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Rusty climbing frames and mud instead of a sandpit: parents should be really choosy about playgrounds. Because where the wood is rotten and the swings are not maintained, no one has fun and playing can even become dangerous. Fortunately, we are spoiled for choice in Berlin and don’t have to settle for the next best playground. Instead, there are true oases all over the city for everyone who loves climbing, digging and rocking. Climbing the trail of a Roman hero in whale bellies, fighting giant dragons or building play huts: Here are the 11 favorite playgrounds of the HIMBEER editorial team.

© Raspberry climbing with a view of the Räuberland adventure playground

The adventure playground Räuberland is located on the beautiful Wannsee on the hill in the middle of a pine forest. From here you have a great view of the lake while playing. The climbing course is particularly great: you can practice balancing between all the shady trees, boldly move from grip to grip or slide down the mountain. The trip to the robber country is also worthwhile because it can only be reached by ferry – the short crossing over the Wannsee is a real highlight. The ship crosses once an hour. It is best to plan a visit at the weekend earlier in the day, as it could get crowded. It’s more relaxed during the week.

  • Robberland adventure playground
  • Runebergweg 32, 14089 Berlin-Wannsee

© Kolle 37 Climbing on self-made huts in Kolle 37

On Kollwitzstraße in Prenzlauer Berg there is the adventure playground Kolle 37. Under trees you can climb on the self-built huts. We particularly like that the children and young people have their own scope shape can. In addition, there are always free offers such as joint offers from 3 p.m. to bake, Animal care or forging. The place is an open facility for children and adolescents from 6 to 16 years. There are no parents here except on family Saturdays.

  • Kolle 37
  • Kollwitzstr. 35, 10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
  • in summer Monday – Friday: 1–6.30pm, Saturday: 1–6pm

© Dominik Butzmann Water playground on the IGA

A giant whale and sharks with sharp teeth – in Erich Kästner’s children’s book "May 35 or Konrad rides in the South Seas" Konrad and all readers experience a great adventure. The IGA took the children’s book as a template and had a huge playground built. Here you can jump on trampolines, climb through whale bellies and relax in the hammock. Speaking of which, parents can relax comfortably in the South Sea huts while their children are on the trail of Konrad. The playground is part of the IGA site.

  • gardens of the World
  • Eisenacher Str. 99, 12685 Berlin
  • Day ticket adults: 20 euros, children up to 6 years: free entry

© Raspberry slides on the kite playground

A fairly friendly dragon lives in Friedrichshain. And although word has already got around among the Berlin children, it should not be missing from this list. The kite playground in the traffic-free carpentry street is a real eye-catcher with the huge green wooden figure on which you can climb and slide from the back of which. The large sand playground also has two swings, a water point and benches for the parents. The place is also ideal for playing hide and seek. Since it is very sunny here all day, creaming and a sun hat should be considered. There are also shady spots in the mornings and evenings.

  • Dragon’s playground
  • Schreinerstrasse 48, Friedrichshain

© Himbeer Meet a giant in the playground on Wildenbruchplatz

A giant has settled between Innstrasse and Wildenbruchstrasse in Neukölln. With a flowing red beard and a friendly expression, he sits there in the sand. The giant is actually a slide and a climbing frame: here on Wildenbruchplatz directly on the Landwehr Canal, this beautiful, small playground opens up between many trees, the park and a football field. There are also climbing nets and a table tennis table. The trees provide a lot of shade and for the parents there are wooden benches close to the giant. For strengthening, we recommend a piece of cake in the corner café cinnamon and flour on the other side of the square.

  • Wildenbruchplatz
  • Wildenbruchplatz, 12045 Berlin-Neukölln

© Raspberry Have fun in the washing machine playground

Hop on the dining table, climb over chairs and hang on coat hooks – what is strictly forbidden at home can be done in the washing machine playground in the south of Berlin. Here in Friedenau there are cobblestones, avenues and beautiful houses in the English style. In the middle of the southwestern part of Schöneberg, we discovered the playground, on which the washing machine, kitchen, wardrobe and dining table were built to oversize as play equipment. There are also two trampolines, shadows and benches for the parents. If you choose Saturday to visit the playground, you should definitely stroll through the great weekly market on Breslauer Platz.

  • Washing machine Playground
  • Handjerystr. 81, 12159 Berlin-Schöneberg

© Raspberry romp in the blue playground

Coming from the Weinbergsweg, the Berlin walker can see blue mountains in the middle of Mitte in the corner of his eye. After a short rub of your eyes, you know that this is the playground in the vineyard park. The large, hilly terrain is the perfect place to let off steam in the sand and on pebbles. At lunchtime, a large part of the square is in the sun, trees on the edge provide shade. In addition, the entire spectrum of classics is represented: here you can swing, jump on trampolines, slide and climb. There are many options, especially for small children. The older ones who are looking for even more space for the race will find it on the football fields next door.

  • Weinbergspark
  • Veteranenstrasse 9, 10119

© Spielhaus Charlottenburg Climbing and sliding in the Schillerstrasse play house

Near the Deutsche Oper in Charlottenburg is the Spielhaus adventure playground. Children from six to twelve years of age can climb and slide on the colorful play equipment: giant slide, trampoline, swings and table tennis table – everything that should not be missing on any playground is represented. Since the area is so large, it is fun to rent a go-kart or roller blades on site and whiz through the area. In addition, workshops such as making music, dancing or cooking are offered as a joint activity in the associated children’s center. What is special: The playground is supervised and therefore only open at certain times.

  • Playhouse Schillerstrasse
  • Schillerstr. 86, 10627 Berlin-Charlottenburg
  • Tuesday – Friday: 2pm to 6pm, Saturday: 12pm to 5pm

© Raspberry balancing in the Stangenwald playground

We are a Fan of the park at Gleisdreieck. In addition to the many green spaces, there are also really great playgrounds here. The pole forest, for example, is a great place for all hobby climbers. It is important to balance on the ropes between the many logs and to avoid touching the ground if possible. If this happens, it falls softly on the bark mulch. You can hang out on the large net hammocks and traditionally on the swings around the playground. Parents can either sit on the benches directly at the pole forest or they can watch the meadow across from them in a relaxed manner. Those who climb get thirsty – good that there is a small kiosk right next door.

  • Park am Gleisdreieck
  • Möckernstrasse 26, 10963 Berlin

© Raspberry Linger in the playground at Bürgerpark Pankow

The Pankow Citizens’ Park is located in a quiet area in the north of the city. Here we discovered a wonderful green and sunny playground. It is great to stop by with the whole family and a full picnic basket, because right next door there are wide meadows and tall trees where you can extend the trip by a few hours. On the unfenced sand playground there is a tower and a pirate ship for older climbers, the huge sandpit offers enough digging places for small children.

  • Pankow Citizens’ Park
  • Wilhelm-Kuhr-Strasse 9, 10439 Berlin-Pankow

© Raspberry play paradise in the playground at the Weichselplatz

There is a whole place just for children on the Maybachufer in Neukölln. Here the Vistula is a perfect play paradise full of swings, climbing structures, tires, spinning tops, table tennis and Co. There is also a sand area for very young children. Many tall trees cast their shadows on the large play area, parents sit relaxed on one of the many benches. And best of all: Right across the street, in Weichselstrasse, there is delicious ice cream at Rudimarie.


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