The 3-day potty training – finally diaper-free!

Caution! Please forget everything you have about the subject so far "potty training" have heard.

  • The majority of the information available is extremely out of date and can even be dangerous: it often reduces the chances of getting your child dry quickly.
  • The absolute biggest mistake is to start potty training without a plan and without a proven system.
  • The often advertised "practical trial and error" will only confuse your child. It only makes you more "accidents" remove from the floor, the home furnishings and your child’s clothes.

Hello everyone, my name is Susanne and I am a normal woman and mother. I have 2 children who are everything to me and I love infinitely.

I will show you a tried and tested technique with which you can potty the most stubborn child yourself !

And the best thing about it? Training lasts only 3 for most families short Day! *

* Note: Of course there is no absolute guarantee (as in life) for successful training in 3 days and results can vary from child to child. However, the majority of all children make enormous progress in the shortest possible time (3 days to 1 week) and are completely dry after a week at the latest.

On this page I would like to share my personal story about potty training with you:

You will learn how to be effective & could develop a random potty training technique by chance and how you can use it to teach your child to go on the potty in no time .

But the most important thing is certain: you never have to get dirty diapers again see, smell or switch !

When I was 12 I wanted to be a proud mother of 9 children.

. that didn’t quite work out, but I still look after more than 70 children today !

It’s sometimes strange how life plays. Instead of looking after my own 9 children, I now look after over 70 children in my specially founded day care center.

Due to this can I really say with certainty that in the course of bringing up my own be >was quite often confronted with the whole potty training topic .

And believe me: I can understand exactly how you’re likely to feel. When my little Martina was just a year old, the potty training that was coming up seemed like an exciting time. At that time, I still considered this a binding and enriching experience for myself and my child.

But as the time came closer – Martina was now 2 years old and showed interest in the white, large bowl of water – I was getting nervous and the reality caught up with me .

I had no idea what to do and where to start !

I was very worried that I would fail without complaint, especially since you cannot remember your own experience as a child. But that was also the time when I went inside and talked to myself: "Susanne, it’s not your fault!"

There are so many people and guides who show you how to get through the birth process, how to best hold your baby or how to best take care of your child "burp" can be made. But nobody really prepares you for potty training.

There are thousands of opinions and a lot of hearsay about potty training, but what you really want is a precise plan that you can simply follow and that will quickly bring results .

So I went looking for information and my first port of call was the internet, probably the way you are doing it. Here, however, I was immediately bombarded with countless useless things that I had to buy to get my child on the potty. From special potties, which music is playing when peeing, to reward stickers and motivational CDs, everything was there.

Then shortly afterwards my little Martina got one in the mall "accident" on a pair of trousers for 479 euros, I knew that I had to find a solution .

The absolute highlight of my week is going to the shopping center for shopping on weekends. I rarely buy anything because the family income is mostly used for food, rent and other bills, but just strolling doesn’t hurt .

So I was in one of the shops on the shopping street with my little Martina, who was just 2 years old at the time when I was a sinfully expensive (but super chic) ​​Armani-Se >Of course I would never think of spending so much money on a pair of pants in my life, but I just wanted to look at myself in the mirror and check if it suits me. Of course, it fit like a glove.

When I looked at my reflection in front of the mirror and admired the outfit, I saw something else in the mirror. I didn’t notice it at first because I was so absorbed.

While I was admiring myself in the mirror, Martina had one quietly and secretly "accident" fabricated across the floor of the dressing room .

In a panic, I opened my Armani pants and threw them a little too energetically on the chair in the locker room >Immediately afterwards I wished for a time machine .

Because at that moment I saw how the pants missed the stool and fell into the huge puddle on the floor of the locker room .

I think it is now superfluous to mention that my ignorance about potty training not only cost me 479 euros, but also brought me into extremely embarrassing situations! I openly admit that at that point I just wanted to cry and hide in a dark cave.

Fortunately, I didn’t let it stop me and used my pain as a drive. I wanted to find out how I can quickly and effectively teach every child to go on the potty so that accidents like my daughter’s in public never happen again.

Over the following months I really tried all the available advice, methods, tips & Tricks I could find.

My job in the daycare center was of course the perfect opportunity for a couple "experiments" , to find out how the ideal potty training works.

This was truly a challenging, but also extremely frustrating and embarrassing time in my job and as a mother that I really do with countless numbers "accidents" was confronted. Especially when you consider that my Martina was only able to stand on potty when I was 28 months old.

Until then, I always had a small notebook with observations and comments about my first test "potty trainer". It was also very helpful that, in addition to my own knowledge, I always received suggestions from other parents whose children were with me in the day care center.

When I took a closer look at my notes, a few patterns quickly became clear and I recognized which methods have consistently been successful and work again and again for families.

3 years and one child later, I have developed all my observations and discoveries into a safe method with which you can actually get almost every child to go on a potty in no time.

And best of all: the training only takes a few days!

I only really realized that I was here on something "great" came after I passed my training on to the parents of the children from the day care center. An estimated 150 mothers and fathers came to me to get a version of my guide that I have built with a lot of passion over the years .

When I got to the office in the morning during this time, countless emails from grateful parents were already waiting in my mailbox .

Many had also heard of my advice from friends and acquaintances and wanted to know how you can get an edition yourself.

Well, shortly afterwards I met an old classmate for coffee. When I got to the restaurant, she asked me what was new in my life.

I told her as the whole story and how I got my potty training technique and that I now have calls, emails from everywhere & Receive requests from people who have heard of my method and now want to have their own edition .

My friend laughed at it and wondered why I didn’t just publish the potty training on the Internet .

And I just thought: "Susanne, you could have thought of that yourself!"

So I made my guide available online. Thanks to the internet, I could easily publish my potty training and help thousands of families .

Now it is actually available to anyone in the world who has a proven, safe & want to learn to work in a potty training system .

With the help of my knowledge, you will save yourself all the frustration, embarrassment and pain that you would normally have to face if you go about it without a well-thought-out plan! Believe me, I paid a lot of tuition myself back then (remember the Armani pants)!


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