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Spend a few days in the mountains without having to descend into the valley? We present 5 high-altitude trails that make it possible: Unforgettable multi-day hikes through the sharply contoured Dolomites, between the limestone cones of Slovenia or around the highest mountain range in the Alps, Mont Blanc.

1. Dolomite trek

The Dolomites are the supermodels among the mountain shapes of the Alps. Her geological past as a coral reef left an artistic mark traces, which even make aesthetes indulge in dreamy indulgence: the horizontal hatching of the tofana, the geometric trinity of the battlements, the oblique catches and jumps of the Sassolungo group or the crimson fairy tale castle of the rose garden in the sunset glow. You can’t get out of amazement here.

proposed route

St. Zyprian – Grasleiten Pass – Rifugio Antermoia – Plattkofel – Piz Boè – Corvara – Lavarella Hut – Faneshütte – Posporcora Pass – Cortina d’Ampezzo – Lago di Misurina – Monte Campadelle – Drei Zinnen – Sesto / Fischleintal

  • terrain: Wide grass plains, few steep passages, crates secured with steel cables
  • Height difference: 4,700 m uphill; 5,000 m downhill
  • duration: 7 days
  • Best season: Mid-May to early November. Beware of mountain thunderstorms in high summer!

2. Triglav National Park

The Julian Alps with their varied nature and richness of form have advanced from an insider tip to a classic trekking in the last 20 years. The center of the Slovenian Triglav National Park is the three-summit two-thousand meter peak of the same name.

According to the composer Mussogorski, witches’ sabbaths were said to have taken place there. In any case, the national park framing it with the Seven Lakes Valley and the Savica Waterfall is enchantingly beautiful.

proposed route

Ribcev Iaz – Vodnikov hut – Triglav hut – Triglav (possible crossing) – Trzaska hut – Cez Hribarice – Zasavska hut – Seven lakes hut – Savica waterfall – Wocheiner lake

  • terrain: Well-maintained, sometimes steep mountain trails; rocky, challenging but secured terrain, especially on the Triglav
  • Height difference: 3,060 m on the ascent and descent
  • duration: 5 days
  • Best season: May until October

3. Glockner trek

Austria’s highest mountain stands in the middle of some classically beautiful alpine valleys such as the Ködnitz and Kalsertal valleys. The Sudeten German Hut and the Salm Hut (built in 1799 and thus Austria’s oldest refuge) are historically and culinary prominent..

When walking around the Glockner Group on foot, you have the famous panorama of the Pasterze at sunset to yourself, when the tourist buses have long since gondolaed down the serpentines of Franz-Josefs-Höhe to the valley.

proposed route

  • terrain: High alpine terrain, many northern slopes where cold and snow are stuck. It can be descended into the valley on all stages.
  • duration: 7 days
  • altitude: 5,960 m uphill; 7,000 m downhill
  • Best season: Midsummer

4. Tour de Mont Blanc

13 passes, seven valleys and three countries: The circumnavigation of Mont Blanc is varied. On the trail of his scientific surveyor, the Swiss natural scientist Horace-Bénédict de Saussure, the highest mountain range in the Alps can be admired from all sides.

If this becomes too meditative, you can also climb one or the other easy summit. The Variante on the Fênetre d’Arpette on the Swiss side, it is much milder Main route via Champex via Bovine.

proposed route

Les Houches / La Chalette – Refuge do Truc – Col de la Croix du Bonhomme – Refuge des Mottets – Maison Vieille – Rifugio Bertone – Rifugio Elena – La Fouly – Relais d’Arpette – Trento – Tré le Champ – Lac Blanc – Brevent – Chamonix.

  • terrain: Easy to moderate alpine terrain, well-trodden hiking trails.
  • duration: 12 days
  • altitude: 9,840 m ascent; 9,000 m descent.
  • Best season: May to September

5. Sentiero Roma

The Sentiero Roma is a tour of a historic arena of alpine climbing. Here is the distant echo of names like Cassin, Bonatti and Buhl. The Sentiero Roma should not be underestimated as a high-altitude hike.

The Path leads over seven passes, At an altitude of 2500 m, it runs under the south-facing granite walls and rock cathedrals of Piz Cengalo and the infamous Piz Badile (3308 m). The route is sometimes exposed and icy due to meltwater, but always fascinating. It is only suitable for experienced, vertigo-free mountain hikers.

proposed route

Novate Mezzola – Codera – Rifugio Brasca – R. Gianetti – R. Allievi – R. Ponti – R. Bosio – Chiesa / Valmalenco.

  • terrain: High Alpine. Partly secured trails, sometimes icy rock. Descent into the valley possible from all shelters.
  • duration: 7 days
  • Height difference: 4,200 m ascent; 3,500 m downhill
  • Best season: May to September, except for Ferragosta (mid-August).

further reading

For a detailed description of the multi-day mountain tours, the mountain-savvy hiker should also read the following book heart placed: "Traumtreks Alpen" by Iris Kürschner and Ralf Gantzhorn (published by Bergverlag Rother, 2nd edition 2014).


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