The 11 most beautiful musicals for children

Musicals are great events for the whole family, because everyone gets their money’s worth at musical shows: dazzling costumes, productions, snappy songs and dance performances delight adults and children. If you are planning a musical visit with small children, you should definitely consider the duration of the show, many shows last two to two and a half hours, which is not necessarily something for every five-year-old. With our Top11 – the best Muscials for children list, we have considered musicals especially for children as well as musicals for adults, which also inspire children. Here we go!

The dynamic musical: The Lion King in the port of Hamburg

Of course, the Disney classic is high on our list! The imposing stage show, the elaborate costumes and the African rhythms provide excitement and momentum, almost every child knows the story of Simba, Timon and Skar. And almost anyone can sing Elton John’s epochal songs. The warthog that sings to our hearts with the Hakuna Matata song and conveys an easy way of life is simply legendary. The show is certainly very expensive, but it is worth a visit for a special musical evening with a lot of atmosphere.

If you sit in the aisles, you can experience the animals of Africa up close, because the actors pass by there.

duration: about 3 hours

Harry Potter and the enchanted child

Watch out Harry Potter fans! At last is there: the Harry Potter musical on a big stage in Hamburg. The musical is based on the original template by J.K. Rowling’s play "Harry Potter and the Haunted Child". The story is about Harry Potter as an adult, who, 19 years after the great battle against Voldemort, is now the father of 3 children and a member of the Ministry of Magic. And again, a dark force threatens the world of wizards, witches and muggles who has to face Harry Potter. Hermione and Ron and lots of old acquaintances and new protagonists are at Harry’s side. The music is from Imogen Heap.

Harry Potter musical in Hamburg

Harry Potter and the enchanted child will be in More! Theater am Großmarkt in Hamburg premiered in February / March 2020. So perfect for a Christmas gift for the whole family and all Harry Potter fans. The theater was specially rebuilt for the play, so that 3,500 guests now have space there.

Harry Potter and the Haunted Child Musical Tickets

The play promises to be a real theater experience, because the performances are performed in two parts of two and a half hours each. You can book parts 1 and 2 on the same day, each in an afternoon and an evening performance. If that’s too much for you, book 2 consecutive days. There are no single tickets. So it will be a full Harry Potter experience. Prices start from € 49.95.

The wild musical: The Jungle Book

Another musical classic. We love the music from the jungle book, from the elephant parade to "try it with coziness". The sound from the jungle book is just grooving (check out our "The best songs for kids list").

This jungle book musical production, however, is based very closely on the original book by Rudyard Kipling. The musical has designed a very special jungle book with its own songwriters and authors.

The story of Mogli, who grew up among wolves in the jungle book, went on an adventure with his friends Balu the Bear and Baghira, the Panther, and finally had to face Shirkan, the vengeful tiger, on the big musical stage. Exciting, entertaining and a nice event experience for children and adults.

duration: about 2 hours

If you want to get an insight into the jungle book musical production from Theater Libero, you can watch the video here:

The wonderful musical: Alice in Wonderland

It is questionable whether Lewis Caroll really imagined a musical when he wrote “Alice behind the mirrors” in 1871. But it is not questionable that the material provides a wonderful template for a crazy colorful musical. Including rabbit, cheshire cat and angry queen of hearts.

What’s the matter? Alice comes into a fantastic magic realm with the help of the white rabbit. In order to free the villagers from the evil queen, she has to go through the mirror and have to go through numerous adventures with a lot of inventiveness. Fantastic! The musical is played in many theaters in Germany.

On roller skates: Starlight Express

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s swinging roller skate musical has been playing in the Starlight Express Theater in Bochum since 1988. And unchecked with huge success. The musical is actually not designed for children, but it doesn’t matter, thanks to its rapid staging, the committed actors and singers and the speed, the musical is fun for the whole family.

What’s the matter? The musical tells of the small steam locomotive Rusty, which fights against modern trains. A crazy laser show and the elaborately installed roller skating rinks that run through the grandstand are really impressive. The rock songs and ballads too, of course. If that doesn’t make you want to put on your own roller skates and go to the roller skate disco again.

By the way: the Starlight Express Theater was built especially for the musical.

The musical to sing along to: Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins, the second musical that boosts tourism in Hamburg, is a real hit. Supercalf fragile expialigotic. The musical is based on the book template by P.L.Travers and was wonderfully filmed in 1964 with Julie Andrews.

What it is about? The strict nanny Mary Poppins, who is supposed to take care of the siblings Michael and Jane Banks from the rich bank household, soon turns out to be a real surprise bag. Flying umbrellas, magic bags with almost infinite content and fantastic wonder worlds that one enters through chalk drawings by street painters open up new worlds for the children. And almost everyone can sing along to the songs. Chim Chim Cheree!

The family musical: Little Störtebecker in Tivoli

And we stay in Hamburg with our musical tips for children. This time it’s on the smaller stage and of course also on a smaller and more affordable musical price: children’s tickets cost around 14 euros. Little Störtebecker is an imaginative musical in the Schmidttheater on the Reeperbahn for the whole family.

What it is about? The legend of pirate Störtebecker is well known to children of Hamburg, he is something like the Robin Hood of the seas, he stole from the rich to give to the poor. The musical The Little Störtebecker also tells the story of the young Störtebecker and how it came about that he became one of the most famous pirates ever. Here people sing, dance, laugh and cry. The songs stay in your ears for a long time. StadtLandTour Tip: Be sure to buy the CD and infect other musical fans! Best musical entertainment!

The terribly fairytale musical for children: Shrek

Shrek, as a musical? Does it have to be that way? Yes absolutely! Because Shrek is a great musical for children! The story is ideal for the theater stage: the green hero Shrek, Oger by his character, lives in seclusion in the fairytale realm. Annoyed by the other fairy tale characters, such as the bad wolf, Pinocchio and Co, he sets off with his constantly pounding donkey to make a deal with Lord Farquaard. He meets his great love Princess Fiona, whom he is supposed to save from the dangerous dragon. Jeanine Tesori’s songs are funny, touching and deeply human. Just like the ogre Shrek.

A great family musical. Has been running in various theaters in Germany since 2014.

The wild musical II. Tarzan, the jungle musical

And there is still a wild boy from the jungle on this list of the most beautiful musicals for children: the Disney Musical Tarzan. The songs are written by none other than Phil Collins. The story is largely known: Tarzan, who comes to the jungle with his parents as a baby after a shipwreck, survives only because the female gorilla Kala takes him under her wing. He grows up in the law of the jungle among animals and only comes back into contact with people when he is already a man. And then he meets Jane.

The rope technology is spectacular, with the help of which the wild jungle man sweeps from Liane to Liane over the stage and the audience. The show is a great overall concept.

duration: about 2 hours 40 minutes

The icy musical: the snow queen

Children’s rooms. The wonderful fairytale template by Hans-Christian Anderson also offers the best material for the musical stage. What’s the matter? Young Kai is dragged into her icy realm by the evil Snow Queen. His dearest Gerda sets out to save him from the ice palace. Touching, heartwarming despite the cold and a great Christmas gift for children and all frozen fans.

The magical musical: The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is as well known in America as the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Almost everyone knows the film adaptation of the 1939 musical with Judy Garland. It is high time that the Oz was also shown on German stages.

The musical is about the twelve-year-old girl Dorothy, who is blown from her dreary farm through a tornado into the magic kingdom of Oz. Together with the dog Toto, they fight evil witches and meet scarecrows, a tin man and the fearful lion. Oz is the story of a brave little girl who believes in herself and changes an entire country.

The song Somewhere over the rainbow is one of the most beautiful musical titles ever. Here you can listen to the musical song from the film adaptation with Judy Garland:


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