The abel tasman track as a day hike

The abel tasman track as a day hike

The Abel Tasman track in a day

The Abel Tasman Track is one of the Great Walks here in New Zealand. These multi-day hikes are for us le >

We also did not want to do a kayak tour because we probably did not see much of our non-existent kayaking abilities, that should be exhausting as well and we’ll pick it up for a lake or Milford Sound. But since the track is one of the easier ones, we just decided to do most of it in one day, the whole track is designed for 3 – 5 days and goes over 51 kilometers.

By motorboat to the starting point of the hike

Of course, the National Park is visited by tourists like us, who want to return to their accommodation in the evening, so there are many water taxis that bring you into the bays or kayaking. So we in the morning with a water taxi to high in the north, on which we should hike the 31 km back to our camper. Alone the boat ride was very nice, the driver stopped repeatedly and showed us for example the Split Apple Rock, stopped in the bays or made a stop at an island on which a seal colony lives. We were very close, there were even very small here! But that’s nothing, we’re going to swim with seals soon – and with dolphins, it’ll be fun – if it was not for the sharks I’m concerned about (Chris). Of course, Vici sees it as an experienced diver much looser, who would be happy to see some – I also, for example. in the aquarium or on TV! But more when the time comes. At 10 o’clock we arrived at our starting point, i. F. again a short hike description for other travelers.

Abel Tasman Coastal Track from Awaroa to Marahau, about 31 km, an estimated 400 meters in altitude, pure walking time with us 7 hours

Of course you can do the same in the other direction, but then you have to keep in mind that the last boat picks you up at about 5:30 am, in our direction you can take your time. The walk is quite easy to describe: beautiful views of secluded coves and golden sandy beaches, in between a bushwalk through possibly wavy terrain on well-paved paths. The beaches and coves are breathtakingly beautiful, there are also a few waterfalls.

The only thing to note is the tides, because we were allowed to swim in two places a bit through the water, which was also very funny, then take a little longer with shoes take off and put on beachwear. All in all, the hike in this form was ideal for us to get to know the park. If you do not care about the money you can save the last 10 kilometers to Marahau and pick it up by boat. Otherwise you can see on the middle part of our hike the most beautiful part of the track and also has plenty of time for swimming breaks.

One wrong turn just before the finish

Our only mistake was in the last part, we went instead of along the way along thanks to a bad idea of ​​me on the exposed by the low tide sandy beach. What that means? Soft sand, sometimes mud and constantly again by water. Shoes completely wet, but barefoot was also stupid by the countless shells, which really hurt. The result was completely soaked shoes and socks and scratched feet from barefoot running. And even if this way is a little shorter, of the time and effort you save nothing, quite the opposite. So just stay on the way!

Sandflies are a plague

To come back on it, a word about the sandflies, the land plague of New Zealand. In contrast to mosquitoes, the critters are diurnal, so if there are two critters in one place, that is especially nice – some go to sleep and hand over the layer to the others. Great idea of ​​nature! Now, in Thailand and Australia, these beasts spared me and bothered the Vici a bit. But here? Somehow they must have been given the job of killing me! In the meantime, I never count my stitches, but thanks to a long evening dress, I get the attacks under control, instead of tens of stitches, there are now only one or two a day. Oh, for those who do not know what Sandflies are, I like to quote Jo, who described this wonderfully in his blog: “These are the full spoilsport. They look like the Muckerln at our home. Feeling like the Gelsen at home. Maleficent beyond compare! “I can not express it better! But I will not spend the fight and maybe soon like the kiwis greasy with means that the forest stinks, if you pass one. But it is still possible without. During the day they leave me alone, since it is usually nice weather and they do not like sun.

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