The aunt comes from morocco, godi amriswil

Do you know the children’s song from the aunt from Morocco? She comes on two camels when she comes! And she shoots with two pistols! And then we drink a bottle, and then we bake a cake, we scrub the booth when it comes. And then came a telegram that she doesn’t come. Damn it!

In some versions of the song it comes at the end. But it’s always the same: there is huge hype surrounding this mysterious aunt, people are encouraged to bake and scrub – and then comes a telegram that she won’t come! Frustrating.

Sometimes you have a bit of a comparable feeling in the whole story of Jesus. It seems like everything is just an inflated story, which should lead us to live a little better, to scrub the booth. It may be that this Jesus once lived and was a wise person, but camels and pistols and all sorts of things were added, and in the end we find out that it was all just a rumor. It also makes sense. You shouldn’t believe everything that should have happened 2000 years ago.

Even 2000 years ago, people had reached the point where the telegram fluttered into the booth, and it was said: Sorry, everything was just a false alarm. Jesus died on Good Friday. And somehow it was all over.
"I am the Messiah," he said. «I deliver you from your Sins, ”he said. "I will tear down the temple and rebuild it in three days," he said. "I am the son of God!" He said. And now he’s dead. Tortured to death by one of the most hideous and degrading methods in human history. And he couldn’t even defend himself. No. It couldn’t have been God’s son. That does not make sense. It was all a huge mistake.

And then Easter comes. And Jesus is back! Jesus lives! The man who has been proven dead is suddenly running around again. Wow! What? Then it wasn’t a false alarm! Jesus is God’s Son!

For me that is a bit the meaning of Easter. Because: knocking wise sayings and doing a few miracles – some have already managed to do that in the Bible. God fearing and godless people. And everyone can die. But suddenly three days later, walking around alive again – that’s what really makes Jesus special. It is the proof for us: He was God’s son. He is God’s son!

The disciples now knew that they were not caught up in a fairy tale. But how can we know? If Jesus really is God’s son, if he actually went up to heaven and is now at our side from there – if the Bible is true: Then there are innumerable promises and promises in the Bible that must also be true (of course without from the Context to be snapped). So if you want to know if God is serious – see if he keeps His promises in yours Life redeems. For example, the one: «First take care of my kingdom and put your other issues at the back. Then I will take care of everything else. »I have actually been able to experience how God rewarded me if I set my priorities correctly. How he kept his promises in my life. In 2019.

The story of Jesus is not an inflated rumor, not a fairy tale. The aunt from Morocco actually comes. Including camels and pistols. It was worth cleaning the apartment. I wish you a very nice Easter! Remember: the story doesn’t end where the plagori dies miserably and the lie is brought to light. But she goes to the next chapter when the king of kings gets up again and takes control!


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