The 5 most beautiful christmas games for children with scents, buttons – fantasy

The 5 most beautiful Christmas games for children with scents, keys & fantasy

Christmas is a feast for all the senses! These 5 Christmas games for children send imaginative children to the land of Christmas, where there is plenty to smell, touch, guess and hear!

The Christmas season is full of exciting stories, smells, sounds and surprises for children. There is so much to experience – from baking cookies together, making gifts to decorating the Christmas tree. There are great Christmas films to watch – but the time together with Christmas games can be enjoyed even more imaginatively and beautifully.

Christmas – you can smell it, taste it, touch it and even hear it! How it works? With these 5 Christmas games for children and the whole family, children of all ages can experience Christmas with all their senses. &# 128578;

The 5 most beautiful Christmas games for children for the senses

Christmas games for children # 1 – Guessing game Scent of Christmas

You need this

  • Cans of the same size, spice jars or jars (e.g. empty yogurt jars)
  • Fragrance samples: e.g. Cinnamon, cloves, marzipan, vanilla pod, anise, cookies / speculoos, dominoes, cocoa powder, fir tree vinegar, beeswax, incense cones, incense, orange peel, roasted almonds, ground hazelnuts, non-alcoholic fruit punch, fragrant oil
  • Blindfolds

Christmas is a feast for the senses – in the Christmas season we feast on aromatic cookies and festive lunches, marvel at the festively decorated home and illuminated streets and most importantly: smell the roasted almonds, festive roast, cinnamon, vanilla, pine branch, candle wax and incense.

Christmas is full of fragrances! And one of the most beautiful Christmas games for children awakens the anticipation of Christmas with the sense of smell and creates a Christmas mood.

That’s how it’s done

Prepare 10-20 different scent samples and fill them in a jar or a small can, which you can close so that the scent does not go away so quickly. For example, a crumbled cinnamon star, a cut vanilla pod and a sprig of pine twig.

The children are all sitting around a table, you blindfold them and give the first can to the first child who smells of it. The child passes the can on to the next until everyone has smelled it. Now you ask what was in the jar and all children are allowed to shout their guess in the room. Every child who correctly guessed the scent gets a point. Now the next fragrance comes.

The child who scored the most points and guessed the most scents gets a small prize. It’s best to smell something like a bag with homemade cookies or tangerines and nuts.

Christmas games for children # 2 – sensual smell memory

You need this

  • Small jars of the same size, in the lid of which you can pierce holes or spice jars
  • Fragrance samples of Christmas scents (see Christmas games for children # 1)
  • 5 cm x 5 cm cards
  • Expression of the motifs that represent the smells

That’s how it’s done

As a child, I loved playing with my sister Odor-Lotto. This is a board game in which we should sniff out loud boxes of flavors and assign a box to a picture. And that was not that easy – even after playing for the 20th time, I didn’t play!

You can easily create such a fragrance memory yourself. You need 20-30 scent samples and flavors that suit Christmas and always fill a small jar with a scent. Use a needle to make small holes in the lid to smell it. You number the bottom and note which number stands for which fragrance.

Tip: You can also fill at least 10 scent samples with cotton balls soaked in fragrance oil for more difficult exotic scents! For example sandalwood, baked apple etc.!

After you have filled all the jars with smells, you search for the appropriate pictures on the Internet, print them out, stick them on 5 cm x 5 cm cardboard cards and fix the stack of cards with a household rubber.

The children place the motif cards face down in rows, as with the memory, and place the bottles with the smells on the outside. Now you alternately turn over 1 card of your choice and sniff a box. They always put memory cards and jars back in the same place. If the child has no idea what that scent might be, they can look up the list of numbers to see what scent this jar has. When you have found a matching pair, remove the card and the scent from the game and collect both in front of you.

The winner is who has found the most pairs.

Here is a purchase version of a good fragrance memory:

Christmas games for children # 3 – feel Christmas

Christmas games for children with all their senses

You need this

  • blindfold
  • Christmas items: e.g. Angel wings, tangerine, walnut, orange, nutcracker, fir branch, reindeer stuffed animal, Christmas figures, ribbon, Christmas tree decorations, tinsel, candle etc., but no sharp objects!
  • Jute bag, sack or Santa hat

That’s how it’s done

The children sit in a circle and the first child puts on a blindfold. Now it can reach into the jute bag / Santa hat and carefully take out an object. It feels it and describes aloud what it feels and makes a guess as to what it is. If it guesses the item correctly, it gets a point. The next child blindfolds and its turn.

As with the well-known game "I am packing my suitcase" Now every child whose turn it is first lists the objects or objects that the children mentioned before – regardless of whether they were right or wrong! Every child has to memorize the objects and also the wrong tips in the order and complements the row with his felt Christmas object.

If a child does not list the previous items in the correct order or does not find an item, the game is over and a new round begins.

The winner is the child who has felt most of the objects correctly – for example, the winner’s prize may be one of the objects that the children have taken out of the bag and keep. All other items go back into the sack.

Christmas games for children # 4 – Christmas hide and seek game with sounds

You need this

  • Wrapping paper
  • 1 bell
  • 1 nutcracker
  • 1 tin of cookies
  • For more children: More Christmas items that make noise

That’s how it’s done

All children gather in one room. There are various Christmas objects on the table with which you can make noises, such as a nutcracker, a tin of cookies etc. It should 1 item less be playing as children. On the signal Ho-ho-ho! every child grabs an object. The child who goes empty-handed looks at which child has taken which object and remembers it. Now it leaves the room.

All other children are now looking for a hiding place and are hiding with their object. The room is darkened, the light is extinguished and the searching child is allowed to enter.

Now and then all children draw attention to themselves in their hiding places by ringing their bell, cracking the nutcracker, biting into a biscuit or rustling with the wrapping paper. The searching child follows these noises. As soon as it has found another child, the sound tries to guess which object it is and which child it is.

There are 2 winners in this game! Once in each round, the child that was found last won. And once every child was on the lookout, the winner was the one who recognized most of the objects based on the sounds and best remembered which child owns this object.

Christmas games for children # 5 – intoxicated gold angel or reindeer?

You need this

  • Christmas items – ideal are Erzgebirge figures, reindeer, Santa Claus, bells, Christmas tree top, incense smokers, angels, straw stars, candles, Christmas tree decorations such as Christmas baubles, cones, glass birds etc.
  • flashlight

That’s how it’s done

All children sit on the floor in an open area – for example on the living room carpet. The children should now all close their eyes and you place 10 Christmas items in a row at a distance from each other in the middle. For example, Incense Smokers, Gold Rush Angel, Fir Branch, Christmas Ornament, Reindeer, Straw Star, Candle.

Now you put out the light and the children can open their eyes. You light up the first object with the flashlight and slowly move on to the second object, then to the third etc. The children remember the order of the objects as best they can. Then the flashlight is switched off. Who has recognized all objects and lists them in the correct order?

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