIDUKU child car seat

If you are looking for a child seat that can accompany your offspring for as long as possible, the KIDUKU car seat may be the right choice for you. After all, this car seat is classified as group 1/2/3. This should mean that you can use the seat already ab a body weight of 9 kilograms up to a maximum weight of 36 kilograms you can use. Six different color options ensure that this seat is also visually very appealing to you.

This seat has been designed to provide a high level of safety and user comfort with a 5-point safety belt equipped. Thus, the car seat can be conveniently adjusted to the size of your child. Of course, the seat can be secured in your vehicle using the regular safety belt, so no isofix device is needed.

For even more comfort, the seat cover can be removed if necessary. you can wash it comfortably in the machine afterwards – but only at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees celsius. The growing seat for your kids also has comfortably padded chest straps, so that your children can sit comfortably even in the event of a full stop. if you are interested in a seat with an adjustable backrest, this model is not the right choice for you though.

8. Maxi-cosi priori SPS plus child seat group 1

Maxi-Cosi Priori SPS Plus child seat

the smart maxi-cosi priori SPS plus child seat belongs to group 1 and is safe and stable. This means that you can use this seat from a weight of 9 to a maximum of 18 kilograms you can use. So at an age of about 9 months, your child should be heavy enough to safely sit in this seat. then you can use this seat up to an age of about 4 years for your offspring.

The safe and stable child seat offered in seven different color variants. It is available with or without a headrest. The seat, which weighs 6.95 kg, can be easily secured in your vehicle with your regular 3-point seat belt. The dimensions of the child seat are 57.5 by 48 by 62.5 centimeters.

Your child is well protected, above all, because this seat is equipped with a shock absorbing headrest has been equipped. there is also the side-protection system for even more safety. A total of four different resting positions are also available for you to choose from. So that you can place your child easily in the seat and take it out again very easily, a few practical belt hooks are available. The easy-in harness system has proven itself in practice.

9. Britax romer KIDFIX SL SICT car seat from a weight of 15 kilograms

Britax Romer KIDFIX SL SICT car seat

As the britax romer KIDFIX SL SICT car seat of the child seat group 2/3 belongs, you can use this seat from a body weight of 15 kilograms. However, your child should not weigh more than 36 kilograms if you would like to use this seat. Nine different color variants are available for you to choose from, and you can basically decide between these seat models:

  • With SICT and isofix
  • Black series with isofix
  • Black series with isofix and SICT
  • Black series without isofix
  • With isofix
  • Without isofix

So you alone can decide whether you want to use this seat made in germany you want to attach it to your car with your regular belts or with a special isofix device. If you choose the SICT feature, this seat will also come with a flexible side impact protection equipped to your home. The high backrest also contributes to reliable side impact protection.

You should also know that the 6.7-kilogram child seat measures 45 by 49 by 66 centimeters. The adjustable, ergonomic headrest also helps your children benefit from more comfort and safety. The seat made in germany has also been tested by the manufacturer using the company’s own crash test equipment.

In addition, the fabrics and covers for the seats of the brand all made in europe. In addition, britax has explicitly chosen to work closely with several major brands from the automotive industry. Whether mercedes-benz, volvo or porsche, this cooperation can ensure a particularly high level of safety.

10. Maxi-cosi rodi XP fix growing child car seat in 9 different colors

Maxi-Cosi Rodi XP Fix child car seat that grows with the child

The maxi-cosi rodi XP fix is a child car seat that grows with the child, which is optionally available with or without isofix. Here you have the choice and can decide for or against the practical pocket cup holder. The high-quality brand seat brings with dimensions of 27 times 68 times 46 centimeters 4.3 kilograms on the scale and can be comfortably fastened with your 3-point belt in your car. If you want to transport your child safely and comfortably in this seat, its own weight must not exceed 36 kilograms. The seat is recommended from an age of about 3.5 years.

The child car seat of group 2/3 has of course a reclining function for your offspring safe side impact protection to offer. This protects the hips, head and lumbar area of your children particularly well. You can easily adjust the height of the backrest and headrest to suit your needs. The belt adjustment also varies so that the belt always sits securely and comfortably in exactly the right place.

With this child seat is by the way installation in the direction of travel provided. When buying this special child car seat, you should remember that it does not have its own reclining function. If you are planning a lot of long car journeys with your offspring, this may be one of the features that is particularly important to you.

11. Kinderkraft SAFETYFIX ISOFIX child seat from 9 to 36 kilograms

Kinderkraft SAFETYFIX ISOFIX child seat

You can use the kinderkraft SAFETYFIX ISOFIX child seat for the safe transport of your offspring from a body weight of 9 kilograms. The maximum weight of your child should not exceed 36 kilograms if you want to transport your son or daughter in this group 1/2/3 seat. Three different, gender-neutral color variants are available for you to choose when buying this safe and reliable child seat.

Of course, this car seat can be installed very safely in your car by means of the special isofix device. The 5-point safety belt provides more safety and comfort at the same time. The EU-approval R44/04 is also available for this car seat for your kids. While the weight of the child seat is 6.88 kg, the seat measures 48 by 44 by 77 centimeters. Your new brand child car seat also has these advantageous features to offer you:

  • Removable, washable cover
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Practical seat reducer

The shoulder seat belts are not only pleasantly softly padded, but in the interest of greater safety they are also non-slip finish. The backrest can also be adjusted at the touch of a button. The fact that the cover is made of a breathable, linen-like material has also proven itself in the eyes of many parents.

Buying a car seat for children: which child seat is compulsory??

Child car seat test

A baby car seat is just as obligatory as a child seat for children who are are younger than 12 years old and not yet 150 centimeters tall. The german road traffic regulations therefore stipulate that for the safety of your offspring, you must use the appropriate child seat. Each country has its own regulations. That different rules apply in other european countries, a look at the following list of child seat regulations shows this quite clearly:

  • Switzerland: child seat up to 12 years of age. age or a body height of 1.5 meters
  • the netherlands: car seat up to the age of 18. The car seat is suitable for children up to the age of 1 or up to a height of 1.35 meters
  • austria: 1,5 meter/ 14 years
  • Denmark: child car seat required up to a height of 1.35 meters
  • France: up to the age of 10 only on the back seat, with a suitable child seat also on the passenger seat
  • Italy: up to a height of 1.5 meters
  • czech republic: the same rules as in germany and switzerland as well

A baby car seat and a child seat for the car are therefore obligatory, since the 3-point safety belt in the car is designed for adults. However, they do not provide sufficient protection for children in the event of an accident. Even a car child seat cannot guarantee perfect protection. However, a child car seat that has been correctly attached and fits the size of your offspring ensures that your child will suffer as little damage as possible.

The different child seat groups indicate which car seat is suitable for the child from which age or weight. A child seat from the age of 6 months is usually still a baby car seat. After all, children of this age cannot yet sit upright on their own. A car seat for older children is usually only a booster seat later on. In the course of time fall the back and armrests simply omitted.

If your children are almost big enough to sit in the car without a booster seat, a simple booster seat is sufficient. It ensures that the regular 3-point harness of your car provides them with adequate protection. With a child seat for the baby as well as with a child seat from 1 year, however, comes a 5-point harness for added safety for use.

child seat – what comes after the infant carrier?

First of all, a car seat for baby is always a baby car seat. In this baby car seat the child lies, mostly halfway upright. However, there are also baby car seats that can be moved completely into a reclining position. However, these are usually quite expensive and are the exception rather than the rule.

Following the baby car seat an infant car seat from 9 kilograms. This can be a reboarder child seat, but this is not a must. What exactly a reboarder child seat you will find out in detail in the next paragraphs. But we can say this much in advance: if you choose a reboarder child seat, it will be installed in your car against the direction of travel, just like the car seat for your child.

best child seat

Whether you are allowed to use your infant carrier or your reboarder on the passenger seat must be checked in detail. This is possible, for example, with many baby car seats. However, this rule only applies if the car is equipped with a booster seat passenger airbag is switched off, so that your child cannot be harmed by the airbag in the event of an accident. The following list explains in more detail when which child seat makes sense:

  • Group 0/ 0+: rear-facing infant carrier
  • Group 1: rear-facing reboarder or forward-facing child seat with 5-point belt
  • Group 2/3: child seat with backrest and normal 3-point belt or seat without backrest with regular belt (in each case forward-facing car seat)

But from when you can use a child seat of group 1? From when is a child seat of the group 2/3 sensible?? And when is a group 3 child seat recommended?? When you should start using a regular car seat after the infant carrier depends mainly on the type of infant carrier you use. There are infant carriers that are only suitable for a maximum weight of 10 kilograms. You can use it up to an age of one year and a height of 75 centimeters use.

Provided that the child seat is suitable for the belongs to group 0+, it is approved up to 13 kilograms. You can use this seat up to an age of about 2 years and a body height of up to 90 centimeters. A child seat up to 13 kilograms is therefore a 0+ car seat, whereas you can use a group 1 child seat as follows:

  • Mostly from 9 to 18 kilograms
  • Body height: between 75 and 100 centimeters
  • age recommendation: around 1 to 4.5 years old

A group 2 child seat is usually approved for a weight of 15 to 25 kilograms, so that children between 3.5 and 7 years can sit in it. However, your child should not be taller than 125 centimeters. To the a group 3 child seat you should know that these can be loaded from 25 to 36 kilograms. They are intended for children from 7 to 12 years, who are not taller than 1.5 meters.

In addition, there are a number of child seats on the market that grow with your child. If you want to buy such a child car seat, it is often a child seat up to 36 kilograms. This child seat can usually be adjusted in height and width. You also have the option of removing the back and armrests as you go along. Just as with a group 3 child seat, all that remains of the former baby child seat is a seat cushion.

If you buy such a child seat for the car, you will have something out of it for many years. If you want to buy such a child seat, you should know that it is usually not a reboarder. Which child seats that grow with the child A look at the following list will tell you which child seats are available for you and your offspring:

  1. Group 0/1 or 0+/1 child seat: from 0 to 18 kilograms, up to 5 years, children must not be taller than 100 centimeters
  2. Group 1/2 child seat: weight between 9 and 25 kilograms, age between 1 and 7 years, height between 72 and 125 centimeters
  3. Group 1/2/3 child seat: weight from 9 to 36 kilograms, for children from 1 to 12 years of age, body height from 75 to 150 centimeters
  4. Group 2/3 seat: for children weighing between 15 and 36 kilograms, between 3.5 and 12 years old and between 95 and 150 centimeters tall

Why is it worth buying a reboarder child seat??

A reboarder child seat – what is it actually?? And why is a rear-facing child seat recommended for children under 4 years of age?? Now that you know which child seat is suitable for which weight, the question arises as to what a reboarder is all about. This seat is characterized above all by its orientation against the direction of travel.

Due to this orientation greater driving safety for your offspring to be assumed. We have compiled the advantages and disadvantages of a reboarder car seat for you below. These details should help you make an important decision when looking for the right car seat for your offspring.

  • In the event of a collision, your child’s body will be pressed against the seat
  • Your child’s neck will be less strained with a reboarder seat
  • Your child is already used to driving backwards from its infant carrier
  • The child can enjoy a great view through the side and rear windows as well as with the help of a rear seat mirror (this mirror also allows eye contact with the parent at the wheel)
  • The cost of a reboarder is usually higher than that of a forward-facing child seat
  • Due to the size only conditionally suitable for smaller cars

Child car seat with or without isofix?

Child seat comparison

Can it be an isofix child seat for you or are you interested in a regular car seat for children, which is installed in your vehicle by means of the existing 3-point belt?? A child seat with isofix can of course only be used if a special isofix device is available in your car. this is not always the case, especially with older car models.

In the meantime, however, this interface can be found in almost all new vehicles. With isofix it is still in addition a worldwide standardized system. This is advantageous, for example, for longer vacation trips abroad. Generally isofix car seats are considered to be much safer. This has a very simple reason.

Finally, the isofix device ensures that the child seat connected to the body of your vehicle will. The retaining lugs are located between the seat back and the seat cushion. There the child seat can be hooked with a little skill. In addition, the seat is fixed with a support foot. This supports the seat from below. the support foot must be placed in the footwell.

Since a support foot cannot always be used, there are some child seats with isofix that are equipped with a so-called "safety foot" top tether device have. This additional safety device is then used instead of the support foot. This third restraint belt is hooked into the upper seat area. However, not all vehicles are equipped with such a device.

Why you should not buy a used child seat?

Child seat test

Cheap car seats, which are also safe, you will be lucky to find in sales. Whether it’s a child seat from 4 years or a child seat up to 15 kilograms, when it comes to buying a cheap child seat, many parents might think twice about the buying a used child seat according to. Not only with a child seat from 3 years of age do you have the opportunity to save money with a child seat that grows with your child.

In fact, many parents offer their discarded child seats second-hand at a good price. However, there are quite a lot of critical voices that speak against a used child seat. This has mainly to do with the fact that you cannot be sure that this seat has never been involved in an accident. Maybe the car seat has a defect that you simply do not know about.

This means that you may be putting the safety of your offspring at risk. In addition, a used seat may already be so old that it may no longer be used. Finally ECE 44/04 test standard for all seats in the EU. You would even be breaking the law with a seat that is too old.

If you want to fall back on a used seat, you would therefore be well advised to buy a used seat with a top tether device a model from the circle of relatives or acquaintances acts. Then you can better understand whether the seat is really still in perfect condition and functional. You should pay attention to this in this context:

  • The instruction manual should still be available
  • The seat body should be free of breaks, cracks and deformation
  • Also the belts must not show any cracks, fraying or crushing marks
  • If there are belt pads, these must still be present
  • The seatbelt buckle must still function perfectly and engage securely (chipping is an absolute no-go)
  • The seat may only be used for the maximum number of years specified by the manufacturer

Best child seat – which criteria are important when buying a child seat?

As already mentioned, as parents you have to make a basic decision. You have the choice between child seats that grow with the child and child seats that can only be assigned to one of the groups already presented. For group 1 child seats, you also have the choice between the forward and rearward facing variant. A reboarder is considered to be safer. In addition you can decide for a car seat with or isofix. It is also best to keep these criteria in mind when making your own child seat comparison:

  • For which body size is the child seat suitable?
  • Design
  • Material processing
  • With a washable, removable cover
  • Whether a summer cover is available separately
  • The manufacturer
  • The price and the price-performance ratio
  • The type of fastening – with an isofix seat, for example, with a stand or with a top tether
  • With drink and/or snack holder
  • That the seat complies with the current standard for child seats (ECE-R 44)
  • With side impact protection
  • Height adjustable backrest and headrest
  • Ease of use
  • Dimensions (after all, the seat must fit in your car)
  • The weight of your new car seat
  • With a 5-point seat belt?
  • Sufficiently padded, non-slip seat belts
  • With a catch table for more safety?
  • Country of manufacture: preferably made in the EU or Germany for greater safety
  • Customer reviews and independent test results for the respective child seat
  • The highest possible level of comfort

A child seat must therefore be able to do a lot in total. In addition to the look and an attractive price-performance ratio comfort, quality of workmanship and, above all, driving safety are also important. In addition, your new car seat must be suitable for your car. Therefore, we can not make a universal child seat recommendation. Rather, the above criteria should help you to independently find the right model for your needs.

These brands of child car seats are available

In the search for a safe and reliable child seat the following brands are waiting for you:

  • Maxi-cosi
  • Cybex
  • Britax roman
  • Safety 1st
  • Kk child power
  • Nania child seat
  • GT

What does the stiftung warentest child seat test say??

The child safety seat test by stiftung warentest is of course helpful in the search for your child seat test winner. This car seat test, which is updated regularly, has currently put 349 different models of the various child seat groups to the test, of which 239 are currently available. The test was last supplemented in may 2021 with further current models tested by the consumer organization.

In addition to the safety problem, the institute also points out the declared pollutant problem of many child seats. Therefore, you are well advised to request the detailed test report here as a PDF file for which a fee is charged. This is how you can check how recommendable your child seat favorite really is.

What is the result of the child seat test from oko test??

At the time of this publication, oko test has not yet conducted a baby car seat test or a child car seat test. At this point, however, the institute reveals to you, where you can install the child seat most safely in your car can. If oko test should examine child seats in the test in the future, then you find out it naturally with us.

What are the ADAC child seat test winners??

The ADAC regularly conducts a child seat test, the test was last updated in october 2021. The automobile club has 26 different child seats tested, all sizes as well as all weight classes were allocated. A total of 17 models were rated "good. However, one seat also failed due to the pollutant load. The detailed test results are waiting for you here. Various filter options are available so that you can conveniently browse the results from the ADAC child car seat test.

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